Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #4 Review
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As the plot to kill the Emperor is slowly shown to Vader, by one of the priest of the Temple of the Headless Snake. Vader is shown a world of deformed people. Those that would be considered even stranger than a World where Rancor’s exist. The people who have carved a way out within the Temple of the Headless Snake, are all equally deformed, and will make those, of faint of stomach a little queasy. But it gives those within a Temple something different. As Vader questions his guide on what makes the Basis, work he sees two boys fighting on the street. Later after the prophecy that is foretold of his coming, he again, sees the boys fighting with a crowd around them, but the guide says, it is there way. Just as the Basis gives them life and sustenance.


As they continue deeper, into the Temple for Vader to meet the head Priests, he is shown strange visions, and does something, that only Vader would do, and completely in grand fashion. In a weird way, it made me smile. Gotta love Vader. The conclusion of Star Wars: Vader and the Ninth Assassin will be coming next month!

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