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No GravatarIt’s simple to say that playing BIT.TRIP BEAT is pretty much like playing Pong mixed with a rhythm game, but don’t let that fool you. Once you start playing BIT.TRIP BEAT it’s hard to stop playing – that is, unless you stop playing out of frustration.

BIT.TRIP BEAT was first released on the Nintendo Wii in 2009 as WiiWare which slowly made it’s way to the iPhone this year as well as popping up on Steam so Mac and PC users can get in on the fun as well.

Gameplay is where the magic begins. You control a paddle (with your accelerometer mouse or WiiMote respectively), which you have to strike back incoming squares. Sounds easy right? Wrong! You have to hit them to the 8-bit rhythm if you want to increase your score. You may want to have a bit of concentration because they come flying at you sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

It’s a simple game that is easy for people of all ages to pick up even if you’re horrible at it. When it comes down to it, you’re still going to need quick reflexes, even on easy mode. The difficulty is ridiculous.  You’ll be batting away a few blocks to almost a full screen of squares that need to be paddled. Don’t get discouraged; you will have fun either way.

BIT.TRIP BEAT is composed of three stages. If you lose somewhere down the line, you will have to start over from the beginning. Each stage has its own boss that you have to beat. They can be a bit tricky at first, but once you figure out their “tune” you’ll do just fine.

While being bombarded by musical squares, the visuals in the background of the game are cute and superb. They may sometimes take your concentration away from the game, which isn’t very good, but it’s inevitable. Besides, you’re going to need all the concentration you can get.

From the WiiWare version, the PC version has been greatly upscaled and looks amazing with crisp visuals.

BIT.TRIP BEAT’s music is very 8-bit chiptune and is co catchy that it will keep you playing over and over.

It’ll be pretty obvious but playing BIT.TRIP BEAT is better on the PC in opposed to the Wii and iPhone version only because of the fact that you have more control when using a mouse. In the iPhone version, you have to use the iPhone’s accelerometer to move the paddle and sometimes it feels like it just doesn’t cut it.

The Steam and iPhone version of the game contain achievements that give the player something to work towards. You’re probably not going to get the achievement for chaining together 500 beats on your first try.

BIT.TRIP BEAT is available on Steam for $9.99, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $1.99 while the WiiWare version goes for 600 Nintendo Points.

Oh, and if you’re prone to seizures, you probably don’t want to play this game. There’s a lot of flashing lights.