Shovel Knight – Update 2.2 For Wii U and 3DS is On the Way
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The latest update for Shovel Knight will be released for the Wii U and 3DS soon.

Here is a full list of what the update will add to the game:

” New: [Plague] Mail Minion will now read a letter to you which includes all sorts of neat stats.
New: [Plague] Minion can now appear within Plains of Passage to explain how to perform a bomb burst in case you’re stuck!
New: [Plague] Shovel Knight’s Secret Palette Cheats now work when playing as Plague Knight (Plague uses #1-16, SK uses #1-32)
Adjustment: [Plague] vs Propeller Knight has been tuned to be less difficult.
Adjustment: [Plague] Alchemy menu is slightly faster to open, close, and select items.
Fix: [Plague] Lock up when defeating Mole Knight when Mole Knight is hiding in the wall.
Fix: [Plague] Health display inconsistencies when upgrading health while maxed out on health tonics.
Fix: Re-added some missing treasure in the first enemy map encounter
Fix: Item Completion percent surpassing 100%. (armors were being counted twice)
Fix: Crash when defeated by Mr. Hat, quitting while in the Fancy Shop, or returning to the fancy shop after defeating Mr. Hat in the Armor Outpost. (2.1 only)
Fix: Player can collect pickups while in chest open surprise animation.
3DS & Wii U: [Plague] Relic heap icons appear on the touch screen now too!
3DS: Crash when viewing Plague Knight Feats in German while stereoscopic 3D is enabled.
3DS and Wii U: [Shovel] Fixed crash when exiting stage while the Troupple Chalice is selected. (2.1 only)
3DS and Wii U: [Plague] Fixed crash (and made other improvements) when using relic quick and arcana touch menu at the same time.
3DS: Fixed crash when quitting to world map when recording a ghost in the StreetPass arena while playing with Custom Knight. (2.1 only)
Wii U: [Co-Op] Treasure Knight Chest doesn’t pull in respawning players “

Do you still play Shovel Knight on Wii U and 3DS? Share your Shovel Knight thoughts with us in the comments!

Sources: Go Nintendo and Yacht Club Games


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