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By SarahTheRebel On 19 Jul, 2012 At 08:03 AM | Categorized As Conventions, PlayStation, Reviews, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 1 Comment

No GravatarDuring San Diego Comic Con, I had the opportunity to play the New ME3 DLC “Earth”. As an added bonus, for one of my matches, Kimberly Brooks, the voice of Ashley, was my squadmate! It was her first time playing, but she held her own.

For me, the first order of business was to check out the new Platinum difficulty. All the other guys tried to argue that it was too hard. My opinion is: here we were at Comic Con in the BioWare lounge getting a sneak peak of some DLC. Why would I play a normal map on Silver?

I chose platinum on the London Map. All I can really say about the new difficulty is: WOW. They are not kidding. As five Banshees teleported up the stairs to my location, I felt my first moment of doubt. On wave 4, as the last surviving squad member, I felt my first moment of blind panic. I committed suicide for the greater good.

I repeat: the difficulty was so hard that I commited in-game seppuko.

I cannot WAIT to play this with my friends!

As far as the maps, London is definitely the more challenging of the three, with less cover and more places to get cornered. Vancouver and Rio are both excellent and beautiful. Vancouver seems a little small for some reason, but there is plenty of cover and levels of obstacles to keep it interesting.

The new characters were all human, which was a slight dissapointment to me. Out of the Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept, I was only able to play as the Fury Adept, due to my bad luck (long story).

HOWEVER, Fury Adept is greatness. I loved the character, her abilities and how creepy she looked. She is an excellent adition to the squadmates. Another new character I watched in action was the Shadow (Infiltrator), which looked like a super cool Phantom <3

Overall I enjoyed my time, both playing the new DLC and in general hanging out at the BioWare base. As usual, I left their event feeling even more like a rabid fangirl. I spoke with one of the level designers and his passion for the game and for the fans was immeasurable.

The ME3 Earth DLC is currently available for download and is free of charge.

My “I’m playing with Kim Brooks on Bronze” face