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No GravatarHello everyone its @GovPancakes from the @RealOtakuGamer and I am going to review  Konami’s Zone Of The Enders HD Collection. I have to put this out here, this review is going to be a ton of fun for me. I LOVE THIS SERIES AND FOR KONAMI TO PUT BOTH GAMES ON ONE DISK REMADE IN HD BLOWS MY MIND! When people say mecha games this is the first thing on my mind. This is is one of the most slept on Mech/RPG/Action games ever in my opinion.


Zone of the Enders is set in the future sometime in the late 22nd Century where humans have colonized Mars and several space colonies are set up around Jupiter. The Humans from earth and the humans who went into outer space of course separated from the people who went into outer space and those people who left became to be as “Enders”. The people of Mars and colonists of Jupiter begin to rise and form factions and the most well known one is BAHRAM. To avoid spoiling the story I will only tell the plot to the first game. The game starts out as Leo Stenbuck (the main protagonist) Colony gets invaded by BAHRAM to find an Orbital Frame (The main mechs of the series) called Jehuty. Leo watches as his town gets destroyed and falls upon Jehuty. He climbs aboard and starts his journey. Later down the line he conflicts with the BAHRAM organization and learns that Jehuty has a sister craft called Anubis led by the leader of the BAHRAM organization called Colonel Nohman. The story is driven by the rivalry of these two Orbital Frames and stopping each other.


Now the game play was first of its kind. On the original box for Zone Of The Enders 1 the box said “High Speed Mech Action” and thats exactly what it is. I used to describe it as “the Gundam game i always wanted”. The controls for 1 aren’t as smooth as the controls for two but when you jump into 2 you are going to feel amazing, but the controls for one aren’t horrible so make sure you play that one first. The controls are pretty simple and there are PLENTY of in game tutorials completely show you everything you need to know. It has a simple level up system where every time you level up your health increases, which you will need. During the games when you defeat certain enemies or find certain items, you are able to gain weapons and moves to further your moves list and making you feel like your in a giant mech like you see in anime. Also the environments play a role in the combat from throwing enemies into electrical fields or picking up pillars and throwing them at enemies. You can even grab enemies to use on other enemies! Some of the best game play for any mech game ever.

Zone of the Enders HD music and animated cut scenes have been revamped for the HD collection. When i saw the intro movie I was just shocked. The in game movies look SO good and shows a lot more depth then the originals. The music in the HD version is just “remix” versions of some of the first music, but over all the music for the game is still astounding and makes you feel like your right there in the mech. I hear of some frame rate drops but i haven’t experienced them myself.

In conclusion if you haven’t ever played Z.O.E. 1 or 2 go buy it. Its $40 for 2 amazing games. You will not be disappointed.