Second Opinion Review: Undead Nightmare
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No Gravatar*This is a second opinion article for DLC “Undead Nightmare”, under the game “Red Dead Redemption”. For the original review, please check out the DJkillzownJones article.

Undead Nightmare makes the West a very scary place. After watching your wife and son die, you would be afraid too. John Marston is a terrified man, but he’s not going to let that fear change who he is. The storytelling once again is undeniably good. Returning characters like Seth and West Dickens haven’t changed a bit in being selfish opportunists and even Bonnie still has her soft spot for Marston. Civilian dialogue is also something to be recognized as it further portrays just how bad things have gotten. There’s nothing like watching a wife walk towards her undead husband and talk about his problem with alcohol. Townspeople range from scared to straight delusional and the population is what really shined for me.

The Horses of The Apocalypse are also interesting as each one has a specific ability and lots of stamina. Finding and breaking each horse truly feels like a triumph. I have to say that my favorite is a horse called Death, who has the ability to kill whoever he tramples instantly.  The sad thing though is that once you break another special horse or your horse dies in action, you can’t get that horse back right away.  Instead, if your horse does die, your old, boring, original horse comes back to your position.

Now for my really bad news. The game is full of glitches. Now I’m sure that some people haven’t run into these problems, but I’m also sure that some have. These little incidents that I’ve ran into have completely taken me out of the game more than once. While riding my horse in a town to save it, I somehow managed to get myself stuck on a house railing. Jumping off and repeatedly tapping the Up button for my horse, I watched my “noble steed” run rapidly on the railing for a good two minutes. After figuring out that the horse could not get to me, he died, forcing me to lose my horse named Pestilence. Now going into the next town was funny. There was a small gap in between two houses in Thieve’s Landing by the docks. My horse and I were able to fit in this small gap along with four other zombies. Unable to ride out, well there goes another horse and also my life. Other times during undead town raids, my horse would completely disappear in thin air! After dying once again, it only adds insult to injury when you’re forced to start at a checkpoint missing all of the ammo you burned last time. Maybe the West is cursed.

Glitches along with too many repeating random events made me realize that yes, this is a game. Fighting in graveyards became a headache too. I wasted almost one hundred bullets from various guns put together until I finally figured out that nothing would happen until I ran past a certain gravestone. Moving past these areas then trigger a special bounty zombie which makes your remaining targets suddenly appear on your mini map. So in short, if you don’t trigger an event, you can waste a good amount of ammunition unknowingly. Ammo is hard enough to find in crates and on dead people, so imagine how much it would hurt to lose it all. Your torch can only do so much and trust me, I’ve tried the torch and run method and it sucks against bolters especially.

That's a lot of towns to babysit.

What is my last problem you ask? Well, even if you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you. It is something that should have been left in the world of San Andreas and that is territory babysitting. What do I care if survivors die? Do I get a reward for saving them that’s worth it? I’ve already saved my game and I could easily grab ammo  crates in other places if I wanted. Little notices like “A town you saved is overrun” just will not make me get up and ride for miles across the border. If you want me to do that, I suggest giving me something awesome, like a mini-gun. Yes, before you get mad at me, you do get extra weapons by saving survivors. However, unless you’ve saved enough towns, it won’t be that useful to you. This should have either been done a lot better or left out completely.

Undead Nightmare may seem a bit short for some, but the side missions and extra little things did cause me to go well in to double digit hours. While the story’s conflict and conclusion left me a bit bewildered, I can say that if you beat the original Red Dead Redemption storyline, you are in for a few treats.

Final Thought:

Undead Nightmare has some great ideas and does a good enough job to be called a Red Dead Redemption DLC. However, there are little bumps here and there that may get in the way of fully enjoying the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Undead Nightmare, but I’m just letting you know that if something strange happens, just pretend it’s part of the “Undead Curse”.

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  1. BrokenNo Gravatar says:

    I love zombies Jas, really do but it’s a tad over done. At least doing a zombie apocalypse in the Wild West is a fresh and interesting spin. It’s a shame about the bugs BUT Rockstar’s games are so huge that goes with the territory sometimes. lol.

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