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On this episode, we talk to the Host and Creator of The Show Radio, Andrew Alliance. We talk about his beginnings and how the show and how he himself has evolved. Andrew is a personal friend of this author and Real Otaku Gamer. We discuss E3 2017, the industry and his Geek/Gamer history. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Andrew Alliance. The Audio Version is below.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Telltale Games have announced a new title today. Batman – The Telltale Series is set to release in August for digital download for PC/Mac, consoles, iOS, and Android. On September 16, the game will release on a “season pass disc.” The physical copy of the game will include the first five episodes of the series and will credit the disc owner with digital downloads of the next four episodes which will be available at a later date. The art style of the game will resemble comic book art through a very distinct cel shading process and will be voiced by the top voice actors in the game industry, most notably Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne. Other voice talents include: Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette as Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel as Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as Lieutenant James Gordon, Richard McGonagle as Carmine Falcone, and Laura Bailey as Selina Kyle.

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Baltimore Comic Con is a small but wonderful comic book convention held in Baltimore, Maryland. It is held at the Baltimore Convention Center. This year it was held from September 5th to September 7th, 2014.

Although this was my first year attending as press, I went last year as well.

One writer that was an absolute pleasure to meet was Tom King. He took the time to autograph Grayson #1 and A Once Crowded Sky for me. Although Tom spoke many praises for his work on Grayson, he expressed his passion and love for his novel: A Once Crowded Sky.

Here is a quick synopsis from Amazon on A Once Crowded Sky:

A tour de force debut novel from a former CIA counter-terrorism officer, A Once Crowded Sky fuses the sensibility of bombastic, comic-book-style storytelling with modern literary fiction to bring to life a universe of super men stripped of their powers, newly mortal men forced to confront danger in a world without heroes.

The superheroes of Arcadia City fight a wonderful war and play a wonderful game, forever saving yet another day. However, after sacrificing both their powers and Ultimate, the greatest hero of them all, to defeat the latest apocalypse, these comic book characters are transformed from the marvelous into the mundane.

After too many battles won and too many friends lost, The Soldier of Freedom was fine letting all that glory go. But when a new threat blasts through his city, Soldier, as ever, accepts his duty and reenlists in this next war. Without his once amazing abilities, he’s forced to seek the help of the one man who walked away, the sole hero who refused to make the sacrifice–PenUltimate, the sidekick of Ultimate, who through his own rejection of the game has become the most powerful man in the world, the only one left who might still, once again, save the day.

A Once Crowded Sky

I look forward to reading A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King and reviewing it for everyone.

Another person that was a pleasure to meet and watch and listen to at a panel was Charles Soule. He offered his talents on Death of Wolverine, as well as other works like She Hulk and Inhuman.

Death of Wolverine

Since this convention was local to where I live, my absolute favorite comic book store was present and I had to make a stop at Third Eye Comics’ booth! If you’re not familiar with Third Eye Comics and live in the Maryland area, I highly recommend checking them out. Everyone, from Steve, the owner, to all the other workers take the time to learn your name and what you enjoy. They are an absolute joy to be around and indulge in your comic book needs.

Baltimore Comic Con may be small, but is absolutely worth the experience. I highly recommend at the very least taking a day out to enjoy.

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No GravatarWelcome to #KillzownKomix Vol.1, where your resident ROG DJ dishes out on how he feels about comics.

If you are an avid comic reader or if you even a newbie of Marvel and DC, you must get acquainted with Alex Ross.
The man made most famous for his graphic novels Kingdom Come and Justice where the hero’s and villains where doomed and the other where the villains tried to become heroes are not just great stories, but the artwork is like a painting in comic book form. The level of detail makes Ross’sartwork so distinct that one might say he is the Van Gough or Da Vinci of comic books. Kingdom Come and Justice cemented Ross at a young age of 26 years old before only doing mini series or just cover art for big series such as Superman, Terminator and others and it became one of the biggest selling comics of all time
Comic book writers and publishers love him as well because he works (though for a fee) with everyone. Since then he’s done titles such as Earth X, Marvels, the recent Vol-tron Comics and other many other titles and cover art for comics as well. He even as an art book called Mythology, which collects his best works and breaks down the inspiration as well as the techniques.

Check out some of his art down below and let us know if you agree wit the title in the comment section below.
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No GravatarHere at Real Otaku Gamer we don’t just watch anime and read mangas, we also watch American cartoons and read American comics. Comic books have been around in America since the 1930s. Being here for around 80 years or so, one can imagine how much story and lore would be behind some of our favorite characters. It can make it a little intimidating for someone new to give reading the comics a try. Because of that notion, DC Comics decided to launch “The New 52” where all previous titles were cancelled and 52 new titles debuted starting from issue #1, following the conclusion of the event wide crossover storyline “Flashpoint.” Most of my knowledge of the DC lore comes from the animated cartoons and DVDs, but I’ve never been into the comics. If I ever wanted to know something, I would just wiki it. But I always had a yearning to read certain storylines. So with New 52, I decided to give it a try, and with the second wave about to come out, it’s a good place to evaluate how my journey through DC Comics is going.

So how is The New 52 looking so far in the eyes of a DC fan but not a DC Comic reader? So far I’m caught up on Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Teen Titans, and Static Shock. I’ve read the first issue of Batman: The Dark Knight, Flash, and Justice League Dark, and plan on reading Batwing, Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns, Superboy, Deathstroke, Voodoo, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Green Arrow. Whoo, that’s a lot. So far from what I have read, I’m enjoying the re-launch a lot. While some long time readers may be a little irked about the re-launch, I think this is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to test the waters.  But be warned new comers, it can be a little confusing keeping up when some comics crossover and others are supposed to be happening at the same time while other aren’t.  When I first started reading Batman, I didn’t know which Batman was present day Batman, Batman or Batman: The Dark Knight. (Riddle me this, how many Batmans does it take to make a complete sentence) And to be honest, I am still confused, never mind the other Batman related comics like Nightwing and Batman and Robin. And then we have Justice League where all the heroes are pretty new to the world and not trusted by most. Until I read them all I think I will remain confused but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the story, which so far is really well done.

I think so far my favorites are Batman, Aquaman, and Static Shock, Aquaman being the biggest surprise so far. Everyone knows the Aquaman is usually the butt of many jokes and many don’t take him seriously.  What his comic does is genius, they take all those jokes and bring them to the forefront and basically dismiss them by showing how badass Aquaman truly is. Two of my favorite parts so far have to be a cop getting saved by Aquaman and then sulking because all of his cop buddies will make fun of him for it and a dinner full of people freaking out when Aquaman orders the fish and chips. I must say that the writing really stands out here.

What makes me a little sad is that Static Shock, along with five other titles, is already being cancelled and replaced by other titles in the new wave. For me personally, it’s a little sad to see DC losing some of its diversity with the new wave coming along. That and Static Shock is one of my favorite comic book characters.  With all that being said, The New 52 line up is so far very fun and worth checking out. If you are new to reading comics, it might be just what you need to really get into your favorite heroes.

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No GravatarHere are the interviews with various celebrities from Movies, TV, and the Comics World over at the Wizard World Miami Comic Con. Be sure to check all of them out.


The Ernire Hudson Interview– From Ghostbusters, Congo, OZ, and The Crow


The Denise Crosby Interview– From Star Trek The Next Generation, Key West


The Torrie Wilson Interview– From WWE Wrestling, Playboy


The Aaron Douglas Interview– From Battlestar Galactica


The Bodie Olmos Interview– From Battlestar Galactica


The Clare Kramer Interview– From Buffy The Vampire Slayer


The Defuser Interview– From Who Wants to Be a Super Hero


The Greg Horn Interview– Popular Comic Artist


The Jim Sterlin Interview– Legendary Comic Artist


More footage can be found here on the site as well as on our Youtube page.


Be sure to check out all of our footage from the convention, including panels, the showroom floor and more here on Real Otaku



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No GravatarHere is footage from the Wizard World Miami Comic Con. These are excerpts from a few of the various panels and shows that were featured during the event. Below includes some popular ones such as Ray Park and Ernie Hudson.



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No GravatarHere is a compilation of some of the many things that went on at Miami Comic Con.At the convention, we got to see all the cool panels, the stars, the artist, and most importantly, the fans. This was the first year that Wizard World had brought their comic convention to the sunny place we call Miami, and it was a huge success. But don’t take my world for it. Check out the amazing videos.






Be sure to check out some of our celebrity interviews from the showroom floor. Lots of great coverage for all to see. You will love it!

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No GravatarLast weekend, I myself as well as some of the other Real Otaku Gamer staff attended the Miami Comic Con, the first big comic convention being hosted by Wizard World in Miami, Florida. We attended all the panels and hit everything on the showroom floor, taking every piece of footage we can find. Below is just a taste of some of the footage going up real soon. Be sure to check back soon for exclusive videos from Miami Comic Con.