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No GravatarThere are some games that are so spectacular that they continue to have a large following, even though they have been released years beforehand.  Despite being in late 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to have life, especially on the PC where the modding community has completely revitalized the game.

Real Otaku Gamer is introducing a new, weekly column about one of the most beloved RPGs of the last decade.  In this column, I will discuss how this amazing game has been kept alive for such a long time, including discussions on modding, PC gaming, and the “it” quality to Skyrim that makes it such a beloved game.  I hope that you all will join me in the coming weeks as my “companions” in this new series for those who adore everything Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, and Bethesda.


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No GravatarHello, mes amis. We are getting close to Christmas, are we not? I was doing a post on my lifestyle blog regarding Christmas ideas and thought HEY…why not do an intriguing list for fellow geeks and otaku? Right? I mean we all need yet more things to drool over.I have therefor composed this list of goodies for people who are themselves geeks OR who are buying for their geeky comrades.


First of all, you need some music to get into the holiday spirit. I love Hue and Hum’s Christmas album. Go and get it now

and support this indie duo.

That’s better. Let’s begin.

The Gamer

Your gaming buddy ( or me) will absolutely start crying if you buy them the newest

Elder Scrolls.

You would be accepted more at work.

People may stop suddenly to bow down and worship you.

If you want my advice,

you could also pre order

Silent Hill Downpour

If you want them to propose to you,

get them a gift certificate at GOG.

                  The Photo Geek slash Hipster

Since Instagram has gained popularity, people are enjoying the look of

60s photography and toy cameras. Get your Instagram addicted

friend or hipster this Diana F plus Gold Edition.

Another great option is to get their pics made into an

Instagram book on Blurb.

The Anime Buff

Odd supernatural powers, assassins….thing that nerds dream of.

Why not get your friend Darker Than Black?

I myself would love to get Ergo Proxy.

The Horror Buff

This is a challenge, as each of us horror geeks have different horror preferences.

I myself love Argento and 70s-earl 90s stuff.

To play it safe, since this is the holiday season,

get them something themed, such as Black Christmas or Christmas Evil.

I love both, especially the latter.

I had the chance to see Black Christmas in LA,

and several of the actors came to speak. It was

an amazing experience.


The Bibliophile

For the reader, I recommend getting the philosopher Huxley and God,

a collection of Aldous Huxley’s essays on spirituality

from the Vedanta society.

The Lovecraftian would probably have a heart attack

if you got them A Lovecraft Retrospective, but

if they survive it they will be your slave for eternity.

For the youngster who is a ‘reluctant reader’,

You Can’t have My Planet But Take My Brother, Please

is a fun read!!

The Religiously Inclined

I have a few shirts from WearableSermon and find them comfortable and uplifting.

For your Mormon pals, the Hue and Hum CD I mentioned is actually done

by a cool Mormon couple, so they may appreciate that.

Hindus with kids will love the comic books from Desi Kids.

Figures such as Gandhi and Ramakrishna are brought to life

in vivid colour. Even if you are not Hindu nor a child,

you will think they are cool.

The Foodie

For some reason, the Star Trek Cookbook makes me want to cry

it is so cool. Intergalactic food will do that to a person.

Kitchen Confidential is a must have, for serious chefs as

well as those of us who do what we can to make things taste

decently. Getting this as well as No Reservations are a Bourdain

package sure to please anyone ( even vegans seem to find Bourdain amusing…)

What are your must haves for Christmas?

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The Real Otaku Gamer Ultimate Fan series continues with the “Are you the ultimate Bethesda fan?” contest.

So here I sit, holding a gun in the air, and aiming down it’s sights. The super mutants ugly mug stares me down. grinning and grinding its teeth. I begin to squeeze the trigger. My mind clear, and resolve unquestioning. But wait! There comes the horde of Daedra. Rolling down the hill. Infinitely different in form, as they are in skill. SHIT! Never fear, your shock spell with frost damage is in hand. As you ready for this battle, that will be calculated and determined in milliseconds, the peripheral of your eye spots another problem. It’s a bandit from the dusty dunes of RAGE!!! I real up for the fallout that is about to be spread. My hands become sweaty and clammy. I realize you didn’t pack enough venison and stimpaks to absorb to blow of this fight. In other words, I just bit off more than you can chew.

Over the past few years Bethesda has become, arguably,  a household name among gamers. When I say RPG these days, it’s easy to think of Oblivion and Fallout. When I say best looking game this generation, your mind may snap to RAGE. When it boils down to what’s come out, and what’s coming out, it’s hard to show any resentment towards Bethesda.

So to show our love, we here at Real Otaku Gamer are throwing a Bethesda game giveaway. We’re giving away a Skyrim, Rage, a few copies of New Vegas, Fallout 3, or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Also for those of you broke as a joke due gaming madness, we’re giving away several PSN and XBL cards. The prizes are listed as follows.

Grand Prize Winner:1 winner

1 Copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the winners system of choice.

1 Copy of RAGE on winners system of choice.

1 PSN or XBL card

1st Place winners: 2 winners

1 Copy of RAGE or Skyrim on the system of their choice.

2nd Place winners: 3 winners

1 copy of Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or Fallout: New Vegas on the system of their choice

3rd Place Winners: 4 winners

1 PSN or XBL card


All you have to do is follow the simple rules.


*All you have to do is send a picture of you standing next to your screen. On it    should be the Bethesda game, and the DLC of your choice.With a time stamp to verify, you are who you say you are. And yes, you can send extra pictures in if you’re doing a cos-play. Yes Cos-play is welcome in this contest. We are also an anime site after all.

An example of cos play. Yeah this was kinda johnny on the spot 😛


This should also have a time stamo, but you get the picture of what we need


*All contest entries should be sent to,

Helpful Hints:

* Try to be creative. The most creative ones sent in will be posted here.

* This should go without saying, but it’s the internet, so here goes. No nudity! If you think that’s going to win you brownie points, you’re dead mistaken.If you do, be sure all that’s going to happen is you getting disqualified from the contest, and the staff laughing at your birthday suit.

*A side note to creativity, try and be goofy. Nothing says, “I want this!” more than embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of people.

*A video is always welcome in contrast to a picture. Just be sure to try and make us laugh if you do so. Remember it’s getting posted here.

*Send all entries to Tis email for those who are new to the game. 😀

This contest opens Monday September 19, 2011 and will end November 1, 2011.

Finally we will be giving out DLC codes all week for Fallout: New Vegas and Honest Heart on twitter. So keep your eyes peeled.

Twitters’ you should follow:






Good luck and thanks for following Real Otaku Gamer.



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With the San Diego Comic Con starting up real soon, we decided to share what the staff here at Real Otaku Gamer is most excited to see at San Diego Comic Con this year! Check out all of the quotes from the staff below.



“Movies. I want Batman The Dark Knight Rises info, The Avengers info, Amazing Spider-man trailer hopefully, For games, I want to hear more on Star Wars The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3, and Batman Arkham City, and Street Fighter X Tekken.”

Dj Killzown Jones

“Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I need more characters.”



“The things I am looking forward to, I guess, from Comic Con is information on Mass Effect 3 and of course Elder Scrolls Skyrim.  I am so excited for both of these games and I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on them.”


“SWTOR. So ready to play. Also trying to figure out if a couple more games I’m interested in are coming out with something at Comic Con. Formula for a cone gogogo!!!”


“I am looking forward to seeing what movies are going to be there. I am really more interested in the new action figures: anything related to the DC animated stuff  and the dark knight rises. I wanna see a new trailer for year one!”

and last but not least: me!

Sarah The Rebel

I am looking forward to the Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC demos. I’m also really excited about the panels including Felicia Day’s panel on Dragon Age: Redemption, the panel on female sci-fi heroes, and the panel on whether or not nerdy girls are abusing their sexy.



And there you have it guys. That’s what we here on staff are looking forward to the most. What are you looking forward to at this year’s Comic Con International?