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Its been 15 years since Bio-hazard in Japan or Resident Evil in The US, and fans gathered in Japan with the creators as well as the director of the Movies and others and It was announced that in Japan there was a special BIOHAZARD pack with the 1st 3 games with RE4 and Code Veronica X on One blue-ray and later confirmed by other bloggers in attendance to be true. Meanwhile in the States Resident Evil 4 is being released today on PSN and XBLA tomorrow games on demand, as well as the 1st 3 games on PSN for free if you have PlayStation Plus or half off if your a regular user. Code Veronica X will be released next week on Tuesday September 27th on PSN and 28th for XBLA, and along with RE4 will be 50% off off all PS Plus users. Here are a couple trailers showcasing the games later games in HD and tune into Real Otaku Gamer for more news on the other HD remakes and all of your fall gaming coverage.