Rougelike Greatness: Tallowmere Review (WiiU)
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The Wii U doesn’t have too many Rougelikes but what Rougelikes do come to the eshop are mostly amazing. Tallowmere continues this tradition well by having excellent gameplay done in a unique way.

Tallowmere breaks down the rougelike genre to its simple form then reassembles it in order to allow newcomers to enjoy the genre as well. You start off with minimal plot, just that you are told that Lady Tallowmere has a dungeon for you to explore and off you go. It is a simple plot but it works well. Once the gameplay begins, you quickly find out that there are many things different in this game than in others.  After jumping just one time, you soon learn that you can jump infinitely through the air. This makes exploration very different as most of the game is immediately accessible. It is only your creativity that limits where you can go in this experience. Well that and the numerous traps such as spikes, and flamethrowers. For a 2D pixel art game, this is extremely violent and the enemy blood splatters as soon as you make a kill. It is kind of awesome really, but also surprising.

Tallowmere brings with it, many cool weapons, items and upgrades that you can use in your adventure. You can trade in souls for more weapons as well and other items as well. You will need to do this as the game throws many twists at you, including boss rooms, objective rooms, fetch quests, and of course tougher enemies. The game has a hub world and waypoints which are extremely helpful as you will need to return to the hubworld often. And if you want a challenge, you can increase the difficulty to your liking there. This is a rather quirky game and aside from some cheapness later on, its a really great experience. My only real gripes are with the cheapness in some areas and that the game doesn’t do anything with the gamepad. Also, you might accidentally use an item without intending to but that can be fixed with some muscle memory.

Overall this game is really fun and I believe it should be played by everyone. I give this my recommendation to buy!

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