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No GravatarYour host Andre “otakuman5000” Tipton is providing the The Pilot Episode of DeathMatch.This Pilot episode is about E3 2010 and the predictions. Guests this show are AJDougie and MajorLinux.

We are also talking about Insomniac joining EA Partners and Activision’s new Spiderman game. Other topics discussed are indie studios working with the big gaming conglomerates. We also talk about marketing urban games correctly and minorities in gaming.

More topics are discussed about the gaming industry. Sit back and enjoy the show. Feel free to comment on the show at

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No GravatarThough the launch is going to be a little lackluster, We at Real Otaku Gamer are committed to delivering news, reviews and interviews about the otaku/geek culture.  Even though we are an army of a handful of people, we will give you all the knowledge and news that we seem suitable for the Real fans of the culture.

We are also committed to the companies that provide the entertainment the we enjoy so much. One a month, we will spend a week or so spotlighting a company that provides us with hours of enjoyment. We will cover the history and titles of said company and possibly interview some key staff of the company. This is something that some news outlets used to do, but it has become a lost art now with all the hustle and bustle of getting the news out.

There are many more features we will be revealing in the coming months. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our staff, drop me a line at and send a sample of your writing skills.

Thanks for visiting our page. Feel free to comment on the site. We are doing big things and trying to improve the site as time goes on.

Your Friend in Geekdom,

Andre “otakuman5000” Tipton

Editor in Chief

Real Otaku Gamer