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chara box

No GravatarGFF is under way, and I’m really excited because I’m introducing a figure I’ve been looking forward to a really long time.

Princess Shirahoshi Excellent Model Portrait.of.Pirates Figure

This Princess Shirahoshi figure does justice to the  beautiful mermaid. The thing I love the most about the figure is all the attention paid to detail. Each scale stands out by itself and gives the long multicolored tail some realism. The balance between vivid color and transparent looking parts mix perfectly. It’s a definite must have for any One Piece fan.

mermaidmermaid close up

To remain true to the manga, Luffy should be smaller, but since I believe it’s mostly an artistic choice than a mistake it can easily be forgiven. My only real complain in the crack that can be seen behind her, right where the flowers and the coral reside on the rock, it’s distracting.

Maker: Mega House  Average online price: $119.33

Anime Chara Heroes One Piece D.P.C.F. Volume 1

This is the first out of what promises to be a new line of those lovable random assortment figurines. They stand 57 mm tall and have the heroes in cowboy getup and an assortment of villains in their normal costumes. There are 16 figures to collect, with a mystery figure known to be out there.

All figurineschara box

Maker: Plex  Average online price: $5.20

Avengers Head Knockers

More commonly referred to as bobble heads, but these are not your dad’s regular bobble heads (unless your dad is really cool). These are Avenger bobble heads worthy of displaying with dignity.

hulkiron mancaptain americathor

These figures stand alone without the need of a pole, and their base is the Avenger’s symbol. Sadly no Black Widow but there are all the most important heroes whose movies you’ve seen before.

Maker: NECA  Average online price: $17.95