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No GravatarRecently, Tor Books announced the fourth novel in the Dragon Age series. Patrick Weekes, senior writer at BioWare, will pen Dragon Age: The Masked Empire for publication in April 2014.


As you know, the previous three Dragon Age novels, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Dragon Age: The Calling, and Dragon Age: Asunder were all awesome, but were also all written by David Gaider. I’m a little nervous about the change, as well know how horrible the latest Mass Effect book was purported to be, and it too was suddenly helmed by a new writer, William C. Deitz. As Patrick Weekes has written other successful novels, I’m hopeful that everything will turn out awesome!

As for the plot, it looks like it is continuing storylines begun in Asunder, with the action taking place in Orlais. You can also bet it will be a lead up to the clash between Templar and Mages in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition!


Empress Celene of Orlais rose to the throne of the most powerful nation in Thedas through wisdom, wit, and ruthless manipulation. Now, the empire she has guided into an age of enlightenment is threatened from within by imminent war between the templars and the mages. Even as rebellion stirs among the downtrodden elves to save Orlais, Celene must keep her hold on the throne by any means necessary.

Fighting with the legendary skill of the Orlesian Chevaliers , Grand Duke Gaspard has won countless battles for the empire and the empress, but has he fought in vain? As the Circle fails and chaos looms, Gaspard begins to doubt that Celene’s diplomatic approach to the mage problem or the elven uprisings will keep the empire safe. Perhaps it is time for a new leader, one who lives by the tenets of the Chevalier’s Code, to make Orlais strong again.

Briala has been Celene’s handmaid since the two of them were children, subtly using her position to help improve the lives of elves across Orlais. She is Celene’s confidante, spymaster, and lover. But when politics force the empress to choose between the rights of Briala’s people and the Orlesian throne, Briala must in turn decide where her true loyalties lie.

Alliances are forged and promises broken as Celene and Gaspard battle for the throne of Orlais, but in the end, the elves who hide in the forests or starve in the alienages may decide the fate of the masked empire.

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Concluding the final series in a trilogy of Dragon Age comic series, Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #3 was just released today. As you know, Dragon Age was one of my favorite video games, and the first Dragon Age series is what launched me back into my love of comics. I’ve been following them ever since, from the awesome Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, followed by Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, with the story arc leading up to this final series.


Click the link to check out my review of Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #2.

As the finale to the arc, this issue packed a punch, but the pacing seemed a little off. Anyone who is familiar with David Gaider’s writing already knew what the conclusion would be, so they went for no surprise twists. Instead, you’re left with an emotional tableau, a small disquiet that leaves you thinking, much like the choices in the actual game.

The artwork was very bloody and vibrant. While I think it matched the graphics of Dragon Age 2, I also feel that the characters were missing a little heart as a result.

Overall, I recommend all three of the series as a great addition to the Dragon Age canon and to add even more mysteries for you to ponder about Fereldan.


Willing to embrace an evil that once nearly shattered reality, Magister Aurelian Titus must be stopped. King Alistair and his allies have traveled to the realm of nightmares to do so, but if the cost of victory is to sacrifice his father, will Alistair be able to pay the price?


David Gaider, Alexander Freed
Chad Hardin
Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist:
Anthony Palumbo

Buy Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #3 here!

My guide to all Dragon Age comics can be found here.

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Eagerly awaiting Dragon Age 3? Why not check out the Dragon Age comics in the meantime? They’re great fun and the art isn’t bad at all. Below is a guide to the different Dragon Age series, cuz I know you really wanted one 😉

Dragon Age

The Dragon Age comic was a monthly publication written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, with art by Humberto Ramos and Mark Robinson. A total of 6 issues were published by IDW Publishing and was available in both print and digital forms.

The first Dragon Age comics are about a young female mage named Gleam. I love this series because of the bitter sweet storyline and the fact that the main characters looks so cool with her dark skin, silver hair and light eyes. Though the storytelling isn’t as great as the later series, it is still an enjoyable series and I recommend checking it out!

The Silent Grove

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is a digital comic series by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics. It is written by Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider and illustrated by Chad Hardin. The six-part comic series was released biweekly, starting February 22, 2012.

The Silent Grove focuses on Alistair and his search for his father. Along for the ride are Varric and Isabela from Dragon Age 2, snarkily joining a king on what they feel is a fools errand. Need I say more?

Having read all of Gaider’s Dragon Age novels, I was really excited to see King Maric’s mystery finally unraveled. Of course, Gaider had other plans for the mystery -_-

Those Who Speak

Dragon Age: Those Who Speak is a three-part comic series by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics. It is written by Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider and the senior writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Alexander Freed.

It also features a female Qunari!! <3

A continuation of the storyline from The Silent Grove, this series focuses mostly on the viewpoint of Isabela, the pirate queen. There is also an AWESOME cameo from a party member from the first Dragon Age. Don’t be put off by Isabela’s outfit in the first comic… she is trying to dress fancy. She quickly goes back to her normal outfit.

Until We Sleep

Upcoming “Until We Sleep” will finish the comic series trilogy, focusing on Varric’s point of view. Be prepared for a trip to the Fade, since Gaider made a mention of “dreams” in a panel at NYCC (and… you know… it’s called Until We Sleep).

I spoke with Gaider at the SDCC and he mentioned that he was probably going to stick to writing comics as opposed to writing any more Dragon Age novels, so hopefully this third series doesn’t mark the end of his comic forays.

What are some other comic series based on video games that you like?