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No GravatarComic Fans, rejoice, There will be a new crossover between the TMNT and Usagi Yojimbo. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Usagi Yojimbo Creator Stan Sakai to discuss the project and many interesting details were mentioned. For one, although Usagi and the turtles have crossed over in the past, this crossover is between the new IDW incarnation of the turtles meeting Usagi. But Usagi remembers his previous meetings with the Mirage era turtles. How this will be explained will not doubt be amazing.

Sakai broke the story down in the interview.

The story is called “Namazu.” It’s based upon the folklore of a giant catfish that lives underneath the Japanese islands. When it moves, that’s what causes earthquakes. There’s a god, Kashima, who had trapped it, pinned it down with a huge capstone. In my story, a piece of the capstone has crumbled off centuries ago, and that has weakened it. Because of that, the catfish has gotten stronger and is able to move a bit more. Usagi and the Turtles come into possession of a fragment of the capstone, and they have to put the fragments back together to trap the catfish. Otherwise, it will literally tear the Japanese islands apart. One of my characters called Jei is on a sacred quest to destroy all evil in the world. He reasons if he destroys all people, he’ll be destroying evil. So he wants the Japanese islands to be destroyed and is preventing them from completing their mission. It’s just full of fun.

Jei is one of my favourite characters in the series, so for him to interact with the turtles is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

He also discussed the format, which will come as a one shot comic and also a hardcover version.

This story will come in a special hardcover edition. Can you talk about what goodies will be included?
The hardcover will include the preliminary drawings and notes I had done. These are new incarnations of the turtles, so they’re slightly different from what I’m used to drawing. For one thing, when I turned in the rough copy, my editor said these turtles don’t have tails. Oh, okay. There are little things like that. It will also have story notes, background. I also wanted to do a bibliography of story notes about the earthquake fish. It will have thumbnails, my story outline, pretty much the creative process.

Stan Sakai is a legendary writer and artist and this story sounds absolutely amazing. We have promises of Stan’s version of Splinter showing up ( does that mean kakaera the rat wizard?) Usagi meeting the new turtles, and more interaction. This will be amazing.

If you haven’t yet read our breakdown of the series, you can read it here.


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No GravatarStar Wars - Darth Vader


Today, Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics announced on Facebook that the Star Wars comic books will be moving to a new publisher.  That publisher is Marvel Comics.  Dark Horse Comics has been the publisher for the Star Wars comic books since 1991, so it will be interesting to see how Dark Horse Comics handles this loss and Marvel Comics handles this gain.

Mike stated that Disney, now the owner of Lucasfilm, notified them of this move.  The move is slated to take place in 2015.

You can see the post on Dark Horse Comics’ Facebook page.

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I’ll start off here, by saying, after knowing the story of the 47 Ronin, and then reading this finale for the five book series. I feel like I should have been turned onto this series, way before, but only person to blame is myself. So, I know I will be picking up all five from Dark Horse, and here is the link, directly to the 47 Ronin. As this is a historical story by nature, and from the looks of it, stay true to the actual story, that occurred in 1701, it still feels riveting and will have your eyes glued to the screen, or page, or whatever medium you read in, from start to finish. I can say, as I finished, I feel as if I missed something grand, and it’s a good thing I can still buy them.

Michael Richardson, writer for 47 Ronin, captures the personality of the main Ronin, and this is what I could surmise from just book #5. He captures every detail of how these 47 men, no, samurai, served their lord after his death and by acting steadfast in their honor and their lord achieved their goal, and still remained honorable till the very end. Accepting what they did as just, and still wrong! Even though, those who may read 47 Ronin, know the ending of the story, or those who don’t, you feel connected to these Samurai, and the way they go about completing their mission: Revenge for their Fallen Lord.

The art put forward by Stan Sakai, fits perfectly for the lore and the story of the 47 Ronin. It reminds me of the art for Dilbert when it was on the WB. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a knock at either, and the surprised, eye popping moment for the 47 during the final battle showed me that. But nonetheless, the detail to clothing, the facial expression clearly portrayed and the intense battle from start to finish, were all engrossing. Nothing was left to imagination, and this allowed for the full picture to be put forth and drawn!

The 47 Ronin, an amazing story told of honor, revenge, patience, duty, and diehard loyalty, was a story told by many for those very reasons. And its retelling, with Richardson and Sakai, allow the story to be revitalized and retold again, in a new format, to a new generation. To allow people to know, that even though situations seem bleak and at the end, you can still pull it in the end, and do what really is right. And I don’t mean to go and kill somebody revenge plot!


Writer: Mike Richardson

Art & Cover: Stan Sakai

Editorial Consultant: Kozue Koike

Color: Lovern Kindzierski

Lettering: Tom Orzechowski & Lois Buhalis

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As the plot to kill the Emperor is slowly shown to Vader, by one of the priest of the Temple of the Headless Snake. Vader is shown a world of deformed people. Those that would be considered even stranger than a World where Rancor’s exist. The people who have carved a way out within the Temple of the Headless Snake, are all equally deformed, and will make those, of faint of stomach a little queasy. But it gives those within a Temple something different. As Vader questions his guide on what makes the Basis, work he sees two boys fighting on the street. Later after the prophecy that is foretold of his coming, he again, sees the boys fighting with a crowd around them, but the guide says, it is there way. Just as the Basis gives them life and sustenance.


As they continue deeper, into the Temple for Vader to meet the head Priests, he is shown strange visions, and does something, that only Vader would do, and completely in grand fashion. In a weird way, it made me smile. Gotta love Vader. The conclusion of Star Wars: Vader and the Ninth Assassin will be coming next month!

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22258In the June issue of Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin, Vader continues head long into finding and destroying the Cult of the Headless Snake, it takes him to coordinates, not known to the Empire, and Moon with a bisected Star Destroyer in its orbit. As they reach the surface of the planet, Vader and his small investigation team, they are already being watched by the planets natural predators, and Vader’s assassin. As the story continues, it showcases more and more, how much Vader is just pure unadulterated power compared to other Sith. He almost seems like a dog with a bone, oblivious to the outside world. And that secular vision that he has, allows it to be why Vader is such an overpowered badass on a mission.

But just as much as he is a brute, he does show off some various detective skills when going about certain situations and some deductive reasoning, when it comes to the first situation while on the Moon. This story has me more, and more intrigued as I read, and I’m loving it, Tom Siedell is a BAMF! The next Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #3 will be available June 19th from Dark Horse.