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The following was sent out.

New York-based specialty distributor Rialto Pictures and Studiocanal will release Mike Nichols’ groundbreaking THE GRADUATE, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, in new 4K digital prints beginning in April.

The 50 anniversary restoration will have its World Premiere on April 8 at the TCL Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, as a centerpiece event of this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival. The new GRADUATE restoration will then play in over 700 movie theaters nationwide on April 23 and 26, as part of TCM and Fathom Events’ monthly “TCM Big Screen Classics” series.

The new restoration will also screen at this year’s Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna and will be released theatrically and as a special edition Home Entertainment release in all Studiocanal territories (France, Germany, U.K., Australia and New Zealand) throughout the summer.

Hoffman, in his star-making, breakout role, is Benjamin Braddock, the college track star suddenly adrift after graduation, and ripe for seduction by an older, married woman: Bancroft’s coldly calculating friend-of-the-family Mrs. Robinson. When Ben ultimately falls for dream girl Elaine (Katharine Ross), who happens to be the Robinsons’ daughter, it sets up a love triangle like no other in American films up to that time.

Adapted from the Charles Webb novel by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham (which immortalized the word “plastics” in the lexicon of hip expressions), THE GRADUATE was the biggest box office surprise of the decade, nominated for seven Oscars® andwinning for director Nichols’ sophomore effort. The classic “Top 40” score by Simon & Garfunkel started a new, youthful trend in soundtrack music as well.

The Graduate was a groundbreaking film, whose influence is still felt to this very day. It launched careers and has been often imitated but never replicated. It is a true all time classic, and this is an opportunity to see the film in a new way. Or a chance for a new generation to see the film.

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No GravatarOn the internet I find my self wanting to recapture some of my gaming throwback moments, so I put together a top 5 of the commercials that had given me a bit of nostalgia over the years for your viewing pleasure.

#5 Poke’mon Red and Blue

This is how Bus Drivers Catch them all.

#4 Crash Bandicoot 3
This was part of a string of commercials for the 3rd game in the original Crash trilogy and this was indeed one the funniest gaming commercials of all time.

#3 Spider-man and X-men Arcades Revenge
Never got to beat this game but I still love it and I loved how the commercial was animated like the TV shows

#2 Def Jam Fighter for New York
When I saw this I was never as hype as I would be for a Fighting game. It had all of my favorite hip-hop artist from my middle school, and high school days. The game along with its blazing soundtrack, gear and celebrity girls friends plus Snoop Dogg, this game was an instant classic.

#1 Maximum Carnage
This trailer still catches me off guard from time to time. The Venom and Carnage stories where at their peak in this time, within about 2 to 3 years the comic story came out, then the Animated series take on it and finally the game dropped. It still one of the best beat’em ups anywhere as well as the most difficult yet rewarding Super-hero games to date.Check it out below.

What are your favorite gaming commercials?
post your favorites down below, in the comment section.