Rumor Mill: Microsoft’s Buyback Programs Not Limited To Stock Options
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No GravatarWith all of the Tokyo Game Show news that has come out this week, you would think you have heard everything going on. Well that might not be the case. While the news of the Microsoft Stock buyback program was announced, Real Otaku Gamer has heard that digital software for the Xbox One may be a part of that vision.

For starters, the digital downloads will have a set price when you buy them, just like things are now. In case you do not want to play the game anymore, you will have an option to sell the digital game back to Microsoft (though a service sponsored by a retailer) at a set price. Even better for the consumer, you can set the price of that software up to full retail price, but not below the set price. For example, If you buy Crimson Dragon, and you are not playing it anymore, you can sell it for lets say $8.99. You can then sell that game on this service for lets say, $15.99. That is part one of what we have heard.

Also, with the Xbox One you will be able to share your DLC/digital downloads with up to 10 friends. Which is a major step beyond the Family Share function as mention in previous Xbox One briefings. So you can share with more than the people in your house.

One more thing about selling back your used digital games. They way the games will be transferred is like this, the games will be stored on a server and once it is purchased, a download code will be issued.

Now this is not confirmed, but we will investigate this story as the launch of the console approaches. Updates will follow, so stay tuned.




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