Sony Launches Vita in Japan
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It’s touchdown time for Sony in Japan, as the company has launched their new portable hardware the Vita to it’s Japanese market. Reports all over had come in stating that their were huge lines that stretched far and wide with people eager to get their hands on the new portable gaming system. Some gamers here in the states went as far as to import the console and be some of the first to experience Sony’s Playstation Vita. With a big lineup of launch titles, many a Japanese audience and early birds were quite pleased at what Sony delivered.


By now, most gaming websites are giving tons of praise to the Playstation Vita. The system itself, complete with a  5-inch OLED Multi-Touch Touchscreen, two analog thumb sticks, rear and front cameras, a back touchpad, six-axis motion control,  and WiFi ( and also a 3G model); was enough to impress early reviewers of the portable game console. Some issues have been brought up however, with some customers reporting issues with online support for those playing games online (more for people who imported the Vita) which end up freezing completely. There have also been some reports of some models not turning on even after having been completely charged to maximum power. There are minor issues, but still some issues worth noting.


There is still time however for Sony to work out all the kinks and problems that might be popping up with the launch of the first Vita models in Japan, before finally launching Vita here in North America. We’ll have to wait and see what other things Sony can bring to the table with the Playstation Vita. With all the support behind this new hardware, as well as a bunch of games at launch, it’s going to be a very interesting time next year when Vita is released stateside.




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