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No GravatarI got a chance to sit down with Kristen Perez from and chat up everything on video games. We talked about everything involving her breakout into the industry as well as her opinions on the gaming industry as a whole. From humble beginnings, to smashing out into the industry, me and Kristen tackle the hard and most interesting questions about her career. Be sure to check out all three parts of the interview as well as her website Don’t forget to follow her on twitter as well as like her on Facebook and Youtube. Time to bring the EPICness with Kristen Perez, it’s time to get down on THE BITT.









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Last night I got a chance to chat it up with the beautiful Raychul Moore. Raychul is someone who has been involved with the gaming industry for the past 7 years, in that time she has seen and heard a lot and gave me the opportunity to talk about it. Here, she touches on her gaming origins and beginnings, the magical and awkward world of Cosplay, and the gaming industry through her eyes. Check out the full 3 part interview with the type of good stuff you will only find on THE BITT.



Part 1



Part 2



Part 3




Thanks for hanging out with us Raychul. Stay beautiful…. stay classy….. stay EPIC.







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No GravatarHere is an interview that I had with Lauren AKA Luge from Season 1 of The Tester.


Luge is known for being on the pilot season of Sony’s reality show The Tester. She also has credit of a Guiness World Record under her belt, holding the record of longest time playing a single game with User Created Levels. The game of choice was Little Big Planet.


Aside from being on TV and in the Guiness Book of World Records, Luge also has a website and youtube channel where she post videos of gameplay and information on different games out for the Playstation 3 and PS Home. Be sure to check out the interview below.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Be sure to check out Luge’s website at
And don’t forget to follow her Twitter @lugeyps3.