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Ahh Ohayocon…a yearly convention held in Columbus, OH that lasts for three days that is the culmination of several people who enjoy anime, gaming and anything nerdy. I am an Ohayocon faithful who will attend the event every year. Memories are made for myself and others in an overall fun weekend.

I do enjoying anime but I enjoying gaming a hell of a lot more. Getting to spend time with several people in the gaming department is always a treat. I do enjoy playing in fun little tournaments along with just playing games for fun. There’s nothing like playing Dance Central with a complete stranger and being able to laugh afterwards.

Then there is the Mystery Tournament. It is practically an Ohayocon ritual that is held by the Gaming Department’s head operator “Gex”. It’s a blast to play old good/bad games once a year in a competition format…it’s indescribable. The hype environment
and electrifying atmosphere can leave one winded.

Kratos & Scorpion

Kratos & Scorpion

Other than the gaming department there is the awesome dance/rave that occurs every Friday and Saturday evening. It consumes people and makes everyone feel so energized. Its awesome to say the least.

And of course there are the panels which can be hit and miss. Fortunately they are more often on than off. They range from simple “how to” panels to strictly 18+ filth.
There seems to be a little something for everyone.


I have been a frequent Ohayocon attendee for the past 3-4 years and each time I’ve gone its been rather enjoyable. I would like to thank everyone who makes this event as awesome as it is and to all the awesome people I’ve encountered.

If you haven’t experienced Ohayocon and you live in the midwest, I would highly recommend going to it in 2014.

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