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By SarahTheRebel On 14 May, 2012 At 12:46 AM | Categorized As Animation, Comics/Manga, Conventions, News, News | With 1 Comment

No GravatarI had a great time checking out Long Beach Comic Con, the tiny, tiny little sister of the Comic Con we all know and love. Although the con was small, it had a lot of heart. I met some awesome people, and got free mini-comics. I also saw super cheap comic deals, spectacular geeky cars, folks from shows like Falling Skies and some awesome cosplay! Sadly, I missed out on the Nerdist and the other panels 🙁


One of my favorite aspects of the con was the beautiful DIVERSITY. There were so many people of color and WOMEN! I was very excited to see the differences in female (comic book) artist styles and also surprised by how realistically a few of the men drew women’s bodies for their comics. There were very few of them, but their work in being realistic instead of pandering to the horny young male brain was much appreciated!



On that topic, the artwork on display was stunning, and I truly regret not budgeting con spending into this week! I saw Avengers and Spiderman Storm Troopers, chibi geek culture characters with sad little phrases on them (Chubaka asks where his medal is for example), natural haired black fairy warriors, the Avengers as children, and more Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy pinups than you could shake a stick at!


There were too many comics here. I wanted them all, and there were all on sale! T.T

Many comics were only a dollar, and most were at least 25% off. My friend bought three number one issues for $15 total! I refused to let myself go anywhere near them, because I would have gone comic crazy!


Not a lot of people cosplayed, but the ones who did, went all out! I saw an entire Resident Evil themed family, with the boys playing Umbrella Corporation soldiers and the girls playing zombies. I also saw two version of Harley Quinn. One based on Batman: Arkham City (awesome leather-work there) and one in the more traditional outfit. There were also a group of Jedi and Sith running around called the SaberGuild, a She-Ra and a LeeLoo. Oh and some nearly naked turtles, a Dick Tracy and a Gaston. OK there were lots more, and they were all well done!


The part of the con I most regret missing were the panels! The panels included everything from Cosplay 101 to writing for animation to Womanthology to an anime voice acting workshop with Crispin Freeman! From their descriptions (and the small snippets of conversation I caught from attendees after) these panels sounded super useful and I hope they have similar ones at the next LBCC!


I can’t wait to attend the next one in November! The Long Beach Comic and Horror Con is November 3rd and 4th so check it out.

For more pictures (and a breakdown of my faves) check out my personal blog, Nerdy but Flirty.



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No GravatarIt has been announced the long awaited Code Geass series Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito, or Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, will not become a full length TV series but four OVAs released in theaters starting this summer and given a Blu Ray release every three months. As disappointing as it might be, the OVAs are about 50 minutes each and look like they promise the same mecha action and amazing story telling present in its previous two seasons. Despite how Lelouch sadly might not be present in this, the show’s description arouses interest.

It takes place during the same time as Lelouch becomes Zero. But rather than taking place in Zone 11 (formerly known as Japan) it takes place in Euro Universe (formerly known as Europe) and stars two different characters. The main character is Akito Hyuga, a clone of Lelouch with long blue hair and blue eyes, and Layla Malkal, whom I can only theorize serves the same role as C.C. and is a blonde with blue eyes. The Holy Britannian Empire is trying to take over the Euro Universe and is doing so successfully, so out of desperation the Euro Universe creates a special Knightmare division made up of Japanese teenagers Akito is part of under the command of Layla who was a former Britannian aristocrat. The character design for that series is once again handled by CLAMP and is directed by Kazuki Akane, who directed several Mobile Suit Gundam series and movies, so only high quality work is to be expected from me.

Akito and Layla

You better not let me down anime Gods!

Despite the fact it’s not being turned into a full fledged TV show, I expect nothing but greatness from these OVAs. To somewhat let down fans like me, I believe we can find solace in the fact we’re getting something much greater than the typical one shot OVAs the series has been spawning continuously. And despite the fact we’re not going to see these OVAs right away, we should rejoice that Nunnally in Wonderland will be released on DVD with English subtitles this July to hold us over our long Code Geass withdrawal.