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No GravatarGod of War: AscensionKratos returns next year in the prequel to the God of War series, which was released in 2005. This follows Kratos’ attempt to sever any and all ties, with his overlord, Ares, but is tricked into killing his wife and daughter. This game, God of War: Ascension, serves to flesh out Kratos and his blood filled revenge against the Gods, which we’ve all come to love and enjoy on the PlayStation. And for the first time, Kratos is bringing in some friends to do battle with backing of the Gods, in a multiplayer. It’s safe to say, people are either going  to love it, or just completely hate it, and God of War should keep focusing on the single player experience.

The beta starts you off with a quick tutorial on the controls, basic for any returning God of War fan, or first timers, a slight curve. But after that you get to chose from the four primary Gods that defeated the Titans: Zeus, Ares, Hades, and Poseidon. But since this is a beta, you’re only allowed to pick between Zeus and Ares. Even beyond the four mentioned above, it seems like they may add more, depending on the reception of the multiplayer during the games lifetime. After choosing, you’re thrown into the fray. This comes down to deathmatch which is called, Favor of the Gods and Team deathmatch. Just add, Team to the front of the previous game mode. And two maps, Desert of Lost Souls, for the 4v4 team deathmatch, and Forum of Hercules, for the 4-player deathmatch. Additionally, the stage is the place where you kill Hercules in God of War 3 while Hera looks upon drunkenly. Forum

The graphics and gamplay are completely on par with God of War 3’s engine, and flows like a God of War game just with fighting against other humans, rather than AIs. The graphics during either the 4-player or 4v4, don’t take a hiccup during whatever may be transpiring. Seamless, is more so the word for it. During all the carnage, the game performs beautifully, even with a Godzilla sized Cyclops storming in the background of the Desert of Lost Souls, or groups of hundreds of arrows raining down in Forum of Hercules for all to avoid. As you play, you get the feel of Smash Brothers, with stage effects going on that will indeed, either kill you, or cause you a slow down for others to capitalize on.

Desert of Lost SoulsFar as gameplay, it’s fast, furious, confusing at first, and fun. You’re allowed to select two weapons, either a hammer, designated for raw power, or a sword, designated for quick attacks. Choosing between the two weapons, you get an assortment of armor, that as you battle, you’ll unlock new ones and the current armor and weapon will gain experience, making it better. Additionally, you get new abilities that you can buy, as you gain more favor by gaining kills and opening red chests. Even though at times, players can spam the same move over and over to gain the upper hand after a slight cool down that attempts to stop this, and those at higher levels can trash most without taking a dent. The game has a steep curve to those who join the foray late. All in all, the multiplayer for God of War seems to be shaping up to be a solid addition to the stable that is God of War, and giving some, additional fun for after the main story is said and done with.

Will this anger Kratos or will he finally be happy?

Will this anger Kratos or will he finally be happy?

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