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No GravatarGDC, the Game Developers Conference, is considered the second biggest games conference, next to E3 in importance and size. GDC is a meeting ground where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and all other folks involved with the development of games can gather to exchange ideas and grow as creators.

This year, I attended GDC for the first time and, as usual, have some tips and info for first time GDC attendees!

GDC is held in San Francisco, CA

Why should I go to GDC?

Two words: learning and networking.


GDC features over 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and discussions. USE this as an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. You can also learn about tools you never heard of, find out how other indie developers are getting off the ground, learn what companies are looking for in future employees and get inspired to try new things with you next game.


Be more than just a name on a resume. This is your chance to mix and mingle with people you hope to work with/for. You never know what will come out of such meetings.

Where's TheRebel?

Tips for networking

  • Be yourself, but the most professional/fun version of yourself
  • ALWAYS have a card and consider immediate LinkedIn requests
  • Talk about what you are doing and the skills you have
  • DON’T GET DRUNK! Free drinks or drink tickets are often present at these parties so be responsible
  • Don’t bug them about a job: mention this casually at the end of the conversation. I usually go for the “if you know of anyone looking for a ___ please keep me in mind” approach

I ended up speaking with a gentleman at the Women In Games International mixer who was impressed enough with me to invite me to an invite-only networking event. I met many important people who worked on a VERY big gaming franchise and ensured that a face and background went with my resume. Not bad for “just” networking.

What should I do at GDC?

If you are looking for employment in the gaming industry, the first place you should turn is to the Career Pavilion. Make sure to have print outs of your resume. You don’t have to dress up, but you will stand out if you do (everyone else will be wearing jeans and t-shirts). Protip: there are also booths in here for meetings. If you see a company with a mini set of offices, they are probably not there to pick up your resume, so if you get embarrassed easily you might not want to just walk in there. Scope it out first though because Valve combined their booth and meeting space.

The next step should be to attend panels that can teach you something relevant about your work or your industry. As a PR person, there weren’t many panels or tutorials for me, but my friend interested in game design and becoming a tester found useful sessions that gave him some great tips and ideas.

Besides searching for work, treat yourself to the expo floor, where you can play some of the newest games, a few unreleased games and try out new equipment (I finally got my hands on a Vita).

What did you do at GDC?

Well I’m glad you asked! I had super-fun-times.

Expo Floor

At the expo, I played some Vita games including Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. There were a lot of other games available to play, but most of them weren’t my kind of game. I also was not super-impressed with the touch capabilities of the back of the Vita. It seemed a little haphazard to me.

On the 3Ds side, I played the new Tekken and LOVED it. Some guy wanted to challenge me to beat his “unbeatable” friend so I promptly stomped him around a few times. I love promoting health egos 😉

On the unreleased game side I played Girl Fight (which I will rant about in another blog), Fingle and a game about a broom janitor ninja that I can’t remember the name of.


I also tried my hand at another few rounds of Joust, which you may remember me mentioning from my time at IndieCade.

Oh and one must not forget the swag! I collected candy, trinkets and a Darkness II statue, which I am selling because it’s too frightening to keep in my room! If you are interested in purchasing the Darkness II statue, head over to my personal blog.

Meta Game

As I perused the expo, I kept noticing people with stickers on their badges. I later discovered that they were playing the Meta Game and I proceeded to acquire my pack of cards and play.

Check out this game if you want to improve your persuasive skills and in general if you enjoy talking shop about games.


In general, GDC was a great investment and I look forward to seeing everyone I met there again at E3! One last tip: if you want to buy the GDC swag but can’t afford it, take a chance at waiting until the last few hours of the last day of GDC. Everything was half off! But of course, some items were already sold-out.

Do yourself a favor and plan to attend next year’s GDC!

To find out what else I experienced, check out my Nerdy But Flirty post about the parties and people I met!


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Cards n’Flux: Best Cards of 2011

By: Corlando

            Well everyone, 2011 has come and gone leaving us with 2012.  I am so excited for this year and the promise it brings.  New experiences, new friends, all just a few moments of time away.  However, before we rush off with the new 2012, let us remember the awesomeness of 2011 by looking at some of the best cards of the year.


Before we get started with the list, a few qualifications.  First, the cards have to be from 2011.  This means Scars of Mirrodin is out, but Besieged up to Innistrad are in.  Second, the cards cannot be reprints.  This just seems like a good rule.  Let the new cards have their day in the sun, instead of some repurposed older card.  Third, these are all my opinion.  If you do not like my selections feel free to voice them below instead of paying an assassin to try and kill me.  It won’t work.  I will also take this time to voice my opinion about a few other cards, which I am sure will also spark much debate.  With that said, let’s get going.


First up, the best Instant.  I chose this card because it gave the color a fun way of removal that can used to either destroy a big threat or help end the game.  Beast Within gives Green not only a removal spell, but also a token producer.  I love this card.  The versatility of either eliminating my opponent’s best guy or killing off one of my own 1/1s or an artifact you do not need to make a 3/3 in time to help bash face is just a fun.  I hope to include this in many more decks in the future.  Now the worst instant of 2011 is also a removal spell.  Dismember is a great removal spell.  Being able to fake out your opponent by only leaving one mana up and paying four life to kill their creature is useful and vindictive.  It has amazing flavor in a Black deck where you have to make sacrifices for ultimate power.  However, by being able to pay four life, now every deck gains the ability to destroy any unwanted creature.  Dismember take Magic’s color wheel and breaks it over a rusty spike.  Thanks to Dismember, great cards like Hero of Bladehold, Hero of Oxid Ridge, even Urabrask the Hidden were not played.  The standard format became, either protection from black or at least 6 toughness or it is not worth playing.  I like Dismember for its flavor, but I hate it for the effect it had on Standard.  As of recently this trend seems to have switched with decks like White Weenie, Token Town, and Wolf Run, Dismember is not as prevalent as it was.










Next we have the best Sorcery.  I chose this sorcery because I liked the flavor of it.  It is a card that sets a precedent, a personal hope to see more cards of this color combination in the future.  Unburial Rites is Rise from the Grave, but has a fun little four mana flashback ability that gives it a whole new kind of usefulness.  I am not going to lie; I love Black and White decks.  There is a certain joy I get out of the idea of having to make sacrifices to achieve power and strength in the community.  Unburial Rites has this kind of flavor of raising the dead to bolster and protect the community.  I love it and I hope and pray to see more White/Black cards in Dark Ascension and beyond.

Third we enter the category of enchantments, those fun, powerful spells that can really bring the damage in so many ways.  However, they also have the potential to be dead cards when someone drops a Naturalize or a Doom Blade on your enchanted creature.  Before the big reveal, I do want to give one honored mention to Curse of the Stalked Prey.  The additional +1/+1 counters can lead to an absolute beatdown and makes even your smallest threats something to worry about.  I really like this card and I can only hope for a standard deck to use this effectively.  Anyway, back to the winner.  Angelic Destiny is by far probably the best enchantment I have seen in a long time.  Not only does your creature get +4/+4, but it also gains flying and first strike and if the creature enchanted with Angelic Destiny dies, you may pop Angelic Destiny back to your hands removing the ultimate issue many players have with enchantments.  I just love this card.  Not only does it have great artwork by Jana Schirmer and Johannes Voss, but it has some great flavor to.  The wings in the mirrors is a very subtle part of the image.  Easily the best enchantment of 2011.









Now we come to a very hard category, best creature.  There are so many I wanted to put on this list: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Chancellor of the Dross, Mirran or Phyrexian Crusader, even both heroes were on the list but I just did not feel they deserved the reward.  In the end I did come to a decision and I chose, Geist of Saint Traft.  After reading the “Savor the Flavor” column concerning Saint Traft and how he battled against the darkness of Innistrad throughout his whole life, I fell in love with the card.  With the backstory in mind, the Geist of Saint Traft becomes a beautiful card as the solemn look of Traft is off set by the presence of the angel.  It is a really great piece of art, which is fitting because it is such a great card.  A 2/2 for three mana with hexproof and whenever you attack with him, his angel friend comes out bringing the total of pain to six.  Add in an Honor of the Pure and it becomes eight.  I would love to see this card combo with Angelic Destiny, how cool would that be?  Geist of Saint Traft is in fact such a good card, the sheer power of this card took Craig Wescoe all the way to the top eight of worlds.  I really cannot wait for whatever comes our way in Dark Ascensions because I just know something is going to come out that will make this card even more of a bomb.

            The next topic is one that I don’t think I have ever done before, the best land.  Yeah this is kind of a new one, but we did get quite a few fun lands this year so it only seems right to pay some respect.  I was originally going to give the award to Contested War Zone for its flavor and the potential it had to help any deck get that last bit of damage in.  However, seeing as its flavor is what ultimately holds it back from being truly useful, it did not seem right to give Contested War Zone the reward.  I mean a land cannot exactly win the best land award if it does not stay yours if someone makes it through your defenses with a 1/1.  As such, the fight descended into a five way battle between the Innistrad power lands.  As such the winner of the best land award is Gavony Township for its great flavor and power to help Green and White decks really bring on the pain.  I really like this land and I know it will see more play with time.










Now we come to a rather interesting category, this year’s best Planeswalker.  This year we had quite a lot of entries, some better than others.  You can all probably guess the Planeswalker at the bottom of my list (hint: Garruk Relentless), however, none of you probably know which one will be my favorite.  This year we saw a Karn Planeswalker, which is very cool, however I am kind of disqualifying him because he lost his spark and so stopped being a Planeswalker for a bit meaning he effectively left the planeswalking club.  Sorry Karn.  I would have loved to give Venser, the Sojourner the spot, but unfortunately he came out last year.  Koth could have been a contender if he was not so narrowly focused on mountains.  Jace, Memory Adept just seemed too weak though I still think his future is bright once we get more flashback cards.  Garruk, Primal Hunter was definite contender, really showing off the power of Green, but his second ability, though awesome, kind of disrupts the pure Green energy.  So close, but missed the mark.  This leaves Lillana of the Veil and Chandra, the Firebrand to battle it out for the final spot.  If only we could have a cat-fight to find out…. Anyway, in the end I had to make a decision.  My favorite Planeswalker of 2012 is, Lillana of the Veil.  Chandra, the Firebrand is a close second with all her fiery glory, but Lillana of the Veil is pure Black magic.  First ability grants power through sacrifice by forcing both you and your opponents to discard.  The more you sacrifice, the more powerful she becomes as she prepares to tear apart half of your opponent’s field.  Her second ability is also rather useful if your opponent happens to just have one creature on the board.  I really like Lillana of the Veil and with Dark Ascension already being spoiled, I cannot wait to see how good she will be.









With all the categories decided I believe it is time to close out the article.  Feel free to leave your own list below and describe your reasonings for each.  I eagerly welcome it.  I just ask that as you think up your lists as we wave goodbye to 2011, just remember, “Etherium is Limited.  Innovation is not.”  This is Corlando signing out.

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No GravatarSome more things I liked about 2011:

Movie Remakes that Didn’t Suck: Normally, remaking a film is a near-guaranteed failure. Not only does it show a lack of creativity on the part of the studio by rehashing an older (and often superior) film, but it also leaves them open to the inevitable backlash from fans of the original, who will stop at nothing to point out every single flaw in the remake. Case In Point: “Psycho”- it might have been reshot frame-by-frame, but it lacked the style and suspense of the original. Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” re-envisioning upped the violence and left out the social context (and outright creepiness) of Michael Myers. And the entire point of the original “Clash of the Titans” was to showcase Harryhausen’s skills, so the CG remake lost even that with its predictable effects.

THIS is what happens when you find a Stranger in the Alps.

But for every “Arthur,” there will (or at least should) be a “True Grit.” 2011 gave some truly interesting takes on the idea of the remake (aside from the aforementioned “Grit”). “Fright Night” took a Vincent Price favorite about the vampire next door, and made it ghoulish, atmospheric, and over-the-top (mostly thanks to a superb David Tennant, and downright frightening Colin Farrell). Ditto to Guillermo del Toro’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” possibly the year’s scariest movie. And, all criticism aside, the remake of “Straw Dogs” maintained the violence level of the original, but managed to add just enough modern context to keep it relevant (and also, a creepy turn by James Marsden, I still can’t get his face out of my head). None of these will go down in history as genre-defining, but they managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls made by today’s studios messing with yesterday’s material.

1Q84: Speaking of remakes, this book might have flown under the radar of many US readers, but definitely should not be ignored. Fans of Japanese literature (aside from manga and light novels) already know the name Haruki Murakami, author of such literary mindf**ks as “Kafka on the Shore” and “Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.” In his latest opus, Murakami manages to tackle re-interpreting George Orwell’s visionary novel “1984” by blending it in with his own unique style…of mindf**kery. Seriously, this book is his third (or fourth, depending on how one views “Hard Boiled Wonderland & The End of the World”) attempt to blow open the confines of modern literature by figuratively standing over the reader and f**king their brain until nothing makes sense anymore, then putting it back together again, completely out of order. And, like his previous attempts, the final result is immensely satisfying, and leaves the reader yearning to be mindf**ked yet again. With 1Q84, Murakami has attained the perfect mindf**k, something he no doubt has been trying for his entire career. Now he can sit back, smoke a cigarette, and contemplate how best to do it again.

This forecast brought to you by the Winterfell Weather Bureau

Fantasy TV Makes a Comeback:Swords and sorcery, we missed you. Given the predominance network television places on sitcoms and police procedural dramas these days, it was only a matter of time before some good old-fashioned escapism began to make its way back on the airwaves. While normally derided by critics and the general public, fantasy television began to make a strong comeback in 2011. First off, April’s release of the TV adaptation of George R R Martin’s best-selling “Game of Thrones” book series brought viewers into a world where intrigue brought down kingdoms, and warring provinces set the stage for revolution. Add in a few ghostly monsters, plenty of nudity and sex (since it WAS on HBO) and dynamite performances by Sean Bean, Mark Addy and Peter Dinklage (who won an Emmy for his role as fan-favorite Tyrion Lannister) and fantasy TV had made its triumphant return. Then in the fall, ABC debuted “Once Upon A Time,” throwing every single beloved fairy-tale character into modern-day Maine, wiped all their memories and subjected them all to a curse that kept them separated from their past. While bearing a striking resemblance to the Vertigo Comics series “Fables,” Once Upon…manages to be both compelling and intriguing…and good fun. Which, in the end, is the point of television anyway- entertainment.

Get the f**k off my railroad.Period Piece TV Continues to Enthrall: While fantasy might have been out of sight for a while, period piece television has managed to maintain its welcome for some time. “Mad Men” remains a popular foray into 1960’s advertising, and “Boardwalk Empire” has garnered plenty of fans with its often frank depiction of Prohibition Era New Jersey.

2011 added plenty of new series to this mix- Showtime introduced audiences everywhere to the depravations of the 16th century Catholic Church, and European political scheming with its brilliant (and graphic) “The Borgias.” ABC took America back to the early days of air travel with the critically praised “Pan Am.” And A&E stripped away the fantasy behind the building of our nation’s railroad system with the dirty and compelling “Hell on Wheels.” But not every show managed to find a voice- NBC’s controversial “Playboy Club” met an early end without an audience. And despite acclaims, Pan Am might end up going the same way. But as long as we still find fascination with our collective past, there will always be a place for these types of shows.

Elder Scrolls Finally Gets It Right: No game embodies the American Sandbox RPG quite like developer Bethesda’s sweeping Elder Scrolls series. Unfortunately, those same games often got it wrong: Morrowind was endlessly buggy, and crashed unless you closed every door you opened. Oblivion was too reliant on classes for leveling, and didn’t warn you if you were deviating too far from the story (I actually logged around 70 hours in the game while not advancing the plot at all). But Elder Scroll V: Skyrim finally managed to streamline the mechanics while not sacrificing what made these sandbox RPGs so addictive. Now, you can level any skill you want and it contributes to your overall progress. Now you can see your objective clearly marked on your map (and if you get lost, you can always cast “Clairvoyance”). Now your character develops in a way that suits your playing style, not because of a system of preset statistics and skills. Want to make a Wood Elf berserker with sniping potential and a disdain for magic? Go right ahead (her name is Tathyr, by the way). Want to devote all your time to slinging spells? It’s your choice. Skyrim is the ultimate experience in open-ended gaming.

Just another day at the office…

And it has dragons. Lots and lots of dragons.

Up Next: Some personal ruminations.

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No GravatarOh look, it’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas time (though it’s that also), but the time to reflect and recount on the previous year’s ups and downs. And this year there were plenty of both. From freak snowstorms and wayward hurricanes to genre-defining anime and a plethora of new games on which to whet one’s appetite, 2011 was nothing if not eventful, no matter what you might have been looking for. So let’s take a look at some of the year’s highlights and things best-left-avoided.

The Good:

Marvel Superhero Movies: 2011 was a good year for action-driven superheroes. Especially those in the Marvel stable. I will admit that I had very low expectations for Captain America, and prayed they wouldn’t screw up Thor. And thankfully, I was wrong on both accounts. 2011 had plenty of Iron Mans, with no Iron Man 2s to sully the field. Thor was amazing, with an excellent cast, striking visual effects and a compelling plot. (In a Marvel film, that’s a real achievement honestly.) X-Men First Class threw out everything we knew about the franchise and managed to reboot from the god-awful “Last Stand.” But the true highlight of the year was “Captain America.” Hokey outfit aside (which they dealt with rather well, actually), the film got us ready for 2012’s “Avengers,” and took viewers on a trip back through World War II, without sacrificing its entertainment potential. Less a set-up film, more an in-depth origin story, and a wonderful addition to the Marvel filmography.

Mid-Atlantic Anime Cons: I have been known to sing the praises of Anime Boston, and a lot of the New England conventions, for their diverse programming and attendees. This year, the mid-Atlantic entered that fray in force. From February’s Katsucon hitting stride in National Harbor (it’s still the best “weekend con” I’ve ever been to), to Anime Mid Atlantic’s family-friendly summer party, to Nekocon’s progress in quality programming, and Anime USA’s last hurrah in Crystal City, 2011 gave the mid-Atlantic some truly memorable experiences, enough that it would be hard to choose which convention to attend. But fortunately, given that they are held in a relatively small area, staggered throughout the year, one doesn’t have to. If you’re looking for something new, away from the hustle of Otakon, or want to find a friendly, intimate convention experience, give the mid-Atlantic a try. You will not be disappointed.

Usagi Drop: Given the predominance of action-heavy, moe-dominated anime series floating around, sometimes a nice, grounded, realistic series is a welcome breath of fresh air. The Summer 2011 entry “Usagi Drop,” based on the popular manga of the same name, is one such series. No flashy, supernatural heroes. No mecha. No lolicons or schoolgirls. Just a simple, refreshing series about a man and his “daughter,” a girl born to his late father, and their journey through an often chaotic life. Maturity, family values, adaptability, responsibility and good old-fashioned comfort are the rules of this day. And it’s worth every minute.

Two Decades of Vampires: 2011 marked the 20th Anniversary of Mark Rein-Hagen’s landmark RPG “Vampire: The Masquerade.” While the setting was rebooted a few years back, many fans of the original game still held strong ties to the political machinations of the warring vampire clans, and the general melding of gothic, cyberpunk and urban horror that first graced the game world in the early 90s, when fantasy dungeon-diving was still the de facto experience for gamers. Vampire brought an entire new culture into roleplaying, switching the emphasis from dice rolls to personal interaction. Rather than a collection of statistics and combat equations, Vampire stressed crafting a finely tunes, well rounded CHARACTER, who had to survive in a modern world where EVERYTHING wanted to kill them. Fights with orcs transformed into power struggles with opposing clans, and the monsters lurking in the dark were still capable of falling prey to other monsters lurking even further into the darkness. White Wold Game Studio commemorated this event with the release of the “Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition,” a massive, 500+ page tome collecting every clan, bloodline, supernatural power, morality path, character merit/flaw for the first time in one place, and gave fans a limited window to snag a copy. But if you have $100 lying around (likely more now that the print run has ended), and you’ve yet to experience this level of in-depth roleplaying, go out and find a copy. It will be well worth your time.

Criterion Collection Releases “Kuroneko,” Acquires Rights to “Gojira:” Unless you are a fan of Japanese art-house cinema, the former film might be completely unknown to you. (And if you are a fan, you probably already own it in some form.) But in October 2011, the Criterion Collection, already known for giving fans of early J-horror their fix, finally released a remastered edition of the horror classic “Kuroneko,” a story of betrayal, revenge, honor, and ghost cats. And for those who had never managed to track down a copy from its VHS release (including yours truly), this was a fantastic release. The other great “ghost cat” film (the first being the irreverent Hausu), Kuroneko is a character study in folklore and the samurai, bringing to light the dark side of both, and well worth the price, given that the last time this film saw a stateside release, it was the 80s, and art-house Japan was still truly an underground phenomenon.

The latter film, however, should be very familiar to US audiences. After years of re-releases by original producer Toho, now Criterion has the chance to once more introduce us to the ravages of nuclear war, overconsumption, and giant, radiation breathing dinosaurs. While Criterion Godzilla won’t be around until February or March, fans will no doubt be eagerly anticipating what kind of treatment will be bestowed upon this kaiju classic.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Super Sentai series aren’t exactly known for their riveting plots and developed characters. What they often are is over the top excursions into action and adventure, with “giant robots” and spandex suits. But in honor of the 35th anniversary of the ongoing sentai serials in Japan, viewers were treated to an even more gratuitous exploitation of young adults, space aliens, rubber suits, and men in oversized robot outfits. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger managed to do what no other sentai had ever even tried- it brought together every single sentai series into a single entity. And it did it with PIRATES. (Sorry Ninjas, but you lose…with authority.)

Forget Power Rangers, forget zords, funky weapons and stock footage- Gokaiger is at the same time a celebration of previous sentai entertainment, and a new beginning. Every rule broken, every battle a crazy mess, every feasible type of hero present and accounted for- this is what sentai was meant to be, and finally is. Given our 2 year lag behind Japan in this area, we won’t see Mighty Morphin Pirate Rangers until 2013, but in the meantime, check it out online. And prepare to be blown away.

Up Next: Remake Extravaganza, Fantasy Fever, and Mindf**king

No GravatarHere is Part 4 of our pictures from Mizucon Miami. Here, there are tons of photos we took from the convention floor. Checking out everything from the cosplay, to the booths, to the panels, the concerts, and of course, the stars.


This past weekend, the ROG staff and myself got to go to Mizucon 2011 and check out all the cool things present there. What occurred was a truly EPIC festival of Anime goodness. A place where fans of anime from all over Florida, and even some far away places around the US, came together to celebrate their beloved hobbies and media. There were so many great and awesome people there, as well as so many cool looking and ambitious costumes worn by many of the con’s attendees.


But check it out for yourself. Check out our main gallery of pictures from the showroom floor of Mizucon 2011. The Anime Mecca of Miami.




Gallery is empty!





No GravatarThis past weekend at Mizucon, we got the chance to not only check out the events and awesomeness going on, but also had the opportunity to chat with some of the EPIC guest celebs that were there. Of the guest there, we got to hang out with some real popular voice actors such as Johnny Yong Bosch, Todd Haberkorn, and Lisa Ortiz. And that wasn’t all, we chatted it up with the rising band Eyeshine, Plug Hitz Live, and a bunch of the booths/panelist that made it out to Miami Mizucon. Check it out below.


Johnny Yong Bosch


Lisa Ortiz


Todd Haberkorn




PLuGHiTz Live!



No GravatarHere is Part 3 of our pictures from Mizucon Miami. Here, there are tons of photos we took from the convention floor. Checking out everything from the cosplay, to the booths, to the panels, the concerts, and of course, the stars.


This past weekend, the ROG staff and myself got to go to Mizucon 2011 and check out all the cool things present there. What occurred was a truly EPIC festival of Anime goodness. A place where fans of anime from all over Florida, and even some far away places around the US, came together to celebrate their beloved hobbies and media. There were so many great and awesome people there, as well as so many cool looking and ambitious costumes worn by many of the con’s attendees.


But check it out for yourself. Check out our main gallery of pictures from the showroom floor of Mizucon 2011. The Anime Mecca of Miami.



Gallery is empty!

No GravatarHere is Part 2 of our pictures from Mizucon Miami. Here, there are tons of photos we took from the convention floor. Checking out everything from the cosplay, to the booths, to the panels, the concerts, and of course, the stars.


This past weekend, the ROG staff and myself got to go to Mizucon 2011 and check out all the cool things present there. What occurred was a truly EPIC festival of Anime goodness. A place where fans of anime from all over Florida, and even some far away places around the US, came together to celebrate their beloved hobbies and media. There were so many great and awesome people there, as well as so many cool looking and ambitious costumes worn by many of the con’s attendees.


But check it out for yourself. Check out our main gallery of pictures from the showroom floor of Mizucon 2011. The Anime Mecca of Miami.



Gallery is empty!






No GravatarThis past weekend, the ROG staff and myself got to go to Mizucon 2011 and check out all the cool things present there. What occurred was a truly EPIC festival of Anime goodness. A place where fans of anime from all over Florida, and even some far away places around the US, came together to celebrate their beloved hobbies and media. There were so many great and awesome people there, as well as so many cool looking and ambitious costumes worn by many of the con’s attendees.


But check it out for yourself. Check out our main gallery of pictures from the showroom floor of Mizucon 2011. The Anime Mecca of Miami.



Gallery is empty!







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No GravatarAs seen in the new Street Fighter x Tekken Comic Con gameplay trailer, Steve Fox, Poison and Yoshimitsu join the roster in one of  the most anticipated cross-overs since MVC3.

Street Fighter x Tekken is the first of two crossover fighting games, this one being developed by Capcom and the next, Tekken x Street Fighter will be developed by Namco. Street Fighter x Tekken will have gameplay more closely related to Street Fighter with projectile moves like Hadoukan and a 2D environment.

Other characters shown in the video:

Street Fighter team

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Chun Li
  • Dhalsim
  • Guile
  • Sagat
  • Abel
  • Cammy

Tekken team

  • Nina
  • Kazuya
  • King
  • Bob
  • Julia
  • Hwoarang
  • Marduk

Street Fighter x Tekken will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita in March of 2012.