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What happens when EA wants in the social gaming business? Wait, aren’t they already in it? Besides the point! A new studio for creating social games (Stuff you find of Facebook) has been blooped into existence. The company, now known as Checkpoint Studios, has been formed by EA in the hopes of tapping into the social gaming market a bit more. While the company hopes to tap into the markets of social gaming, like Farmville, they hope to go about it a different way.

“When I first started playing social games, I was frustrated by what I felt was a lack of quality and real game play in so many of the titles. The click-reward-repeat nature felt more like an activity or social chore than a game, and, while there’s clearly an audience for that, I know we can do better.” ~Brian Wiklem, CEO and Founder of Checkpoint Studios

These are the words from Brian Wilkem, who is the founder of the new studio. While details on what exactly he means are scarce, there is some information that can be shed. The first game this company will be focusing on is the title AviNation, which will hit Facebook at an unspecified date. In the game you use airplanes to build an empire. How this will work, and the mechanics of it, remain a mystery to me.

Personally I find this to be a bold step. While some of my colleagues may argue that this is the stupidest design strategy since movie games, and for good reason; others will argue in the exact opposite direction. However, I remain torn. Given I have a lack of details on their aim, I cannot say whether or not this will be a success. Sure the point and click scenario may be the standard for this medium, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be shaken up a bit.

At any rate, I look forward to reporting more of what goes on in Checkpoint Studios within the coming months. We’ll see if this venture is a successful one soon enough. The source that which this was provided comes courtesy of