Splatoon 2 has built-in voice chat for LAN play
By Jonathan Balofsky On 29 Aug, 2017 At 12:23 AM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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User PetrCobra on NeoGaf has revealed something interesting. It turns out Splatoon 2 does have built in voice chat….but only for LAN play.


So this isn’t about normal local wireless play, it’s the one where you are all connected to the same router and you press a button combination (I think it’s L+R+Left stick). It then uses the router in a LAN configuration. This is much more stable than just wirelessly interconnected Switches.

Which is why we did it last week for our Splatoon game in a pub. One of us had a microphone on his headphones, and the second we switched into the LAN lobby we heard what he was saying VERY LOUDLY in our speakers. Was quite a shock really.

This means they implemented seamless voice chat, no app required, but allowed using it only for LAN play (not even normal local wireless, WTF?) which, frankly, is probably the least useful scenario for voice chat, since you’re probably all in the same room anyway.

This is rather bizarre, since as was stated, it doesn’t seem useful for LAN play. Could it be Nintendo is slowly working to bring native voice chat to Splatoon 2 after all?





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