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8 Bit Lane game

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As part of the promotion of Wreck-It Ralph‘s UK release, Disney has made one of the most amazing promotions a gamer can imagine happen. They took a street in London and gave it a touch of nostalgic 8 bit glory. The street in question is Brick Lane, and I recommend anyone who lives in the United Kingdom or in a European country that can easily access it to visit is before it’s scrapped.8 Bit Lane game

My thumbs are ready.

For those of us who would kill to see it but sadly can’t make the overseas trip, there is a tiny hidden object video game that takes you down the street to find 8 distinctive items with 8 bit qualities. It’s simple and educational, and once you’re finished you “unlock” a promotional clip…. Or you can just see it on YouTube.

The street also hosts the world’s first Blippar building. A large print of the building from the Wreck-It Ralph universe was hung on a building to be played once you aim the phone at the screen. What you get to do is basically play the video game from the movie in real life, which I find amazing.

My only complaint  was that they couldn’t show more of the street in the aforementioned game. There are some amazing things they have not shown, like a Tetris Wall and a Next Level arrow I’ve seen in other pictures. I only hope my fellow gamers in the UK all get the chance to experience this Disney magic, they’re quite lucky.