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No GravatarIt was the winter of the year 2000, going into 2001, the Sega Dreamcast had dominated that year. ThePS2 Launch in America, coupled with the fact that the systems games where being pirated, made its future seem very bleak before the system completely dying off in 2002.

My 1st Games where NFL 2k and Sonic Adventure. I was placed on punishment not because of grades but because of a fight that broke out in class just two days before X-mas break. I waited and waited and finally earned my Dreamcast back and had played Sonic Adventure to Death. I could only beat the first 5 campaigns Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and E 102, but not Big The Cat. The fishing Rasta of a Feline drove me up a wall. So I waited and right before Sonic Adventure 2 came out, I dove back in and beat that campaign and beat it, but when I finished the Super Sonic Story Opened up. The story of the entire game was Sonic and the gang trying to stop Eggman “ahem” I mean Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world with the mythical creature Chaos. The Beast used the power of a series stable the Chaos Emeralds to become Perfect Chaos. The Final Battle is a huge one and it showcased the beauty and power of the Dreamcast and It was one I’ll never forget. (SPOILER ALERT) When all hope was lost Sonic managed to succeed. With the help of the Chaos (little mythic pet creatures that were made at the same time Chaos and the emeralds were) to re-power the Emeralds to defeat Chaos and send him into the waters in which he came.