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No GravatarI stumbled upon a little documentary while I roamed around Youtube and while it’s far from perfect I think it gives a balanced overview of otakus. It’s so well made in fact I think it’s the one documentary to show any questioning parents so they have a good understanding of our little subculture.

The piece True Otaku: The Documentary is an amateur documentary that explains the otaku fandom by going straight to the source, questioning regular fans and industry professionals in Otakon and Anime USA about many different topics related to the subject.

Looks like our old banner!

Looks like our old banner!

It explains the anime boom that occurred in the US and how it led to the surge in anime fans that created such large conventions, lolita fashion, fan groups, and cosplay. Granted, they focused too much on cosplay and not enough on anime and manga, nor popular otaku video games such as visual novels and the unbelievably popular shooter Touhou nor fighting games like Persona 4, and not even on collectors of anime merchandise, but it’s a good introductory film to any questioning individual and I believe if  everyone saw it they’d have more respect for the otaku community.

You can see the film for free on Youtube where it’s split into 3 parts: You can watch the first part here and see the rest at leisure. Happy watching!

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No GravatarThis event, held yearly at the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, isn’t your regular convention. As an attraction for residents that prides itself in providing an insight on Japanese culture, it kept cos-players and anime fans in a separate area; as to allow regular guests to enjoy events such as traditional tea ceremonies, and shopping for things unrelated to anime or manga in peace. The Pikachu Stage was where all the panels, anime vendors, and dealers were all held, under one big tent, that provided nice shade and a con like atmosphere. However, the park’s beauty, in addition to its museum and the other activities, had everyone roaming and getting along. The costume contest brought a bigger crowd than expected. There were more people crowding around the chairs standing up than those sitting down, and surprisingly many of those people were just regular Joes interested in the wide array of costumes seen around. The costume contest went on for a long time, because of the many cosplayers present went with an intent to compete. Yet it was disappointing how many of the competitors modeled too fast for those taking pictures to get a good shot. Especially from the distance some were taken, given of how beautiful and detailed some of their costumes were. Hatsume Fair didn’t provide much in the way of otaku oriented entertainment, but the few ones given were very decent and educational. It also was a convention that had many cos-players and a laid back atmosphere that opened opportunities to meet more people. But what makes it very special, is that it all takes place in a beautiful place reminiscent of the traditional Japanese culture I’ve come to love just because of its uniqueness and rich history. All in all, I would definitely attend Hatsume Fair again, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to attend a con in a Japanese atmosphere.

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