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No GravatarAs a huge Legend of Zelda fan I had to spread word on this awesome Zelda hoodie jacket! This Legend of Zelda inspired hoodie has a duel color scheme of green and black along the entire jacket. Its hood comes with a “widow’s peak” in similar fashion with an assassin’s hood from Assassin’s Creed which is adorned with the famous Triforce Eagle Crest in gold, the crest is also emblazoned on the back of the jacket in a soft black. With the fall season arriving and winter approaching you are going to need something to keep you warm in the impending cold weather. Why not this banging Zelda hoodie to show off your Zelda pride in style?

At first the jacket was only on the UK circuit, only being sold by stores that specialize in video game swag. However HMK has found a seller on ebay that can ship it stateside! The only possible problem is the price point. At the price point of roughly 40 British Pounds and a shipping fee of 12 Pounds you looking at a converted cost of around $85. That’s a pretty penny for a swaggin’ sweater! So if you can drop enough coin to get this bad boy shipped to you, don’t hesitate! I know I didn’t.
lrgscaleZelda Hoody Patch

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After being first announced back in 2005, Gran Turismo 5 will be hitting store shelves in North America on Wednesday November 24th.

The Playstation 3 exclusive race car simulator features over 1000 cars which includes select NASCAR cars, karts and sports an all-new Course Maker, dynamic weather system as well as a powerful online community.

Alongside of the release date, President of Polyphony Digital Inc. , Kazunori Yamauchi said:

“Gran Turismo 5 is an ambitious project, with challenges and complexities which have made it our version of the Apollo Space Program! When we created the original Gran Turismo back in 1997, we wanted to set a completely new precedent for the racing genre. With the technological leap onto PlayStation 3, our objective with Gran Turismo 5 was to create another great revolution which would not only satisfy our own high expectations, but would meet or even exceed the anticipation of the fans. Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly. I can only apologize to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed.”

According to the Playstation Blog you should go out and pre-order your copy today in order to get your copy with a voucher for one of five free downloadable cars with a custom Stealth Model skin.

Took long enough with all the delays. Now Playstation gamers will get their fix in two weeks time.