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No GravatarToday, Nintendo has given club Nintendo members the privilege to get 3 free AR cards from the up and coming Kid Icarus game. These 3 cards feature Grim Reaper, Drill Arm, and apparently a rare one of Palutena. This is what appears to be a promotion for the new Kid Icarus game Nintendo fans have been waiting for. Nintendo has stated every copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising would come with 6 randomly selected AR cards with 20 to collect in total, which is bound to result in a collector’s frenzy. There are more opportunities to get these additional AR cards. Gamestop is going to be having game-play sessions on April 14 where every participant will get 5 AR cards with Eggplant Wizard, Skyscraper Club, Fireworks Cannon, Minos and the Fiend’s Cauldron. In addition to this Game Informer and @Gamer will have more AR cards in their April issues. As a nice addition, Nintendo Power will be offering 3 cards Poseidon, Thanatos, and Medusa.


Kid Icarus fans are very blessed with all these opportunities to get AR cards without having to buy another game, and I’m expecting Nintendo’s marketing to generate another best selling game to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Nintendo: Always rising above expectations!

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Cards n’Flux: Best Cards of 2011

By: Corlando

            Well everyone, 2011 has come and gone leaving us with 2012.  I am so excited for this year and the promise it brings.  New experiences, new friends, all just a few moments of time away.  However, before we rush off with the new 2012, let us remember the awesomeness of 2011 by looking at some of the best cards of the year.


Before we get started with the list, a few qualifications.  First, the cards have to be from 2011.  This means Scars of Mirrodin is out, but Besieged up to Innistrad are in.  Second, the cards cannot be reprints.  This just seems like a good rule.  Let the new cards have their day in the sun, instead of some repurposed older card.  Third, these are all my opinion.  If you do not like my selections feel free to voice them below instead of paying an assassin to try and kill me.  It won’t work.  I will also take this time to voice my opinion about a few other cards, which I am sure will also spark much debate.  With that said, let’s get going.


First up, the best Instant.  I chose this card because it gave the color a fun way of removal that can used to either destroy a big threat or help end the game.  Beast Within gives Green not only a removal spell, but also a token producer.  I love this card.  The versatility of either eliminating my opponent’s best guy or killing off one of my own 1/1s or an artifact you do not need to make a 3/3 in time to help bash face is just a fun.  I hope to include this in many more decks in the future.  Now the worst instant of 2011 is also a removal spell.  Dismember is a great removal spell.  Being able to fake out your opponent by only leaving one mana up and paying four life to kill their creature is useful and vindictive.  It has amazing flavor in a Black deck where you have to make sacrifices for ultimate power.  However, by being able to pay four life, now every deck gains the ability to destroy any unwanted creature.  Dismember take Magic’s color wheel and breaks it over a rusty spike.  Thanks to Dismember, great cards like Hero of Bladehold, Hero of Oxid Ridge, even Urabrask the Hidden were not played.  The standard format became, either protection from black or at least 6 toughness or it is not worth playing.  I like Dismember for its flavor, but I hate it for the effect it had on Standard.  As of recently this trend seems to have switched with decks like White Weenie, Token Town, and Wolf Run, Dismember is not as prevalent as it was.










Next we have the best Sorcery.  I chose this sorcery because I liked the flavor of it.  It is a card that sets a precedent, a personal hope to see more cards of this color combination in the future.  Unburial Rites is Rise from the Grave, but has a fun little four mana flashback ability that gives it a whole new kind of usefulness.  I am not going to lie; I love Black and White decks.  There is a certain joy I get out of the idea of having to make sacrifices to achieve power and strength in the community.  Unburial Rites has this kind of flavor of raising the dead to bolster and protect the community.  I love it and I hope and pray to see more White/Black cards in Dark Ascension and beyond.

Third we enter the category of enchantments, those fun, powerful spells that can really bring the damage in so many ways.  However, they also have the potential to be dead cards when someone drops a Naturalize or a Doom Blade on your enchanted creature.  Before the big reveal, I do want to give one honored mention to Curse of the Stalked Prey.  The additional +1/+1 counters can lead to an absolute beatdown and makes even your smallest threats something to worry about.  I really like this card and I can only hope for a standard deck to use this effectively.  Anyway, back to the winner.  Angelic Destiny is by far probably the best enchantment I have seen in a long time.  Not only does your creature get +4/+4, but it also gains flying and first strike and if the creature enchanted with Angelic Destiny dies, you may pop Angelic Destiny back to your hands removing the ultimate issue many players have with enchantments.  I just love this card.  Not only does it have great artwork by Jana Schirmer and Johannes Voss, but it has some great flavor to.  The wings in the mirrors is a very subtle part of the image.  Easily the best enchantment of 2011.









Now we come to a very hard category, best creature.  There are so many I wanted to put on this list: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Chancellor of the Dross, Mirran or Phyrexian Crusader, even both heroes were on the list but I just did not feel they deserved the reward.  In the end I did come to a decision and I chose, Geist of Saint Traft.  After reading the “Savor the Flavor” column concerning Saint Traft and how he battled against the darkness of Innistrad throughout his whole life, I fell in love with the card.  With the backstory in mind, the Geist of Saint Traft becomes a beautiful card as the solemn look of Traft is off set by the presence of the angel.  It is a really great piece of art, which is fitting because it is such a great card.  A 2/2 for three mana with hexproof and whenever you attack with him, his angel friend comes out bringing the total of pain to six.  Add in an Honor of the Pure and it becomes eight.  I would love to see this card combo with Angelic Destiny, how cool would that be?  Geist of Saint Traft is in fact such a good card, the sheer power of this card took Craig Wescoe all the way to the top eight of worlds.  I really cannot wait for whatever comes our way in Dark Ascensions because I just know something is going to come out that will make this card even more of a bomb.

            The next topic is one that I don’t think I have ever done before, the best land.  Yeah this is kind of a new one, but we did get quite a few fun lands this year so it only seems right to pay some respect.  I was originally going to give the award to Contested War Zone for its flavor and the potential it had to help any deck get that last bit of damage in.  However, seeing as its flavor is what ultimately holds it back from being truly useful, it did not seem right to give Contested War Zone the reward.  I mean a land cannot exactly win the best land award if it does not stay yours if someone makes it through your defenses with a 1/1.  As such, the fight descended into a five way battle between the Innistrad power lands.  As such the winner of the best land award is Gavony Township for its great flavor and power to help Green and White decks really bring on the pain.  I really like this land and I know it will see more play with time.










Now we come to a rather interesting category, this year’s best Planeswalker.  This year we had quite a lot of entries, some better than others.  You can all probably guess the Planeswalker at the bottom of my list (hint: Garruk Relentless), however, none of you probably know which one will be my favorite.  This year we saw a Karn Planeswalker, which is very cool, however I am kind of disqualifying him because he lost his spark and so stopped being a Planeswalker for a bit meaning he effectively left the planeswalking club.  Sorry Karn.  I would have loved to give Venser, the Sojourner the spot, but unfortunately he came out last year.  Koth could have been a contender if he was not so narrowly focused on mountains.  Jace, Memory Adept just seemed too weak though I still think his future is bright once we get more flashback cards.  Garruk, Primal Hunter was definite contender, really showing off the power of Green, but his second ability, though awesome, kind of disrupts the pure Green energy.  So close, but missed the mark.  This leaves Lillana of the Veil and Chandra, the Firebrand to battle it out for the final spot.  If only we could have a cat-fight to find out…. Anyway, in the end I had to make a decision.  My favorite Planeswalker of 2012 is, Lillana of the Veil.  Chandra, the Firebrand is a close second with all her fiery glory, but Lillana of the Veil is pure Black magic.  First ability grants power through sacrifice by forcing both you and your opponents to discard.  The more you sacrifice, the more powerful she becomes as she prepares to tear apart half of your opponent’s field.  Her second ability is also rather useful if your opponent happens to just have one creature on the board.  I really like Lillana of the Veil and with Dark Ascension already being spoiled, I cannot wait to see how good she will be.









With all the categories decided I believe it is time to close out the article.  Feel free to leave your own list below and describe your reasonings for each.  I eagerly welcome it.  I just ask that as you think up your lists as we wave goodbye to 2011, just remember, “Etherium is Limited.  Innovation is not.”  This is Corlando signing out.

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Welcome readers new and old to Cards n’Flux, an article series based around the Magic the Gathering card game, its updates and evolutions, the strategies, and the general flavor that drips off every card.  I am Corlando, your guide through this multitude of cards and ideas.  This month marks the release of MTG Commander, a corporate adaption of the once casual format known as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH).  Now since MTG Commander is not going to be out for a few weeks, I felt that this would be the best time as any to discuss a few of the other game types duelist can play with Magic the Gathering.  This week is Planechase, the game type that gives you the ability to literally jump from plane to plane as you try to kill off your opponent.  Why don’t we take a look?


Now, for those who are unfamiliar, such as myself, the rules to Planechase are pretty much the same as a normal game of Magic.  The only real difference from the traditional rules is simply the addition of a deck of world cards.  These world cards each have two unique abilities that affect everyone on the board in someway or another.  The abilities of these world cards come in two forms, the static and the chaos effects.  The static effect is what happens when the card is on the field just doing its thing.  This can be anything from doubling everyone’s mana, to allowing people to draw an extra card, or giving all creatures some sort of ability.  The chaos effect is only activated when a player rolls a chaos symbol on the Planechase die.  Now these effects tend to be more… chaotic, but add a real factor of chance and danger to the game.


So how do you start a game of Planechase?  Well, according to the actual rules, it is recommended that games be three or more players, but it can also be played by just two people.  The starting player places the top card of their world deck onto the field face up.  The game then goes on as any normal Magic game would except for an extra step added to every turn.  During a player’s during, he or she is given the opportunity to roll the chaos die.  This die has one of three out comes.  Rolling a blank side means nothing happens, a chaos side means you activate the current world’s chaos ability, or the Planechase symbol which allows the roller to reveal the top card of his world deck and replace the current world with the new one.  This is how duelists planes-walk in Planechase and I have to say it is rather fun to see players head right to the land they need right when they need it.


Normally this is where I would start talking about a few of the cards I like, which is exactly what I plan to do.  The first world card we will look at is Bant from Alara.  While in Bant, the land of peace and honor, all creatures that every player controls has Exalted, an ability that if a creature attacks alone it gets +1/+1 for each instance of Exalted.  Bant’s chaos effect allows the player who threw the chaos symbol to put a divinity counter on target Blue, White, or Green creature which makes the creature indestructible for the rest of the game.  These are both rather cool abilities, but let us now turn to Bant’s evil cousin, Grixis the land of eternal death.  While players are in Grixis, creatures in players graveyards that are Blue, Red, or Black have Unearth; an ability that brings back creatures from the graveyard for a turn.  Now, if you roll a chaos symbol while in Grixis, the player who rolled the chaos symbol can resurrect any creature from any graveyard and put it into play under their control.  See how these different abilities could interact in so many ways with the same deck?  Think of all the possibilities.

Looking at these two planes, some readers might get the feeling the world cards are their to help players make the game more interesting.  That, unfortunately, is not true.  Some world cards seem to exist to do nothing more than hurt everyone.  A great example of this is Lethe Lake on the Plane of Arkhos.  While players battle in this mountainous lake, at the beginning of a player’s turn, the current player must put the top ten cards of his library into his graveyard.  The same thing happens when you roll a chaos symbol, goodbye to another portion of your library.  I wonder how many games have been won by this card just because a player had some card that bounces back to the library if it hits the graveyard?

Jumping back to the more fun lands, how about we vacation in the beautiful Isle of Vesuva on the Plane of Dominaria?  While there, players who summon a non-token creature to the field are able to put a token onto the field that is a copy of the summoned creature.  This is all well and good, but avoid the chaos symbol that allows the roller to destroy target creature and all other creatures with the same name as the target creature.  Talk about a wipe out… or could it be a major win? I definitely would not mind landing at the Isle of Vesuva, but I think I would much rather be in the Great Forest of Lorwyn and not just because it is one of my favorite sets. You see while in The Great Forest, creatures deal combat damage equal to their toughness not their power.  How fun and whacky can that get?  “I block your Ball Lightning with my Wall of Omens and kill it.”  The fun thing is that if a player rolls a chaos symbol, the creatures they control get +0/+2 and gain trample until the end of the turn.  Yes my 9/13 Inkwell Leviathan will help you to your grave now.   Such a fun, little world and so easy to abuse.

Unfortunately, not all world cards are fun or at least all inclusive in their pain dealing.  Some world cards can put players in such a bad position that it is impossible for them to put up a fight.  A perfect example of this is Eloren Wilds.  While there players who tap a permanent for mana are able to double the amount of mana that the permanent produces.  However, should a player roll a chaos symbol, target player will not be able to cast spells until a player planes-walks.  Tell me, how is that fair. You are doing fine in your Planechase game.  Not really winning, but you are not losing.  Suddenly, one of your opponents planes-walks to the Eloren Wilds and your other opponent rolls a chaos symbol forcing you to never be able to cast spells until someone planes-walks.  Now you can do nothing but watch your defenses and hope you manage to roll your way out of your troubles.  Eloren Wilds is just not a fair card and the thing is, there are other world cards out there that do even worse things than this.  These seriously broken and unfair cards really prevent me from truly getting behind Planechase.  Wizards should have checked to see if these kind of abilities were equal and would not just cause players to lose right and left just because someone rolled well on a die.  Granted it is all chance, but with such good lands like Bant, Grixis, and several others, shouldn’t Wizards have put a little more thought into a few of these worlds?  Of course that is just my opinion.

Overall I find the idea of Planechase pretty cool.  Just the concept of bouncing from world to world, sling spells, throwing monsters at one another, each player searching for the world that best plays to their strengths.  I totally recommend you give it a try if you have the opportunity, however do check through your world deck and your opponents and see which worlds you will play with and which you would like to ask be removed.  This will help to insure everyone has a good time allowing for good fights without sudden blowouts.


Since we are coming to the end of the article, it is time for everyone’s favorite section, the Closing Questions:


1. What is your personal opinion of Planechase?  Have you played a lot of games and how do they usually play?


2. What is your favorite Planechase World card?


3.  Are there any planes or places you wish Wizards had put into Planechase?


Well everyone, thanks again for stopping on by.  Next week we will continue with specials month with Archenemy.  See you all very soon.  And always remember, “Etherium is Limited.  Innovation is not.”