ROG Video Game Vacations: Skyrim
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No GravatarAre normal vacations getting too expensive?  Tired of traveling for hours and hours?  Fed up with how your vacations usually go?  Why not try a video game vacation?  Besides being cheaper and less of a hassle than real vacations, video game vacations allow you to go wherever you’d like–both real places and imagined–without a passport or plane ticket.

Join Real Otaku Gamer every week for a highlight of some of the best video game places to visit.  After reading, click the link at the bottom to take the survey on which place you’d prefer to have a video game vacation.  Don’t forget to check out the previous weeks’ spots if you’ve missed them!

This week’s featured place: Skyrim

Game: Skyrim


About: Skyrim is a land of war, magic, and dragons.  The area is a massive sandbox that makes RPG-lovers want to dive right in.  Skyrim is a province of the Empire, but it has been having issues lately since the Stormcloaks have started a war, demanding independence.  Even, worse, dragons have come back and only you can siphon their souls as Dragonborn

Why Visit: The map is so huge that it is possible to play for hours and hours just wandering around.  The different races and political intrigue keep things interesting.  Unlike other RPGs, you gain experience of a skill by using the skill, making it possible to specialize in many areas.  Just watch out for those pesky dragons and dungeons, which is obviously not cliché at all.


Must See Areas:

  • Visit quaint little villages (just don’t kill any chickens while you’re there).
  • Enjoy the capital city of Solitude and visit the Bard’s college.
  • Become at mage at the College of Winterhold.
  • Experience the shady side of life in the Thieves’ Guild.

What do you think? Which video game vacation would you prefer? Click here to take the survey and let ROG know where you’d like to go. Be sure to come back next week for another location.

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