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imagesContinuing in the Game of Thrones season 3 amazingness, this episode focuses on Bran, Arya, and Brienne & Jaime, with a sprinkingly of Sansa, Jon, Robb, and Theon. The episode was another recap of sorts, but more so, a catching up on the rest of the characters, that weren’t in the season premiere. This one wasn’t as slow as last week, but it finished filling in the gaps, while providing a plethora of new information for fans of the show, to ponder, and to continue to wander what will happen next, but in a good way. Still very little action but battles of words and a duel give you credence to stay and enjoy.

The episode opens with an older Bran hunting the infamous three eyed crow, with Jon and Robb, giving him pointers on being an archer, from his first lesson in season 1. After missing, he is suddenly approached by Jojen Reed, giving him an shrouded answer before he awoken, and after a tiff with Osha, they break camp. Later, they are tracked by an unknown enemy, finally revealing himself as Jojen Reed, and Meera quickly subduing Osha, they win Bran’s trust after Jojen wins Summer’s trust and continue with them. During this short time of traveling, Jojen tells Bran, he’s a Warg, a person who can see from within the eyes of animals, and the three eyed crow is him, Bran and has a deeper meaning. It’s additionally weird, seeing how Bran’s gotten older and his voice deeper.

images (3)Arya, is travelling with Gendry and Hot Pie, attempting to travel north, when they come upon by the Brotherhood, and “persuaded” to tell there tale at the Inn of the Kneeling Man by Beric Dondarrion. After eating and showing, Arya she can’t wield a sword, he lets the trio go, but not before Gregor the Hound is brought in and identifies Arya before ending.

Jaime and Brienne, travel, and as Jaime continuously wants to learn of Brienne and what’s she made of, much to her chagrin. They are spotted by a traveller, who asks where they are going, after kindly replying and them both continuing on their way, Jaime says, he knows who they are, and should kill him, Brienne adamantly refuses. As they approach a bridge, Brienne has to make a choice swim with Jaime across, or the more open sight of the bridge, and Jaime continuing to talk. After being crafty, Jaime manages to grab one of her swords, and after having the upper hand, he quickly falls to Brienne. After giving they are surprised by Vargo Boat, who now is aligned with Robb, and captures the two.

Quick recap of others in the episode; Within the time, Sansa is questioned peacefully by Olenna and Margaery Tyrell to learn of Joffrey’s nature, and Sansa at first beats around the bush, but soon recounts about Joffrey’s mercy in having her father beheaded. Robb is informed of Winterfell being sacked and Bran and Ricken are still missing to Lady Stark. Jon Snow is finally introduced to a Warg, before which he is told about how Mance united the Wildlings, but after he is informed of the Battle at the Fist of the First Men. Finally, we see that Theon was captured by an unknown group, most likely Loyalist Starks, and being tortured for why he took Winterfell. But after leaving him, he is told that a servant was sent by his sister to rescue images (1)him.