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Jack Box Party Pack 2 is another thrilling party in one game, and ready to thrill you with even more trivia fun. Gather your friends and play five hilarious games to find out who the best of you is! The Jackbox Party Pack 2 contains Fibbage 2, Quiplash XL, Bidiots, Earwax and Bomb Corp.

Fibbage 2, of course just the classic game, revamped with more new questions. Always a stellar game to play with friends, where you must find out what is true and what is false.

Quiplash is a fun game which can be streamed and relies on three rounds. With the first two, a question is given and all active people must supply an answer. They are then shown the answers they can choose, and the winner receives points. The last round gives out one question and everyone chooses which answer best fits. Points are awarded for each time an answer is chosen, the person with the highest points wins!

Earwax is played by up to seven players, with one as the judge who is given two categories. Hearing sound effects, each player selects two and the judge chooses which pair is the best. This simple game only takes three points to win, so it can get exciting pretty quickly.

Bidiots is played by up to six people and is considered the spiritual successor to Drawful. This game relies heavily on money and buying and selling. You get a category and then bid on the art with hopes of getting the best one for the category. If you are low on money, feel free to take out a loan but know, it may come to bite you in the butt in the end.

Bomb Corp relies on one person in a bomb factory deactivating bombs. With odd directions given to the others, it’s up to everyone to deactivate these explosives. You really need to rely on each other to get through this and not have the bombs explode. Certainly not a game for a group unlikely to communicate well.

If you have enjoyed any of the Jack Box Party Pack games, this game is for you. A game meant to have to people compete and in some moments work together makes for this party pack to be a great addition to any gathering! So, get your friends together, take out your phones and laptops and play some amazing games, courtesy of You Don’t Know Jack.