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Neo Geo games are now available on the Nintendo Switch worldwide and many are enthusiastic to play Metal Slug 3 and King of fighters 98 on the system. But there is another game that is far more noteworthy than those.

Also having come out on the Switch is Waku Waku 7. This is one of the most unusual and off beat fighting games ever made, The characters are parodies of other games, of anime, manga, comics and of movies, both Japanese and western made, such as shotoclones, sword fighters and anime action girls. It is hard to explain but this is one of the most awesome fighting games you can play. Easy to learn but difficult to master, this is just fun to play and enjoy.

The game had a western release in arcades….but not on the home console scene. It only received home console releases in Japan. That is why this release is so notable, this is one of the first times western players will get to play this. And to be honest, this is a game everyone needs to try.

The fighting is great as mentioned earlier, the visuals are excellent and while blurry on Switch, Hamster is patching the Arcade Archive series to fix that. It has that look that games like Street Fighter III and Darkstalkers had ( one character is a parody of a Darkstalkers character in fact), while still being in the SNK style, which still looks amazing today. And the music is absolutely fantastic. It is a great soundtrack for a fighting game and extremely energetic, and really gets you into the fight.

With great characters, a ridiculous yet decent plot that works, and fun gameplay, I cannot understand why this game languished in obscurity for so long. It has now received an arcade perfect port on the Switch and I have had a great time with it. I would love to see a modern sequel that continues the story and adds to the parodies.  As I mentioned earlier, this is a very significant release for the game, and I am hoping it sells well enough that there will be interest for a new game. That would be the best case scenario here. If you have a Nintendo Switch, I implore you to get this game.

See a trailer below to see what kind of game this is!


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It seems even just a couple of days away from the Switch launch, we are still getting news of launch games.  Hamster’s website  is now saying that the “ACA Neo Geo series will start from March 3, 2017 on Nintendo Switch”. We already knew it was launching alongside the Japanese release of the Switch but this is the first indication that the games will be on the Switch at launch in the west as well. Hopefully this turns out to be the case, as these are some amazing games.


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Famitsu had a feature on Switch this week with an interview with Satoshi Hamada from Hamster about the company’s Arcade Archives plans and more.

Hamster received requests from fans to bring the Arcade Archive series to portable devices and since Switch acts as a handheld in addition to a console, they thought this would fulfill these wishes in an acceptable way.

Arcade Archive  has a feature to rotate the screen to play vertically-displayed arcade games, and with Switch, you can easily stand the display vertically, so Hamster feels it is a good fit for the system.

There were worries that coding around the Joy-Con might be difficult, but doing so isn’t actually that difficult. When speaking of titles currently in development, the hardware specs on Switch are sufficient and Hamada has a good impression about the device as a result.

Hamster thought about implementing the Joy-Con steering wheel for arcade racing games, but an actual steering controller is better. Currently Hamster is collaborating with HORI to make their arcade stick capable to play the Arcade Archive series, and they are discussing possibility of releasing unique arcade sticks with control panels such as twin levers, track ball, and so on.

Hamster is now planning to release new titles for Arcade Archive every week, and Hamada thinks it would be nice for fans if they can find a new title when they visit the eShop on a weekly basis. That being said, this is just a target and there might be a week they can’t release new title for some reason. The dev team is trying hard to achieve this however.

Currently they are only announcing five Neo Geo titles from the Arcade Archives and haven’t announced the regular Arcade Archives series, as they are currently focusing on keeping the series on track with continuous releases of Neo Geo Arcade Archives. They however, will definitely bring the regular Arcade Archives in the future.

The internal storage size is interesting as the Switch version has a lower file size compared to other platforms. It was originally 600 MB in average, but the Switch version is planned to be reduced to 200 MB. And other than Arcade Archives, Hamster also wants to bring over the Nikoli puzzles series, including Sudoku, and Hamada noted they are already talking about it with Nikoli, so they hopefully will be able to announce something soon.

He also noted that there are actually some projects planned aside from Arcade Archives and Nikoli, but Hamster can’t announce them yet.


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Virtual console will not be on the Switch at launch, but Hamster Corporation will be bringing retro games to the system this March. To Be specific, the Neo Geo will see its games come to the system. King of Fighters ’98, Metal Slug 3, Waku Waku 7, Shock Troopers and World Heroes Perfect, are currently confirmed for the Switch as digital titles coming this March.

These are only confirmed for Japan right now, but Arcade Archives is confirmed for North America and Europe so we should be hearing soon when these games are coming.