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Hideyoshi and avatar on chair

No GravatarFull Metal Panic! Another extra: Blaze Raven 2

This is a special figure, as it is just an extra to a limited edition book. My best estimate is it’s an art book or a colored manga, so if you like either it’s a good buy. I don’t know the robot’s height but it looks to be of a good quality. It’s a tad expensive like any import is, but if you happen to be a fan of FMP and are soon shopping online I’d recommend it.

 Blaze Raven

Maker: Fujimi Shobo  Average online price: $49.72 

One Piece World Collectible Film Z Volume 2

Have you ever wanted an entire set of figures that is nothing but pure Chopper goodness? Well my fellow lovers of this furry blue nosed creature can join me in celebration with this upcoming figure release endorsed with the new One Piece Film Z movie….. not coming to a theater near us anytime soon. Anyways back to the figure. They’re not blind boxes so be grateful they’re not trading figures that cost infinitely more money to collect a full set.


You have many of Chopper’s forms, which is splendid because I love his various transformations, and especially all these adorable costumes!

Maker: Banpresto  Average online price: $11.90

1/7th Scale Kinoshita Hideyoshi and Shokanju

This is my favorite Hideyoshi figure of all time, and I’ve never seen it in real life before; everything about it is perfection. His careless sideways glance, his opened shirt, his lifted legs…. My ero senses are on high alert. Before my mind goes off the rails the set comes with Hideyoshi, a chair, and his avatar. It’s just amazing how the avatar can life the chair. Keep up the sexy antics Hideyoshi.

 Hideyoshi and avatar on chairHideyoshi up close

The featured characters in action (fanservice warning)….

Maker: Griffon Enterprise  Average online price: $78.06

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Hideyoshi figure next to Miharu

No GravatarI shall be reviewing two new figures I ordered a few days ago. The site was having a decent sale and I wanted to buy myself some nice Baka to Test figures. So I ordered Hideyoshi Kinoshita (the trap) and Miharu Shimizu (the lesbian). I wasn’t aware, but they both were a Sega Prize figure. Sega Prize is a line of figures, plushies, and many other things produced by Sega for arcade game machines you can win prizes from.

Average Japanese arcade.

Sadly, I live in the states, and they’re not available, so the only way to access those awesome prizes is ordering them online. So I open the box, push the packing peanuts out of the way and they look pretty good, but I thought Miharu would’ve been bigger.

figures in boxHideyoshi figure next to MiharuMiharu running figure

Miharu’s is a Petite Nendoroid made between Sega and Good Smile Company, so she has amazing quality for her size. What I love the most is her hair, which, despite its cartooniness, achieves realism with subtle changes in the color so some areas will be darker or lighter than other. You can also see her canine tooth, which makes her so much cuter it’s almost criminal. However, the real problem with her was putting her together, her head stuck to her torso like it should but her upper body and legs didn’t stay on while I was trying to put her on her stand. And in Nendoroid fashion, her arms are movable, but they have fallen off a few times. However once you put her in her stand and all, the figure doesn’t cause any problems. There are many other Baka to Test Petite Nendoroids with other characters, I recommend those, especially because they’re much cheaper than regular Nendoroids. Also, got to love the instructions on the back.


So you’re telling me there’s a hole in the back where the stick goes into?

However, I was mostly excited about Hideyoshi, who is my favorite character from the show, and is now my tallest figure standing at about 18 1/2 cm sans stand. With Miharu about 6 1/2 cm at her base, I shot a picture for size comparison.

comparing sizes

Now let me tell you what I love about him. For a figure you get at an arcade he is very high quality. I found no fault with the painting, and his face is beautiful. He has neat lines where he’s supposed to blush much like in mangas, and his eyes are just the icing on the cake. Another thing I love is his hair, the sculptor did a really good job at making it look like it does in the anime. Not to mention, he has an especially lovely collar bone and upper back!

Hideyoshi sidewaysHideyoshi upclose

Hideyoshi's back

Hideyoshi’s got back!

Sadly, he sold out from the website just a few days after I had bought him