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We at Real Otaku Gamer have been following the development of  Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs-The Game since about a year into the development. The progress is really taking off, with reveals periodically on the games Twitter page @SaberRiderGame and their Facebook page. The game is being released on the Sega Dreamcast, PC Engine, Nintendo 3DS and Steam. As a huge fan of the TV show, this author is looking forward to playing the game. Stay tuned as we bring you more information. Shouts out to Team Saber Rider for the video.

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Professor K“JET GRIND RADIIIOOOOO!!!” proclaimed exuberantly by Professor K. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Jet Grind Radio or, Jet Set Radio as it’s called in Japan, has been given the re-release and HD coat of paint, and the original Japanese title, Jet Set Radio. Now the question is: Can a decade or more game from the Dreamcast, hold up well, or crash and burn? This reveiw will primarily focus on the PSN and XBLA versions, there is an Vita version out as well.

I’ll start here, if you remember the game fondly, for everything that it gave you, and revolutionized gaming at the time. Guess what, every single thing holds up from the previous incarnation on the Dreamcast. I’ll go with good first. Sega kept the game exactly the same, to the game’s features as the first time it was released. Simply amazing, beautiful, and nostalgia factor off the scales. The graffiti in crisp 1080p, character models even more streamline with the up to HD quality. But I’ll start with the graffiti, since it’s the star of the show, more than the weird story, control the airwaves, and control Tokyo-To and the taggers story. Every single graffiti from the first is back as well as a dozen new ones, which Sega picked to be in the game. Link to the reveal video here:

Congratulations to the winners, personal favorite is Snack Attack! That is all. But additionally, they also kept the create your own graffiti feature in game… sadly, XBLA version didn’t have it included for some reason. Sega, also, added a better camera to the game, allowing for better controls while skating, and when the camera slightly reverses during certain tricks and moments after tagging walls. It’s not a bad thing, that the game remained the same. Also, the music, the music wasn’t touched, but reduced number, and it remains the same selection of pop, punk, rock, hip hop, instrumental, and electronic. The music and the graffiti made the game a cult classic, and I’m glad, they kept the music the same, while adding new graffiti to the mix. Plus, best GGs in the gang, are Cube and Garam… He’s the weird version of Spider Man and a foot ninja… look!

The guy on the far top left, thats Garam, and on his left Cube

The guy on the far top left, that’s Garam, and on his left Cube

Now, onto the bad; remember, all the bad from the first version of the game on the Dreamcast. Well, they all persist in the HD version. I’ll start with controls… Seriously, remember having the inspector a 100ft from you and you have to finish that last graffiti with a full circle and half circle on the analog, and you’d be done finish the board? And for good measure, throw in, your one shot from restarting. And end result, you getting shot in the back, because your control wouldn’t register the freaking half circle. Yup my friend, that’s still present, love it or hate it. Even with the improved camera, it still has those moments where, you skate down the hall towards the Poison Jam for the boss fight, and you can’t avoid them, because the damn camera changed, and controls were inverted, yup still there. Also, with the new camera, it also, has rather random moments of pop-in and popup during levels. Also, another bad translation to HD, was the music during the cutscenes, tend to skip. Last thing, loading times, I don’t exactly remember the loading from the first iteration, but in the re-release, they seem rather long, but that could be me. Not a rage worthy long, but long load times, but a slight nuisance all the same.Jet Set Radio HD 2

Those new to the game, will probably guff at the simplicity of the controls and the feel of not doing the tricks, and everything being automated. But those who remember the game for what it really was, a romp through Tokyo-To, tagging everything from walls, to water towers, billboards, helicopters, rival gangs and the Inspector, you’ll love everything about this game, like first time you played it almost 12 years ago. The game style, humor, music, and fun have all translated well, as well as the quirky things that made you want to jump into the game and hunt down the GGs yourself. Even with the time that has passed on the game and franchise, the game with its new HD paint, character models sporting still very few polygons, and the game is worth the price tag.

No GravatarAnarchy-Reigns-Jack-PoseRelease your inner “badass” with Platinum games latest title, Anarchy Reigns. This title is a third person brawler that features Jack Cayman from their previous Wii title “Madworld” along with a bevy of off the wall characters in this post apocalyptic setting overrun by goons, ninjas, robot drones, crazy “Death Proof” esque cars, mutants and tons more.


The campaign is split into two different parts referred to as Black Side and White Side. In the Black Side you control Jack in his quest to find Maximilian for his daughter who paid for you to retrieve him. In the White Side you control Leo a BPS soldier who is sent to retrieve his mentor, the aforementioned Maximilian. In a way these two stories intersect with one another whilst trying to make the entire storyline seem relevant. Unfortunately  it doesn’t. In a game where the combat doesn’t take itself to seriously the plot sure tries…sort of. For the most part, I was just confused. It jumps from place to place, introducing several characters without really ever explaining their purpose. The story is so irrelevant that it might as well not have been included. The only thing it does is it gets you adjusted to the combat and features a few fun modes of play that cannot be experienced online. Nevertheless, it’s a boring and uninspired single player romp that is only worth playing through once just to unlock all of the extra characters.



This section is going to be very short and sweet…they suck. There are better looking games on the SEGA Dreamcast and that says a lot. The characters and their special effects seem to be where all the graphical attention went because the level design is atrocious. I thought that I would never ever dislike grey as much as I did before I played this title and boy was I proven wrong.


This department fires on all cylinders with some great sound effects for the brutal and visceral combat accompanied by an awesome soundtrack that is somewhere along the lines of House Rap and Drum & Bass. It’s pretty cool. It reminds me very much of “Madworld” especially since this game is the spiritual successor to it. At any rate, you’ll be remembering several tunes every time you think of the game.



Ahhh…the most important piece of any game. Thankfully this game make a pretty good effort in delivering a satisfying combat system. While there isn’t any advancement in the combat that you have there is a hint of depth along with the delivery in how you handle encounters and dealing damage. Everything is fun since you feel like a massive powerhouse and every punch and kick is delivered with such force, often at times either decapitation or explosion. It’s just satisfying.


Here is where the central focus of the game obviously went into. There are so many modes with so many options of how to play that this is where the majority of the time should be spent. But will you is the question. I more than likely won’t touch it often. It is interesting the first few matches and then frustration builds as you get swarmed with mass amounts of chaos, static camera angles deterring you from fighting your opponents, kill stealing and all other sorts of dumb things that could happen that are more than likely out of your control. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing quite like it and it still has it’s charm. Unfortunately, i’m unsure of how long that will last.

With a less than stellar single player campaign, very poor graphics and somewhat lackluster replayabilty Anarchy reigns is a game that could easily be passed up. The main attraction to this game is that the price point in the US is $29.99 which is a steal. Plus, there aren’t many games with as much charisma as this one. But, it is a venture that some will not be willing to take.


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No GravatarOh Sonic, you’ve had your up and you’ve certainly had your downs. 11 years ago you released your last game on a Sega made console, the Dreamcast. For many, but not all, the Dreamcast era was the last time they saw a “good” Sonic game. With Sonic Adventure 2 HD just released on the PSN and Xbox Live, does this game live up to the nostalgia of long time Sonic fans? Or perhaps this game was never good to begin with?

Tell me how these two get mistaken for each other???

Tell me how these two get mistaken for each other???


Sonic Adventure 2 is cut into two parts, Hero Side and Dark side. Hero represents Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; Dark representing Eggman and the debut of Shadow and Rogue. Beating both sides unlocks a joint mission that ends the story. It’s interesting to see both perspectives of this adventure and witnessing why Eggman does what he does, but I think Sonic Adventure 1 did it better with each character getting there own story. Sonic and Shadow represent traditional Sonic gameplay, and honestly that’s where the most fun to be had is. Tails and Eggman are in these weird bipedal robots that are slow and bulky but can be fun at times. The worst levels are Knuckles and Rouge. Once again, the Master Emerald is shattered and Knuckles has to find 3 pieces per level to put it back together a la Sonic Adventure 1. Rouge plays the same way; she just wants the emerald for herself. These levels can be extremely frustrating, the your meter tells you Knuckles is right on top of an emerald piece, only for it to take you 15 minutes to realize it’s a level below you and the only way to get there is to go all the way around the level… Ya, it’s annoying. And let’s not forget the surprise drop down enemies that you can’t avoid unless you already know they are coming.

However, there are good sides to this game. The colors are bright and beautiful and runs smoothly. I always thought SA2 looked worse than SA1 and it shows here in HD. Same music is back and still get’s stuck in your head, in a good way. (?Fallow me, set me free?) As I said before, Sonic and Shadow are the most fun. Zippy through space grinding on rails or running through the jungle is pretty rad. And once again the Chao are back. I can’t lie, I find it really enjoyable to raise my Chao, maybe because I’m an animal lover and don’t have to clean the poop up for them. There’s also a lot for relay value trying to get better scores and emblems. Camera angles will sometimes go wonky but I didn’t have too much trouble with it. This game is fun, you just have to put up with the frustration as well.


Fight little blue cuddly things!

The last Sonic game to be released on a Sega owned platform before the company bowed out of the console wars. Sonic Adventure 2 for its time was a fun game, but with Sonic lost in the realm subpar games, SA2 seems like it might have been turning point from great, to mediocre. It’s still fun and better than a lot of Sonic games we’ve had to deal with in this generation (Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3 and Xbox is garbage) it still has its problems. Sonic Adventure 2 for the PSN and Xbox Live runs straight down the middle with a 3 out of 5.

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No GravatarA hardcore gamer used to mean someone who played a variety of games because the welcomed the challenge and different game play experiences that the world of gaming offers.  Today the so-called hardcore gamer is someone who is loyal to a gaming genre or franchise and doesn’t want to play anything that is not gritty and dirty. They are also people who are so loyal to their favorite consoles or gaming genre that everything that is not what they like, are regarded sub-par and not worthy of a single look. This contrast could be the fault of the game makers who are after the next big game or there is truly no creativity in gaming anymore.

Back during the mid 1980’s through the mid 1990’s Nintendo could basically do no wrong. Nintendo had some of the best companies in the world working on some of the best games in the history of video games. The Game Boy was the best-selling handheld gaming device in history. Most Hardcore gamers had the Nintendo Entertainment System, The Super Nintendo and a Game Boy and enjoyed the games on all three platforms.

Now in the mid 1990’s The Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation consoles were released and brought CD based Gaming to the mainstream. Those consoles changed the way video games looked and sounded with the advanced CD technology in the hardware. The hardcore gamers were seeing games in a whole new light. Then came the Nintendo 64 system, and that is the day the love died for most hardcore gamers.

Deny it if you want, but when Nintendo announced that they did not choose the CD format because of loading times and they were going to stick with cartridges some fans abandoned them. Some of the “hardcore” gamers never went back. In the eyes of the hardcore, Nintendo dropped the ball and they were from that day on, a generation behind. However, in the grand history of video games, the Nintendo 64 was a gaming marvel. If not for the N64, there would be no Goldeneye 007, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers,  The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time or Mario Party. These are games that broke the mold as far as game design and game play mechanics.

Super Mario 64 is the blueprint for all modern platformers.

Super Mario 64 was the blueprint for the 3D platformer.  Goldeneye 007 single-handedly brought the first console first person shooter into the mainstream, until Halo on the original Xbox. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time helped mold the 3D action adventure genre into what it is today. Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party both were a phenomenon like no other and they have both spawned numerous clones. However some hardcore gamers couldn’t get past the cartridge hump. Which, in this writer’s opinion, doesn’t make them hardcore at all. With that being said, let’s move on.

Enter the GameCube. Now this was the last time that a Nintendo console was technically comparable or superior to the competing consoles. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox dominated that generation with the third party support. The GameCube had great games like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Zero and the remake of the first Resident Evil game. They also had Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Killer 7, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and the Metroid Prime series.  Other games like Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would have been included in that list, but those are not considered hardcore because they are not M-rated.

This is one of the best GameCube games you didn’t buy.

Next is the first lightning rod of all the hardcore Nintendo hate, The Nintendo Wii. Now it is a popular saying among gamers that the Wii console is for your grandmother, little kids or casual gamers. This author begs to differ. The Nintendo Wii DOES have some hardcore games, you just need to open your eyes and look. Games like Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, Madworld, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Donkey Kong Country Returns, No More Heroes, and many more. Most of these games were overlooked by the so-called “hardcore gamers” because these were franchises that were not established. That is the fault of the gamers not being willing to try anything new.

Another Wii game many of you slept on.

Let us turn to the Nintendo 3DS/DS.  This is one of the highest and fastest selling handhelds in history. With that being stated, The Sony PlayStation Portable was considered the handheld for hardcore gamers. The Nintendo DS outsold the PSP in the US at a ratio of 4 to 1. The thing about the DS/3DS was the fact that many of the classic gaming franchises we consider hardcore we released on the device.  Titles like Contra, Metroid, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger, and The Zelda and Mario series helps keep the DS/3DS in the hands of the hardcore gamer who likes true portable gaming. The unique game play styles the DS/3DS gives us is one of the main reasons the handheld does so well.

Now, the second lightning rod of Nintendo hate, the Wii U. A console that is not released yet, but already has the hardcore gamers generally dismissing Nintendo. Some gamers have even suggested that Nintendo set the gaming generation out because in their eyes Nintendo is dead and buried. More suggest that Nintendo go the route that Sega has gone, third-party developer. Both are nonsense, in this author’s opinion. What most of these gamers don’t realize is the Wii U is made for us core/hardcore gamers. It has HD graphics for the graphic whores and even a new pro controller for traditional game control. After Nintendo gave you all that now you are complaining about the games. Have we become a nation of whiny gamers? That is for another editorial by this same author.

Hardcore Gamers think this is the only cool game for the Wii U.

Now with all of that said, the hardcore gamer still questions the relevance of Nintendo. While their consoles and companies of choice have been playing catch up with the innovation of Nintendo, now the hardcore are throwing stones and the Wii U and now at the 3DS. This practice is sad by this author’s standard. While Nintendo is finally catching up to Microsoft and Sony on a graphical level, Sony and Microsoft have not caught up to Nintendo on an innovative level.  So is the Wii U the console that will both innovate and satisfy the graphic whores? It will probably not. One thing it will do is get even more people enjoying the gaming experience in other ways than currently available. As previously stated, the thing about the Wii U is that it was made with the hardcore gamer in mind. This is the Nintendo console for you. The fact the Nintendo made a Classic Controller Pro is proof of that.

Hopefully this editorial doesn’t come off as a fan-boy rant. It is not intended to seem that way. All companies and consoles deserve their shine and when a segment of society bashes them without an informed opinion, it is not fair. The bottom line is, Nintendo has always had the games and the audience. Many of you have grown up with Nintendo.  The problem is many of you are not growing with Nintendo.  Nintendo never abandoned the hardcore gamer, it is the other way around.

This game is not considered a hardcore game. Why not revisit it and see for yourself?

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No GravatarThis title is so great to us, it has to be put in to categories, Best Game Ever and Games You Slept On.

Luffy only wishes he had girls like this following him around.

During its brief lifespan, the Sega Dreamcast was hardly known as a system for RPG enthusiasts. And yet, it managed to bring to the table one of the most satisfying RPG experiences of the era, a mix of solid gameplay, colorful characters, harmonious music and pirates. The game in question: Skies of Arcadia. And while it never achieved the status of super-hit, it did influence a generation of gamers and games who continue to recall it with fond memories (and the occasional cosplay).

Skies of Arcadia was something of a dark horse game on a dark horse system. It was one of only three “real” RPGs on the Dreamcast (the other being the grind-fest “Evolution” and the landmark “Grandia II”).  And yet, it managed to set itself apart from the others through a series of twists and turns that were unique at the time, but which would lay the groundwork for many subsequent games.

The story revolved around three characters: Sky-Pirate Vyse; his best friend, the bubbly Aika; and mysterious magical girl Fina. Their relationship was developed strongly over the 40 plus hours of gameplay. It never went down the romance path (at least not as much as many other games would have), and was focused more on the idea that three people could save the world if they tried hard enough.

Drachma. Fun fact: his name means "money" in Greek.

Well, more like four people. During the course of the game, the fourth character slot revolved between two more colorful folk: the grizzled “sea captain” Drachma and the urbane Prince Enrique, of the Valua Empire. Unlike the “main three,” these two additions were more cookie cutter: Drachma, a cross between Ahab and Cid Highwind, “swore” a lot and obsessed over a whale he needed to hunt, while Enrique was the stereotypical disillusioned son of a despotic tyrant who joined the Pirates because he loved the freedom, and hated the hypocrisy. While both played roles in the story, and indeed were necessary for progressing forward, they never exactly enjoyed the same amount of exposition as the “big three.”

The plot focused on the efforts of the Valuan Empire to revive these things known as “Gigas,” which were collossi of the ancient world that had great destructive power, yada yada yada. Fina was the last survivor of an ancient race sworn to protect the gigas from being used by vile…etc, etc etc. You’ve heard it before. Evil empire seeks great power, small band of rebels resist them. The small band has the “heart” to succeed, and they topple their foe, save the world, get the girl, happily ever after. The story itself was fairly straightforward, with few side quests, and was nothing really new. What made Skies of Arcadia such a wonderful game was what you could DO in the world while you were progressing along the main story. The world was a character, and it made the experience so much more validating in the end.

First off, it should be noted that Skies of Arcadia was one of the most beautiful RPGs ever made (and not just at the time). The developers put painstaking attention in crafting a flawless, visually stunning world that almost leapt off the screen at the player. Vivid colors, subtle sounds, intricately designed dungeons and towns, these all contributed to making the game lovely to look at. The “bestiary” was just as unique and varied, with nary a copy of anything to be found. Enemies were unique to their own worlds, and reflected the designs therein. The Pirates of the Blue Rogues were colorful and rough, the empire was silver, stoic and sharp. Despite being technologically “inferior” to the Playstation 2, the graphics on the Dreamcast were among the best gaming had to offer. Skies put to shame just about any game the Playstation had out from a visual standpoint. Just witness the first scene of the Gigas rising out of the forest, and you will see how much attention was paid to detail and execution.

Go for the legs, it's you only chance of stopping it!

But graphics are only part of the picture. Where Skies of Arcadia shone even more was in the gameplay. It was, in a word, simple. Simple, but also refined to a point where simplicity didn’t mean easy. Skies could best be described as very “stripped down” mechanics wise. No tactical placement needed, magic consumed only 1 MP each cast (2 if it was a powerful spell), combat was a seamless platform of attack, defend, item, retreat. But it also required the player to think. Blitzing all out for the victory might work sometimes, but at others, strategic uses of defense would ultimately make more sense. Each character had “charge” attacks that required the accumulation of turns building up a meter that could then be unleashed to devastating effect. Later in the game, this also allowed for full party special attacks that could end combat in a turn, provided the player was willing (or able) to endure turn after turn of pounding before the combo could be unleashed.

And combat was a big part of the game. Skies had such a high rate of random encounter that it was feasible to enter battle every 4-5 steps. Yes, steps. Fortunately, the Dreamcast gave us a bit of warning, in the form of the disc suddenly stopping, then speeding up rapidly, announcing that we were about to get into it yet again. This high rate of battle was a bit annoying in dungeons, especially if time was a factor, but it also led to a lot of XP, money and drops that would benefit the players later on.

In addition to complex dungeons and unique zones, Skies of Arcadia also showed us that the sky truly was the limit. The world the game takes place on was more a collection of floating islands, joined together by sky ships that were necessary to traverse the immense expanse. Flying through the world, both above and below the clouds, introduced two wonderful new features to the game: exploration and sky battles.

Sky battles were one of the ways Skies managed to distinguish itself from other RPGs of similar style. You would encounter a ship while flying across the expanse, and suddenly it was on, with cannons firing, harpoons launching and magic being throw from bow to stern. These battles were a good deal more technical than the ground fights. Maneuvering was an issue, you had to keep within range or risk missing your shot. And since the ship’s weapons were so powerful, missing a shot then being hit in turn was a devastating blow, especially early on. Of course, you could just harpoon the enemy ship and drag it close, but then it turned into a battle of attrition, with each side punishing the other until one sank.

But sky battles were often necessary to upgrade your ship, earn gold and weapons, and prepare for battles later against bigger, more powerful craft. And of course, against the Gigas. Every single Gigas battle in the game was ship combat, with the first being downright scary to behold. They required you to think instead of blitz, and the careful execution of strategy would be rewarded in the end. All this led up to the final battle against…well, no spoiling here, but the first half of the fight was a giant sky battle that tested every skill the player had acquired up to that point.

The other joy of flying the “Skies” came in the form of exploring for hidden relics and monuments. While I can’t list all of them here, they represented “bragging” rights both in and out of game, and helped you recruit more members for your Pirate crew. Fly above the clouds, fly below them, scan the islands that appeared empty, who knows what you might find. And these discoveries even had an impact on gameplay: certain potential crew members required you to have found certain things or they wouldn’t join with you. Oh did, I not mention you get a pirate crew? Hmmm, perhaps I should rectify…

Over the course of the game, you obtain a small island of your own, which eventually turns into your base. At first, its little more than a lake, cave and some wood for building a house. But remember how I said you get a crew? Well, as you add more and more crew members to your ship, your little island gets bigger and bigger, with more buildings, shops and other facilities that you can use to further enhance your party. The joy of getting more crew parallels the joy of finding more relics, and by the end of the game…well, let’s just say a large crew can inflict a lot of damage in certain situations, where they might be called on to save their captain’s skin.

Uh, can I trade Aika for the girl with the purple hair?

While this game came and went on the short-lived Dreamcast, it was also one of the few that managed to get a second life on the Gamecube a few years later. Skies of Arcadia Legends, a full port of the original game, managed to “correct” a few of the “flaws” in the original game, through a stripping down of the random encounter rate, additions of even more crew and monuments, and wanted battles, which tested your resolve with extremely challenging fights against wicked pirates, imperial spies…and yourselves. That’s right, at one point you get to fight your own  “clones” in a knock down, drag out brawl that ends with you being rewarded with…a fish? Yes, it was indeed a fish. But one hell of a fish.

Seeing that both the Dreamcast and Gamecube have faded away into the sunset, finding a copy of this game might be a slight challenge, but it is a worthy addition to the collections of any RPG enthusiast. In an era when Final Fantasy was the standard bearer for what an RPG should be, Skies of Arcadia was something fresh and new, not a copy of what had come before. With freedom to explore, a colorful cast and varied encounters, it gave an experience that has yet to be matched by any contemporary game.

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Here at Real Otaku Gamer, we love to give back. This is why we have created the “Ultimate” series of contests. This is the first contest in that series.

Now let’s get to the goods! The Grand Prize is a Limited Edition Vinyl LP.

This Vinyl was created to celebrate the release of the Dreamcast Collection in the PAL territories. As you can see these are numbered so you know these are going to be Rare. It has 6 tracks for classics like Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5, and Crazy Taxi.


The winner of the First Prize will receive: A limited edition Sega Dreamcast Hoodie size XL shown here. There are 2 of these available.

This is the front of the hoodie.

This is the back of the hoodie.










Now it is time for the second prize. It is a copy of  Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360.

This is a new copy of the game. This game comes with Crazy Taxi, Sonic  Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 part 2. This is a great collection for Dreamcast fans and newcomers alike.

Now, how do you win one of these awesome prizes? Just prove how much you love Dreamcast by showing off your Dreamcast collection. All you have to do is send us a picture of your Sega Dreamcast collection. That is it!!! Be sure to put your name or yourself  in the picture so we know it is real.

Now the pictures needs to show games and consoles, but to make your chances better, place ANYTHING Sega Dreamcast related in the pictures. That means toys, magazines, posters and other merchandise. The best 3 pics which will be decided by the Real Otaku Gamer staff and the fine folks at Sega of America.

You can submit your entries just email the pictures to you are at it, be sure to follow us on Twitter Page and “Like” us on our  Facebook Page. All entries must be submitted by May 1, 2011 to be considered in the contest.

We look forward to seeing the collections. Good Luck from the Real Otaku Gamer Staff.


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No GravatarIt was the winter of the year 2000, going into 2001, the Sega Dreamcast had dominated that year. ThePS2 Launch in America, coupled with the fact that the systems games where being pirated, made its future seem very bleak before the system completely dying off in 2002.

My 1st Games where NFL 2k and Sonic Adventure. I was placed on punishment not because of grades but because of a fight that broke out in class just two days before X-mas break. I waited and waited and finally earned my Dreamcast back and had played Sonic Adventure to Death. I could only beat the first 5 campaigns Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and E 102, but not Big The Cat. The fishing Rasta of a Feline drove me up a wall. So I waited and right before Sonic Adventure 2 came out, I dove back in and beat that campaign and beat it, but when I finished the Super Sonic Story Opened up. The story of the entire game was Sonic and the gang trying to stop Eggman “ahem” I mean Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world with the mythical creature Chaos. The Beast used the power of a series stable the Chaos Emeralds to become Perfect Chaos. The Final Battle is a huge one and it showcased the beauty and power of the Dreamcast and It was one I’ll never forget. (SPOILER ALERT) When all hope was lost Sonic managed to succeed. With the help of the Chaos (little mythic pet creatures that were made at the same time Chaos and the emeralds were) to re-power the Emeralds to defeat Chaos and send him into the waters in which he came.


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Starting with coin-op machines, Sega was a growing company in a new industry. They were the first in many endeavors and although hit several times by the economy, competitors, and even their own mistakes, Sega has always managed to reconstruct themselves to come out on top. Continuing to learn, this hardware developer soon became a software only company, re-establishing their place in the game world and continuing to dash full speed ahead.

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No Gravatar2010 has been a good year for SEGA fans! There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding them. With the recent release of Sonic Colors, Sonic 4: Episode 1 and the announcement of more Dreamcast titles coming to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, SEGA appears to be listening to it’s fans.

After much demand from fans, SEGA announced that they would port their 2006 arcade hit After Burner Climax to Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles. On April 21, 2010 this became a reality. Shortly after that, the first of the Dreamcast titles Sonic Adventure was released. These games have got me excited for SEGA again.

Let’s also not forget two amazing 2010 games Bayonetta and Vanquish developed by the talented roster at Platinum Games! This team is a definite plus to the SEGA family.

I’ve personally been a SEGA fan since the Genesis days. Although I never owned one during it’s heyday, I played the system constantly at my friend’s house. Streets of Rage, Sonic and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker were all required playing during my visits. If you are wanting to relive the Genesis days or even see what you might have missed, I suggest Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Many top titles on one disc!

I jumped on SEGA bandwagon hard when the Saturn was released in 1995 and continue to be a fan to this day. The 2D games were amazing on the Saturn console and is a system I play regularly even today. Their 1st party 3D titles such as NiGHTS and Pazner Dragoon were amazing as well.  With ports of many of their arcade hits such as the Virtua Fighter series and House of the Dead, the Saturn was the go-to system for arcade fans!

Hopefully, we can convince SEGA to port some of their classic Saturn and Arcade games. I’d love to see Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon, Daytona and Virtua Cop updated for today’s generation of consoles. You’ve already given us the 2-in-1 pack of Gunblade NY w/ L.A. Machineguns!

With Crazy Taxi just a few days away and Space Channel 5: Part 2 coming soon, SEGA appears to be ending 2010 with a bang. The only thing that can make this SEGA year even better is the announcement of Shenmue III. Come on SEGA! It has been 9 years since Part II was released! We want closure!