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No GravatarEaster eggs can be cool tidbits that game developers put in for various purposes, whether for humor or for sentimental value.  In this blog series, I will highlight some famous, interesting, or obscure Easter eggs in gaming.  This article’s particular Easter egg is Borderland 2’s Storm sniper rifle.


For those who have played any of the Borderlands games, you know that finding awesome weapons is one of the fun parts.  In fact, since weapon combinations are randomly generated, you may never find the exact same weapon with the exact same stats ever again.  The Storm is a Pearlescent sniper rifle that is made by Maliwan.  The one pictured here has a 120 percent critical hit damage, a 5.7x weapon zoom, and can possibly deal bonus elemental damage (always shock damage).  I have seen it in many different combinations as well.  The particular Storm weapon that I have is called the “Gentleman’s Storm,” and it has the red description of “Tut, Tut, It looks like rain.”  It is one of my favorite sniper rifles in the game.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, that’s a really nice weapon, but what exactly is the Easter egg there?”  Well, it starts with a short story of me reading to my daughter:


I enjoy reading to my daughter before her bedtime every day.  A few days ago, we picked up “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.”  I do believe that there is an animated cartoon that goes along with it as well.  The story is about how Winnie the Pooh is trying to get as much honey as he possibly can.  One thing that he has his friend, Christopher Robin, do is launch him on a red balloon to try and steal honey from some bees.  While up on the balloon, Pooh asks Christopher Robin to dance around and go, “Tut, tut, it looks like rain,” so that the bees think Pooh is a rain cloud.

Now, it was about at that point in the book that I paused and went, “Wait a second!  Why does that phrase seem so familiar?”  It only took me a few moments to realize that the phrase was on one of my favorite weapons in Borderlands 2.  I did some digging and found out that it was indeed from Winnie the Pooh.  I suppose someone on the B2 development team has children (tee-hee).

So, there you go: a rarer weapon on Borderlands 2 cross-references a children’s story.  The English teacher in me is going nuts right now.  Winnie the Pooh, for me, will always be a bit different now!

No GravatarBorderlands 2 is one of those special games that only comes around every once in awhile.  It’s a blood and guts shooter with some humor (and a bit of satire as well).  It also is one of the best online co-op games to this day.

Although the game has aged a bit, it still holds up very well.  Borderlands 2 is considered an action RPG first person shooter.  It was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K in 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC/Mac (the game also had a late PlayStation Vita and Linux port).  It is also the sequel to the original Borderlands that came out in 2009.  The game was re-released in 2015 in the Handsome Collection for this current generation of consoles, but for the purposes of this review, I am referring to my play-through on PlayStation 3.

header (1)

Just like the original game, Borderlands 2 follows different Vault Hunters on the planet of Pandora.  Another large corporation has taken control of the planet, spear-headed by the charismatic Handsome Jack.  The Vault Hunters have come to seek an even larger Vault on the planet but also end up getting caught up in a lot of issues on Pandora, including tons of side-quests.  Although the plot itself is kind of bland, the dialogue, humor, and splash of satire keep the game interesting.  Overall, the feel and ton of the game is a kind of dark comedy/space western.  It’s an odd combination, but it somehow works.
Borderlands 2 is a game that CAN’T take itself too seriously because the game itself is absurd.  It’s filled with ridiculous characters in a ridiculous places doing ridiculous things.  When playing the game, you will laugh, and you will probably laugh a lot.  It’s just enjoyable wandering around the world of Pandora and meeting the crazy people who live there.  Whether it’s meeting the British-imperialist wannabe, Sir Hammerlock…Or the very much redneck, Scooter….Or Ellie, the very big, but very funny mechanic….Or Tiny Tina, the world’s deadliest 13-year-old (by the way, search for “Tiny Tina” on YouTube and see why she’s a freaking hilarious)….Or my favorite, Butt Stallion, the diamond pony.

One great thing about Borderlands 2 game play, is that the game allows you to play as much as you want offline and immediately join up online and not lose your place in the game, as long as you are hosting.  So I could play for a couple hours by myself, see my friends online, invite them into my game, and continue my adventure with my friends without missing a beat.  Another thing that I love is that you can have your game open and allow online people to pop in and out at their leisure to help you.  Or, you can jump into someone else’s game that is way ahead of yours and help you level-up.  Or, you can have someone help you get through a particularly tough time.  It’s an extremely social game.


Online holds up to four people of whichever class you prefer.  The classes consist of: Commando, Siren, Gunserker, Assassin, Mechromancer (DLC), and Psycho (DLC).  Let me quickly go through each:

Commando: Turrets!

Siren: Phase-lock/Team Nurse!

Gunserker: Double-trouble guns!

Assassin: Stealth/Snipe!

Mechromancer: SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! (You get a mech that helps you, and it’s awesome.)

Psycho: High risk, high reward play-style!

Each character is a blast to play.  And you will end up playing through the game, which is pretty long to begin with several times with each class.


Another big thing about Borderlands in general is the fact that there are more weapons possibilities than a player knows what to do with.  I’ve heard at least 17.75 million combinations because weapons randomly generate based on: your level, how many people in your group, where you found it, what baddie you got it from, what rarity level it is, and so on.  This means that even if you have beaten Borderlands 2 several times on all of the difficulties with ever character, you are ALWAYS looking for the next best weapon.

Though the original Borderlands game was interesting, and I have played a good deal out of it.  But I really didn’t like it, mostly for the fact that the graphics were awful and the online play was hard to connect to.  Now for the graphics, please understand that Borderlands uses cell shading, which gives off a cartoony-look. In the original game, I had a hard time even playing it because it gave me a headache (I call this Final Fantasy VII syndrome–where the graphics are so weird that it hurts you eyeballs/head.).

In Borderlands 2, you still have cell-shading, but IT IS SO MUCH BETTER.  The lines are crisper.  The graphics are much improved, and I can play this game for hours without issue.  Plus, now cell-shading makes sense to me.  This game isn’t about the latest, greatest graphics, but about the humor, satire, and fun of it.  The graphics actually look pretty good, but I have come to understand why the developers choose to use this method.  Also, with the online play, it is pretty easy to connect with your friends or random people.  The original Borderlands was kind of a pain in the you-know-what, but now you can jump from game to game without issue.

So, as you can see, Borderlands 2 is nothing but fun.  I am currently patiently waiting on news for a 3rd.  But in the mean time, happy vault hunting for those who still play!

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No GravatarThe trend of porting or re-mastering games for newer consoles has been something that’s been going on for awhile now.  Some ported games can definitely be labeled as, “Skip this one.”  However, for fans of the Borderlands franchise, The Handsome Collection is an absolute must have.

The Borderlands franchise began with the original Borderlands in late 2009 with developer Gearbox.  The game had the signature cartoon-like look with the cell-shaded graphics, and the story and characters were just as goofy.  However, Gearbox had a bit of work to do with the game.  When Borderlands 2 came out in 2012, it was a runaway hit, spawning many popular DLCs and a “Pre-Sequel.”  The game play was greatly improved and the cell-shaded graphics started to look great.  The franchise earned a lot of die-hard fans with the four player cooperative play and dark satire.


After the last-generation of game playing started to die off, many Borderlands fans tried to look for a new game to play on their new console.  Games like Destiny seemed like a good option, but for many, it just wasn’t the same.  Luckily for Borderlands fans, Gearbox decided on a port for the this generation, but not just a normal port: it’s the ultimate port for any Borderlands fan.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection contains everything that comes from Borderlands 2.  It contains all of the DLCS, skins, characters, and even the Pre-Sequel and all of its that just came out in October of 2014. That many sound tempting to Borderlands fans or even someone interested in finding a new online cooperative game, but is it worth it?

The answer: yes!  Here’s why:

It’s amazing to play Borderlands on a current gen console.  After playing on the latest console, whether it be PlayStation 4 or XBox One, it is a little painful to go back to a last-gen console.  The latest generation has a much better set up, including better party chats and social media connectivity.  With a much faster processor and more memory, the game doesn’t feel as “clunky” as it did on a last gen console.  I also found that my digital download copy had faster loading screens for the game, which is important for Borderlands when a player is popping in and out of areas.



Also, since the game is running on a more powerful console, the graphics look really slick.  The signature cell-shading graphics actually look really decent at times.  Unfortunately, there are some major screen tearing and graphics issues with the Pre Sequel that have yet to be fixed, including monsters that glitch on the screen when they die.  However, Borderlands 2 is amazingly well-done and is probably is the game that most Borderlands fans will play.  I think of the Pre Sequel as a “nice add-on” at this point because compared to Borderlands 2, it just doesn’t match up.

There is something for Borderlands players to really be happy about: for former Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel players who don’t want to start over on character that they spent hours and hours on,  Gearbox made it incredibly easy to port characters back and forth.  It does require the player to have their last generation console, but it works very well.  There is no need for USB sticks (the old way of transferring, particularly on PlayStation 3).  All a player has to do is complete the update for Borderlands 2 and the Pre Sequel on their older console, go into the game of choice, and select “Cross Save.”  From there, a player can upload one character at a time into the cloud and download it onto the newer console from the game.  Players can also take a character from the newer console and download it back to the older one.  It’s an incredibly easy process that will make it the decision to upgrade Borderlands 2 much easier.


One of the most appealing aspects of this port is the price.  For sixty dollars or under (depending on the deal that the consumer gets), a player can have Borderlands 2 and the Pre Sequel, plus every DLC for both games.  That’s two full games with their DLCs.  That includes characters and skins that were sold separately when they were available a few years ago. Though the Pre Sequel isn’t that great of a game, for many fans, Borderlands 2 and its DLCs are worth the price just by themselves.  Throw in the Pre Sequel, and it’s an amazing deal.

Sadly, for someone looking for a great online cooperative, there are not many good options for the current generation of consoles.  There probably should not be a need for a Borderlands 2 port, but unfortunately, there is.  Happily, fans of the franchise should love it.  Players unfamiliar with the game, but want a decent cooperative game will probably want to jump on this as well.


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No GravatarTired of spending a bunch of money to get away for the summer?  Don’t want to travel any farther than your coach?  Try a video game vacation!  The great thing about video games is that they can take a person anywhere–to places both real and imagined, and they don’t require plane tickets or a passport.

Join Real Otaku Gamer every week for a highlight of some of the best video games places.  After reading, take the survey at the bottom to vote for your favorite video game vacation spot.

Don't let the grim appearance  fool you; Pandora is a fun place to visit.

Don’t let the grim appearance fool you; Pandora is a fun place to visit.

This week’s featured place: Pandora

Game: Borderlands & Borderlands 2

Pandora is the place for adventure and excitement.  First settled as a colony for people looking to get away from Earth, the new inhabitants had no idea how crazy this planet really was.  Harsh, indigenous life and rough conditions and a barren climate kept all from the die-hards from leaving.  The planet has been under control by one corporation or another, although many of the locals of Pandora can be a bit eccentric and sometimes downright cannibalistic.  Don’t let this deter you from visiting, though.  The lure of riches and treasures from legendary “vaults” around the planet lure people to the planet every year.   A true vault hunter will have an enjoyable visit, no matter what!

Sanctuary is a great place to kick back and relax.

Sanctuary is a great place to kick back and relax.

Packages include:

  • One way ticket to Pandora.
  • Access to over seventeen million weapon combinations.
  • Free car rentals in the Catch-a-Ride system.
  • One special ability perk, depending on what character you go as.
  • Get your own personal Claptrap to annoy you.
Enjoy the quiet beauty of Pandora!

Enjoy the quiet beauty of Pandora!

Pandora at a glance:


  • Stay in New Haven (Borderlands 1) or Sanctuary (Borderlands 2).


  • Visit Moxxi’s Red Light, a popular bar in Pandora.
  • Have a drink at the Holy Spirits, a pub ran by a local clan.


  • Talk to Claptrap.  He’s very entertaining and a little depressing.
  • Play D&D with Tiny Tina (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC).
  • Participate in one of Sir Hammerlock’s hunts.
  • Blow up bad guys in multiple rounds at Fink’s Slaughterhouse.


  • Dr. Zed (not a real doctor) has many vending machines for health and shields as well as a physical place where he practices.
  • Check out any of Marcus’s weapon vending machines for a good deal.


  • Stop by Ellie’s garage for a car upgrade.
  • Visit Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard.
  • Drive around the Arid Nexus.
  • Go to Lynchwood, a real-life wild west town.
  • Sight-see around the wasteland of the Eridium Blight.

What do you think?  Which video game vacation would you prefer? Click here to take the survey
and let ROG know where you’d like to go. Be sure to come back next week for another location.

Last Week: Chicago
Week 1: Rapture


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No GravatarMy teammate sucked.

That is, and will always be, my response for why I didn’t succeed in defeating Jacques in my hands-on with the upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC, T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest. You see, I was on a roll, and we managed to get to the second tier of the boss. But I had to keep reviving him.

Yup. That’s why this new boss was so hard.


T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest is the upcoming Halloween DLC for Borderlands 2, and although T.K. is involved and there is a pumpkin patch, it is not to be confused with the first Borderlands Halloween DLC, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, which also featured a pumpkin-head monster.

So what’s different? Well, difficulty level for sure. There are also candy drops that offer special buffers and the DLC is not as big as the Dr. Ned DLC, with this story being more of a one-off (I managed to weasel the story out of them, but I can’t tell you without spoiling it). You also get to wear Jacques head after you defeat him. Which is just sick.

I can’t wait to play the full DLC and tell you all about it. I love that Gearbox is so good about giving us so much DLC content. This DLC will be part of three Headhunter Packs, meaning there are more dead people to wear on our heads!

T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest is due to hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC this October.

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2012 is almost over and I must say that gamers around the world were treated with a plethora of amazing video games this year. My personal favorites include titles as Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe and last but certainly not least, Gearbox Software’s explosive and fun Borderlands 2. Last weekend at the VGA’s The Walking Dead surpriseingly walked out of the building with the prestigious Game of the Year edition. Something I still can’t really grasp. How can a game that wins “Best Shooter”, “Best Multiplayer Game”, “Best Human Male Performance – … as Handsome Jack and “Character of the Year – CL4P TP” not even be nominated for “Game of the Year”? Borderlands 2 is my 2012 GotY and let me explain to you why!

A tale of fun.
An aspect that I find important in most games is a well written story. Most shooter fans don’t even bother playing campaigns and jump right into the multiplayer. (Call of Duty anyone?) Borderlands 2 might not have the greatest story ever written for a videogame but it’s fun. Gearbox Software focuses on the originality of characters, clever and often hilarious dialogues and a large diverse environment where the story takes place. I’ve never found it a choir to replay the story twice with all five classes to obtain the best possible loot. The game just kept pulling me in and left me aching for more…videogames must be addictive.

Run, Kill and Loot stuff!
The gameplay in Borderlands 2 is simplistic, but again very fun! You have the main story missions and heaps of side missions guaranteeing hours upon hours of gaming pleasure. There are even rare random enemy spawns that yield some of the strongest gear in the game. This leads me to weapons and gear, there are lterally bazillions of different guns to find on the hostile planet of Pandora. Farming the weapons is very time consuming and often based on shear luck, but the rewards are truly magnificent. The loot game really starts at level 50 because that’s where all the good stuff is found. One of the best aspects of Borderlands 2 is the ability to play up to four player co-op online and offline. Running trough the game with a couple of friends is loads of fun and very well executed. To be honest, I haven’t had this much co-op fun since Gears of War 3. Therefor “Best Multiplayer Game” is a well deserved VGA award if you ask me.

Another great thing about the gameplay is the fact that Gearbox Software releases new content on a regular basis. some might argue that dlc is released way too fast, but for most hardcore gamers more content equals more replay value. First, most of us (the ones wise enough to place a preorder) were rewarded with a free fifth character class, Gaige the Mechromancer who was very well received by the community. Soon after that Gearbox treated us with the hilarious Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty downloadable content that offered even more loot, fun and new invincible raid bosses. What more could a Vault Hunter ask for? How about an explosive second campaign dlc named Mister Torque’s Campaign of Carnage? All I know is that Gearbox Software delivers! There are still two unreleased dlc’s and the current level cap has not been increased yet though. Gearbox also stated that another new class is also a possibility for an additional non-campaign related dlc. Who knows what the master minds at Gearbox have in store for us next. It will potentially only get better!

Nonconventional graphics.
In an era where next-gen graphics are becoming more important bythe minute Borderlands 2 isn’t anything special. But if you look at it from an “outside of the box” perspective you must realize that the Borderlands series would be just another fps if it didn’t have it’s original layered textures graphical style. (It isn’t cell shading remember, Gearbox Software PR doesn’t like it when the press calls it that.) In the end it will surely come down to personal taste, but I like my Borderlands games just as they are!

Great dialogues and charisma.
Like I mentioned earlier Borderlands 2 has some awesome characters. The main bad guy, or good guy if you would see things from his perspective is the masked Handsome Jack. Jack, a character most players will love to hate is only one of the many characters with great dialogues and charisma. Tiny Tina being one of my absolute favorites. A game without interesting characters and dialogues to relate to is boring. Gearbox really did an excellent job here and were ofcourse handsomely rewarded. (pun intended)

Gearbox Software cares.
Another thing I love about Borderlands 2 is the huge community. You can visit the official Gearbox Software forums to meet thousands of fans that share stories, tips, builds and more. Most players I’ve met were very friendly, helpful and social. Not like some of the elitest jerks that play games as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 to name but a few. Another cool thing about Gearbox Software is that they use social media to reward the community with in-game goodies known as Golden Keys. These keys open a special golden loot chest in the floating city of Santuary The chest rewards players with rare and often very powerful weapons. Gearbox cares about the fans and they show it plenty.

I have been playing Borderlands 2 since it’s European release on September 19th and have clocked hundreds of hours on al five classes that are all level 50 characters equipped with some of the most powerful endgame gear that is currently available. It’s still addictive, fun and I just can’t get enough of it. Let’s just hope that Borderlands 3 is twice as good as it’s predecessor and goes home with the Game of the Year title at the 2015 VGA’s.

So to conclude my rant, why is Borderlands 2 my Game of the Year? (short version)

– fun story
– awesome characters
– great dialogues
– great music
– great sound effects
– bazillions of guns
– non-conventional graphical style in a generic market
– great replay value
– great downloadable content
– great community
– great support
– excellent game, period!

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No GravatarDays 2 and 3 were both pretty awesome in their own ways.

Me at the Dishonored booth

First, I learned that I love the Borderlands crew for good reason. After the debacle on the first day, I returned on the second day to see that they had someone at the end of the line letting people know that it was the end and no one else could join the line. I really appreciated that they saw a problem and fixed it. As simple as it sounds, little things like that (along with claptrap doing both weddings and funerals) show me that Gearbox cares about us. Ok enough with the mushy stuff.

I ended up spending a large portion of day two with a bunch of people from Sony’s The Tester. I stood in line with Akileez, Naucious, J-Tight and SkyDiddy to play PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The Tester crew playing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I went first and played with three guys I didn’t know. The game started with letting us choose our character, but I had a hard time telling what was going on (because character selection was at the top of the screen and I’m a slowbox) and ended up picking the same character (Kratos) as another player. This made the match very difficult for me because not only are the little characters tiny (even on the big screens we used) but the only difference between our two Kratos’ was that mine had SLIGHTLY darker tattoos. I spent half the time jumping to see if it was me!

Despite the small character size, I had a blast. The environments were fun and really did interact with us just like Sony demonstrated at the press conference. The super moves were perfect for the characters: PaRappa’s super attack had all four of us laughing out loud and then it killed three of us.

I came in first place that first round with Kratos. I came in third the second round with Nathan Drake. His character is horrible. His guns only shoot a certain distance and he had none of the power and speed of Kratos.

The next round I won first place again, this time with Fat Princess. I killed everyone with a chicken. Fear me.

Next we moved on to other games.

Dead or Alive 5

Next, Skydiddy and I had a friendly match of Dead or Alive 5. I knocked his afro off the first round and then he rocked me the second. The third round was close, until he hit me with two supermoves (yes I’m still bitter).

I played the game even more extensively the second day, where I beat everyone up.

I’ve never played any of the other DoAs so the controls were very tricky for me. I generally hate any fighting game where back isn’t block, so you might not want to take my view of the game as the be all end all. I thought the controls were hard to pick up, I just button mashed and magically did combos. Some of the buttons didn’t appear to have any purpose.

Also, the LONG wait at the end of the match to watch a tear (or is it a sweat bead?) roll down my fighter’s chin was REALLY annoying.

The game did not appeal to me overall, but if I had a chance to sit down and learn what the controls do then I might change my mind. I didn’t love it like I love Tekken.

Drunken Clam

I then split off from the group and ended up in the Drunken Clam watching Quagmire have thumbwars and tell bad jokes. It was very strange, but they gave me a free Family Guy t-shirt so I’m not complaining. The game, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, didn’t interest me but my boyfriend played it. He said it was boring and he couldn’t figure out what to do, but he isn’t a gamer so pay him no mind.

We then left E3 and headed to the IGDA E3 Happy Hour party, and from there made our way to Belasco Theater for the Women in Games International E3 party: The Stache Bash. No crazy monkey stories occured this night, though I did see Suge Knight.

Day 3

I decided that night that my last day at E3 would be devoted solely to me getting to play Borderlands 2. I got to E3 as quickly as possible and made my way to the Borderlands 2 demo booth. Along the way I ran into my friend Bo and he waited in line with me for a while and then got me ice cream and then disappeared.

I waited in line for three hours. And, in the end, I played the demo.

Borderlands 2

The first issue was that I was had to play on an Xbox controller. This means that although the buttons were in the same place, the on-screen commands threw me off every time. For example, you would press square to open a chest in Borderlands. On the Xbox, that button is X. So the screen said press X, I would press the button that was X on the PS3 and there you go: confusion.

That was the only problem. The only. Problem.

This game felt just like Borderlands, but with even brighter colors and cooler enemies. If the story is improved, we have a better game than Borderlands. If the story is not improved, we have Borderlands with new characters and bad guys. Either way: I am even MORE excited and have already pre-ordered the game.

End of the show: GO GO GO!

My Borderlands 2 demo ended close to 4 PM. Since E3 closed at 5PM, Bo and I scrambled around trying to find more games to play. We ended up playing about 20 rounds of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Once again the Xbox controller threw us both off, making it IMPOSSIBLE to dash (very frustrating if you’re using quick characters like Nina and Jun, which we were).

Tekken Tag 2 is the other game on my pre-order list. The graphics are great, except for two really ugly levels that appeared to represent heaven and then heaven defiled.

Amazing things in Tekken Tag 2:

  • Angel
  • Jun
  • Mud and slime stick to you
  • Snoop Dogg.

I won the tie-breaker but it was a good fight. Tekken Tag 2 does improve upon the original Tekken Tag, which is my favorite fighting game. I loved to see the diversity the new characters bring to the genre, with Mexicans, Spaniards, women, black people and possible Transvestite’s all making an appearance.

It was a great gaming moment. I was with a nice guy who treated me normally, I was playing Tekken Tag 2, a game with diversity, and Snoop was playing in the background. Everything was great. And then it happened.

The booth babes, big busted women in tiny shorts that left nothing to the imagination, with make-up caked an inch thick, were a few feet behind us and to the right. We paid them no mind. That is, until two of the photographers got behind me and started a conversation about which of the booth babes they wanted to “take” and which they did not.

I won’t get too into my feelings here, I will save that for my blog, but I will say that booth babes have no place at E3 and they clearly show that women gamers are STILL just hanging out in the boy’s club.

Then we made a last dash to play more DoA5 and then it was time to go. We ate sushi and parted ways. I rode the bus home, passing a giant Skyrim poster. E3 was over.

E3 For the Glory

So what did I think of E3? Well, to be honest I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. To really enjoy E3, you should either be a journalist attached to a popular site or a super-fan person who doesn’t mind three hour waits to play tiny demos of your favorite games.

People like myself, who are looking more to network and to learn, are better served by a conference like GDC, which focuses on teaching and connecting.

E3 was the showboat: all about showing off the latest and greatest. Except this year didn’t really seem to have that much to offer. With no new console announcements and mostly sequels to show off (with the notable exceptions of BEYOND: Two Souls and The Last of Us), this show just didn’t really amaze me.

That’s not to say I’m sorry I attended. I can see the potential for new business and have learned more about what E3 is really used for. Next year I will be more prepared to suck all of the tasty nerd juice out of the Entertainment Expo.

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No GravatarMy first day at E3 started off a little overwhelming. There was simply too much to do in such a small amount of time! I don’t even know why these sections are called “booths” instead of rooms or arenas, the areas were so enormous!

I ended up wandering around with my friends Jon and Jonelle until we ended up at the Video Game History Museum booth, where another friend, Collin, found me.

Found this and played a ton of Nintendo while I was there

The next thing I know, we’re on a wild hunt to get to the Borderlands 2 demo. Along the way, we stopped at the Nyko booth to have a friendly match of Street Fighter X Tekken, because we were told that the winner would recieve a cape. Guess who now has a champion cape?

We finally made it to the Borderlands 2 demo line. After waiting for 30 minutes, I asked my friend to hold my spot and I went off exploring, checking out the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 demo, stealing lollipops from the Sega booth and taking pictures of awesome things like action figures and random passerby.

Cosplay Contest for the PlayStation All Stars

I returned to the demo line and waited for another hour. We were in the next group to go when we were informed by the booth folks that we would not make it. Considering that at least 30 people were in line behind me, this was a big bummer and seemed a little irresponsible on their end. I am happy to report that they learned from this experience, as I shall elaborate on in the next chapter.

Anyhoo we managed to convince the booth attendents that we should at least get shirts, and we all went and picked up our AWESOME shirts featuring a skag attack <3

and it's a small! <3

After that I ended up wandering for a bit before grabbing some noms and then heading to TwitchTV presents the Frag Dolls Far Cry 3 E3 Party, where I was promptly attacked by a monkey.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Everyone got to take their picture with the monkey, who ignored everyone in favor of some sort of snack he was being handed. Everyone except me. He decided that I would be the one whose face he would leap on. All I remember next was being told to stop running away so the handler could get the monkey off of me, and then having to act cool for my picture to be taken. I was traumatized for the rest of the night, and also itchy.

Besides the monkey, I had a good time. I danced the night away with the Max Level crew and my dear friend Ashphord, as well as running into a few of my tweeps. I also got to play the Far Cry 3 demo.

To be honest, I was not very impressed with the demo. It was easy to see why quite a few people left the demo and walked away at the same part (I checked a few TVs and noticed the same task). I COULD NOT find whatever I was supposed to find, even though there was a big symbol trying to lead me to it. The controls were fine but I found it a little hard to tell if I was shooting at people I was supposed to be shooting at, whether or not my bullets were connecting, or how to get out of the way of other people’s bullets. I would have liked to start the demo over from the beginning, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Although the game looks beautiful, it is not really to my taste, so I will let another ROGer give that review when the time comes.

I ended the night with a hefty argument at Ihop about the rights of girl gamers and fell into a dazed sleep at 4 AM.

Overall, my first day at E3 left me very unimpressed and underwhelmed, but I assumed it was because of the fast-pace of it all. I decided to reserve judgement until the end of the Expo.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my 2012 E3 diary!