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By otakuman5000 On 30 Mar, 2012 At 10:48 PM | Categorized As Movie News, Old School Otaku, Previews | With 0 Comments

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If you haven’t seen RUROUNI KENSHIN on Toonami or the original Samurai X yet, or both now available on DVD,your missing out on one of the most beloved Action Anime series of all time and this Summer Warner Bros and Studio Swan are set to bring this classic to the big screen.

The movie stars Takeru Satoh (Know for his role in the long running Kamen Rider Den-O) as Kenshin as well as other big name Japanese actors. The Folks at Studio Swan are really pulling out all of the stops for this movie and it looks like they are trying to make this into a full blow series. Either way the movie looks like its going to be a blast and we at ROG hope that the movie is brought stateside and released on Blu-Ray and DVD if they don’t bring as a theatrical release. Stay to for more updates on this story as they develop.