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No GravatarDevolver Digital has released a new trailer for Broforce, showing off various new updates including big fixes, new sound efffects and new characters. Among the new Bros are Bro Lee (Bruce Lee), Tank Bro ( Tank Girl) and Dirty Brorry (Dirty Harry).

No mention of this coming to PS4 yet but stay tuned

Check out the trailer below


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No Gravatarbro 1


When Broforce won PS+ vote to play, I was excited and eager to play it. What I got was not what I was expecting.

Broforce is like a cross between Contra and Spelunky done as an adaptation of The Expendables. You play as characters such as Rambro, Commanbro, Bro Hard and the Brodator ( you can see where this is going) among others, and use their abilities to kill the bad guys, cause lots of explosions and carnage and rescue your friends. For the first few levels, this is a fun game and it seemed fine even if the controller stopped working right every so often. I thought I could handle it…..How wrong I was.

Broforce on PS4 is completely broken, the controller has massive input delay and sometimes won’t respond at all, which can lead to dying in a jump, dying walking into enemy fire, or just not shooting your weapon. It gets worse as you progress with slowdown and framerate drops into single digits. The further I got, the more unplayable it was. It eventually got to the point that I gave up in frustration and stopped playing.

I wanted to like this game, since on PC this is one of the best games I ever played. On PS4 however, its still broken after a patch tried to fix it. I would say get it while its free on PS+ and wait till it gets fixed. I would not pay money for it in its current form. The fun factor that is present in the early levels completely fades a few levels in. I wanted this to be good and even voted for it and I regret that.  This needs another patch or two before it will be anywhere near playable. It just is a bad experience really, and I feel bad for people who are experiencing this for the first time and don’t realize what a good game this actually is on PC. As of now, this game isn’t really Broforce, its more like Brokeport.

No Gravatare3press


As everyone has already said it’s hard to believe and year has gone by, but with no complaints E3 media day is back! Per usual Sony followed Microsoft and this year both knew the focus would have to be bringing next gen gaming hype to their respective console. Here’s Sony’s Press Conference in it’s entirety if you missed it courtesy of IGN.


Without going too deep into each title here are the high notes from the presser and leading off the conference was this new Destiny Trailer.

The big announcement for Destiny was that starting this Thursday there will be Alpha access for the game and the Beta will begin July 17th. Also announced was a Destiny PS4 bundle including a new “Glacier white” PS4, Destiny and a 30 day trial of PS+. The white PS4 will be released along with the game on Sep. 9 and has the same specs and the others so other than a color change nothing new is being added.

Next Andrew House introduced the new gameplay trailer for the The Order 1886.

If you don’t know The Order was introduced last year at E3 and is a game about a group of knights protecting the world from monsters like the one you saw above.

Also shown was a new indie game called Entwined. Entwined is  brought to you by Pixel Opus, a combination of recent graduates from Carnegie Mellon and San Jose State university.

Entwined, according to the speaker, is a game about “two souls in love.” Throughout the game you’re guiding these souls through sequences and upon clearing levels will have them come together to create a dragon. It’s a cute little game that’s out now in the Playstation store for $9.99.

Infamous Second Son made a repeat appearance this year, but its big announcement was the standalone DLC coming in August featuring “Fetch.” Alongside it was the announcement and premiere of Little Big Planet 3.

One of the biggest reveals was Bloodborne. You might remember a the game being called Project Beast and is Hidetaka Miyazaki’s, director of the first two souls games, new title. If you’re a souls fanboy like me you probably can’t wait for this game to come out.

Far Cry 4 came out with a gameplay trailer as well, but the most interesting part was the drop-in co-op at the end of the trailer.

Far Cry 4’s co-op is called guns for hire and the best part is you don’t have to own the game to play it. If you have a friend that wants to play with you and he doesn’t own it or you’re the one wanting to join you just drop in and play like you’ve always had it. You also get all the experience from that session as well.

The coolest game of the show was a game called No Man’s Sky by indie studio Hello Games.

I don’t even know what to do in the game, but every time I see the trailer I just get extremely excited. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get ruined by the impending hype train that is E3 reveals and expectations.

If you haven’t seen the press conference you really should give it a look. It’s full of cool and interesting things coming to the system in the coming months. Last of Us is getting a remastered release, Ratchet and Clank the movie was premiered, GTA V is coming to next gen and you can upload your PS3 or Xbox 360 save data. It’s going to be a great, guys.

More towards the end of conference Sony took a backseat from games to introduce some of the new hardware coming out like Playstation Tv and project Morpheus.

Playstation Tv allows you to play a huge library of Playstation games with just the device and a Dualshock 3 controller. As for Mopheus more and more developers are starting to play around with it and the PS4 camera giving their VR headset a pretty bright outlook.

Rounding out the evening were two trailers for the upcoming Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight, and a new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Overall I really enjoyed Sony’s press conference. While the PS4 still isn’t  a must have these games should be more than enough to help you make your decision regardless of whichever console you choose.