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No GravatarThe Super Nintendo is making another comeback thanks to the fine folks at Analogue, who will begin shipping their new “Super Nt” console sometime next month.

The Super Nt prides itself on being built on an FPGA (an actual circuit) as opposed to making use of emulation techniques. As such, you’ll be able to play all of your Super Nintendo and Super Famicom (yes, it features full playability across all NTSC and PAL systems!) games on actual hardware, with 100% accuracy to boot. The system makes use of an HDMI port to deliver an actual 1080p (“Full HD”) signal to your TV, rather than sending a traditional low-resolution image that has to be stretched by the TV itself. This results in supremely sharp pixels that make for a pleasant viewing experience on a modern TV. The system is also compatible with the wireless controllers from 8bitdo, so you won’t find yourself tethered to the TV anymore!

Analogue’s Super Nt begins shipping in February 2018 and will cost $189.99. They are taking pre-orders now!

The company also makes the “Nt Mini,” which will run NES and Famicom cartridges as well as actual Famicom Disk System disks, but that one will set you back a whopping $499.99!

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Here is some awesome news.

8Bitdo, a video game peripherals maker, has just made a major update to its controllers. All of its controllers which can receive firmware updates are now enabled for support with  Nintendo Switch.

8Bitdo’s products include , the SFC 30 and NES30, which are of extremely high quality and are incredibly responsive. Although they will lack motion control and rumble and other features of the modern Switch controllers,  the pads can be used for fighting games, like Ultra Street Fighter 2, or the Neo Geo games like Garou.

This is going to be excellent for the  virtual console when it comes to Switch, but  fans are already using the pads with new games. For example, there are reports on Neogaf of users playing Mario Kart with the controller.

You just cannot beat the classics.

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