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The Good:

Made by Iron Galaxy, the company behind the port of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins, and the second season of Killer Instinct, have made fun of the franchises that millions of people watch on a weekly basis on It’s poking fun of the over complexity of fighting games by introducing the world to a 2-button fighting game. The buttons are simply labled; Dive (Into the air) and Kick. While you can rebind the keys for your keyboard it seems really natural on a controller as well.

The characters are each unique like any traditional fighter, but they are complete parodies of members of the fighting game community. The most noticed was the story line of Mr. N, who happens to be a parody of Marn.

Mr. N, a Divekicker who once rigged a bracket in a tournament, resulting in a mass disqualification of all the players, the cancellation of the tournament, and the end of Uncle Sensei’s Divekicking career. He is notorious for his shady dealings in tournaments and is often found around his best friend, star Divekicker Dustin Weinburger. He is constantly on the run from the mob, to whom he owes money. Mr. N is a parody of the character Rufus from the Street Fighter franchise and professional gamer Martin “Marn” Phan
-Divekick’s Wikipedia Page

They continue from S-kill (Seth Killian), Markman (MadKatz Community Manager Mark Julio) Dr. School (Dr. Doom) and many more. Included in the latest patch is Johnny Gat, the recurring character in the Saints Row franchise.

Each of the characters have 2 special moves, one of which they can perform in the air and on the ground. How do you activate the movies on a 2 button fighter? By pressing them at the same time! The timing is a little akward playing against the CPU, while playing against opponents in ranked and casual mode are damn near impossible to me. I guess I need to just grind to get better.

The Bad:

The only issue I happen to have with this game, is that it appeared as a “Flash in the Pan” kind of game. With all the hype behind it and the budding tournament scene kinda make it worth picking up, but the only downside is that it has a moment where your having fun with your buddies drinking and having fun, but like Mario Party games it’s done in small doses.

Want to see how easy this truly is? Here’s a video of UFGT9’s Top 16!