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No GravatarNSFW!! Parental Advisory! We streamed the show originally back in July 2016.

Yeah, you read it correctly! Your 3 favorite old gamers are back! On this episode, we pay a tribute to my late wife (who Griffey called Mrs. Otakuman). We were completely off the cuff with this episode, We did our section PLWR: Playing, Listening, Watching, and Reading. Griffey is playing Mad Max and talking about Big Shel’s Kitchen. Shel is headed to EVO 2016. We are having a blast on the show. Check out the show.

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We are back again!! Again!! Even though we said the wrong episode number. We are old, what do you expect? Sit back and enjoy us rip on the NFL replacement refs and all of our gaming opinions. Our good friend Robert Workman stops buy and classes up the place, or downgrades the place? We need all the help we can get sometimes. Robert is one of our favorite gamers. Anyway, we also discuss kids playing online, and Big Shel moving to Texas. We talk about the new games coming out as well. Enjoy the show!!!

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No GravatarBig Shel comes back and talks about Seasons Beatings V, Video games Live Concert & his experience at the movie theater. We also talk about CoD: Black Ops, kinect Launch and G4TV’s problem wtih video game programs. We also Discuss the Big 3 Game companies and the lack of support to indie sites. We also discuss Enslaved,Vanquish and other top games.  Otakuman discusses the overshadowing of Indie site by the big sites. Enjoy the show. Please leave comments below.

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No GravatarOn today’s episode, it was all going good then the unknown came in and disrupted the show, hence the title for today’s show. But to state was was discussed; *News & Weather* -Wesker & Spider-Man in MvC3 -Tekken Tag Tourney 2 – NPDs – Steel battalion sequel on the 360 Kinect *Topics* – Tokyo Games Show wrap up – Sony Move: Coming out the same week as Reach – Big Shel’s adventure at Capcom’s Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fight Club. Enjoy the show.

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No GravatarOn this episode, we discuss PAX Prime 2010 and some of the games featured. We discuss Vanquish and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and give our impressions. We also discuss the impact of viral marketing of Halo: Reach and Resistance 3 and were we think they are necessary.

We also talk about print not being dead and I shout out Gamefan Magazine. Also, we talk about why adding co-op to Arkham City, might not be a good thing. The title of this episode is Engulfed pockets, yet there is a picture of “empty” pockets. We are showing you the effect of the Big 3  and what your pockets will look like after the Holiday Season.

Of course, we do the PLWR and some of the old school goodness. So just sit back relax and enjoy these old timers and our views on all things gaming.

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No GravatarOn today’s show, we talk about the rumor with Super Street Fighter IV, Hard core gamers using the Kinect / Sony move and how BigShel was snoring during the podcast(He was tired). SO sit back and open those ear canals. We also get in on the fanboys again and major stuff going on in our lives. The rant out this show is a little personal.

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On today’s show, Dre’s computer has a mind of its own and deciedes to work when it wants to work (told him not to make fun of GLaDOS last episode)so we did the best we could and made a show out of the scraps. On the show, we talk about:

– The new PS3 slim
– PS3 Plus: the end of free online play on the Playstation 3?
– Jordan on the cover of NBALive2k11
– The future of G4 TV

We also had special guests Hip Hop Gamer and Super Street Fighter IV Tournament player and Youtuber, DeeDogg313.

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On today show, We introduce Steven Williams as the third member of TRGS. We also discuss our personal views on E3 and Fanboys, are they good or bad for the industry? Also Shel wasn’t in a good mood and of course he showed it during the podcast and did another legendary rant out. Please feel free to tune in.

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No GravatarIn this episode of The Real Gamer Show we were kinda like a blind man driving a car, all over the place. Otakuman5000 and Big Shel return to the basic formula for a well mixed up bag of goodies for your listening pleasure. Discussions include the demise of Gary Coleman, Insomniac Games and EA Partners deal what is means to the industry. Other topics were Project Ten Dollar and its potential effect on the industry. So sit back and enjoy to old school guys talking about today’s gaming industry.