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No GravatarThis is proving to be a slow week in manga. The normal heavy hitters, Viz Media and Yen Press, each have a book coming out this week, but while they’re Japanese in origin neither would qualify as manga. Even Vertical, which has been coming out with something new and great on almost a weekly basis lately, seems to be taking a break.

Digital Manga Publishing does have some new volumes in their June imprint, meaning that at the very least the yaoi fans will have something to keep them excited. Kodansha USA is only publishing two new volumes, including the new volume in the fantasy adventure Fairy Tail. This manga isn’t quite my favorite, but it’s fun, and while I’ve fallen behind by about half a dozen volumes, it’s something I’ll catch up on.

So, are you getting anything this week? Or will you just hold out for something better?

Digital Manga Publishing

  • Bad Teacher’s Equation volume 2 by Kazuma Kodaka
  • Only Serious About You volume 1 by Kai Asou
  • Seven Days volume 2 by Venio Tachibana, art by Rihito Takarai

Kodansha USA

  • Arisa volume 5 by Natsumi Ando
  • Fairy Tail volume 16 by Hiro Mashima

Manga release information is taken from Comixology and Amazon.

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No GravatarIn their May 18, 2011 newsletter, Digital Manga Publishing announced that their online manga website,, will no longer have the option to “rent” manga – instead, every manga purchased remains in the user’s account forever.

Speed Racer Manga on eMangaThe majority of the offerings on eManga consist of yaoi titles (manga with a focus on male homosexual relationships). There is some variety to the selection, though, with shojo titles like Nao Yazawa’s Mizuki, classic manga like Speed Racer and Vampire Hunter D, and a large collection of Harlequin manga available for purchase. eManga also offers samples for many of DMP’s print-only manga, along with free reads like Pop Japan Travel: Essential Otaku Guide.

Manga is purchased with eManga “points”, which can be bought in bulk for greater savings (example: $5.50 buys you 500 points, but $50 buys you 5,500 points). Taking a look at, it does look like the point cost for books has gone up. Where many of the rentals had cost 200 to 300 points, it now costs somewhere between 350 and 499 points to own a digital book. This is still less than $5.00 per book, and considering that you get to keep the book forever, versus 90 days, this is a reasonable price jump.

Learn more about Digital Manga Publishing and eManga from and