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Actor Tony Rosato died Monday of a heart attack at 62 years old. He was known in the world of Nintendo as the voice of Luigi in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Super Mario World cartoon,

Rosato had a lengthy career in Canada and in the US. He was part of both SCTV and SNL and worked on other programs with people such as Bea Arthur. While video game fans may morn the death of the voice of Luigi, he was also a beloved actor in his other roles and will be missed.

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No GravatarWe all have our favorite childhood cartoons and television shows. One of mine just happened to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Once I heard that Michael Bay got the rights to make this movie, I can honestly say I wasn’t very thrilled. What he did to the beloved 80’s cartoon Transformers is still haunting me to this day.


Everyone working on Bay’s latest revamp of a childhood favorite has been pretty hush-hush when it comes to major details of the film. The most we know is that there will be four Turtles, hopefully consisting of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo just as it’s supposed to, and that April O’Neil is being played by Megan Fox, who also starred in Bay’s first two Transformers films. But just recently, some photos have surfaced, showing what seems to be models of what the Turtles are supposed to look like. And not only that, but we also got some pictures of Shredder too! The Turtles look similar to their predecessors, only with slightly different gear, and much more muscled and bulked out. Shredder looks like how one would hope Shredder to look like… Big, Mean and with armor covered in blades. Shredder’s face piece has a skull-like look to it, with eyes that seem to glow. He also dons what looks to be a metal mesh type cape that drags to the ground, he looks pretty fierce if you ask me!
I’ll admit, these don’t look half as bad as I feared they would. Being the crazed TMNT fan that I am, I had very low hopes for this film, and a part of me still does. Though, we still won’t know anything as far as the film goes until we get a look at the first trailer when that’s finally released.

What do all of my fellow TMNT fans out there think of this supposed first look at the Turtles and Shredder?

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No GravatarWhat is Chibi-Pa Moto? That question can be answered with a few simple key ingredients for a convention such as this. It’s what happens when you take the combined voice acting talents and careers of Lord Zedd from Power Rangers, Batuo form Ghost in the Shell, Dita from Vandread, Spain from Hetalia and mix them all together. Then to add a bit more soul and flavor, you drop in an Otaku Comedian group, a unique musical band, some hardcore gangsta Otakus, and a guy who built his own GUNDAM armor as cosplay. And the result you get from that combination is Chibi-Pa Moto 2011, which is by far one of the most fun cons I have ever been to. The people were fun to hang around with, the guest were just as fun and cool to talk with, and the Otaku power level is far and beyond 9000.


Below is the gallery of pictures I and the rest of the R-O-G staff had took while exploring the convention that was Chibi-Pa Moto. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, not amount of words could describe the fun experience and atmosphere of actually being at Chibi-Pa Moto. My compliments to the staff and others who made this con what it was, a fun experience that ever Otaku out there should witness. Check out all the pictures and see the EPICness that we saw.




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