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No GravatarIf you’re anything like me, you have bookmarks filled with every website imaginable, divided into categories like Cosplay, Figure Sellers, Video Game Importers, and etc. constantly checking them to see if there are some sweet deals to take advantage of. I realize not everyone is this incredibly cheap and many look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get their discounted goods without much hassle. However it can be easy to overlook places with good deals if one is not aware of them, and this is where I come in.

Epic Cosplay Wigs

There are many wig sellers 0n the Internet, but the wigs of this seller are high quality and can be styled with everything from hair spray to hot irons without getting damaged. With the code EPICFRIDAY you get 20% your order storewide. Cosplay Wigs USA has a similar promotion with 20% the entire order. This is where Epic Cosplay has the advantage, their code not only gives 20% off their regular priced products but when you buy wigs from their Red Hot Sale corner you get 50% off! The website also offers free shipping in the US no matter what you bought, which makes this the perfect opportunity for cosplayers to get the wigs they need.


Some of the wigs on sale are a short black wig which can be used for many characters and a long medium blue wig perfect for a certain otaku from Lucky Star.


J-List Sale

J-LIST or its SFW version J-BOX is a reputable but somewhat expensive site. It’s interesting how I constantly find figures I know I can find for cheaper elsewhere while other times I find amazing deals. But this online retailer is far from just a figure website as it sells all kinds of products from Japan, such as bento, candy, and kimonos. It also sells otaku items such as body pillows, plushes, manga, and mousepads. Right now, most of their items will have 12% off their cost, and some items have been discounted up to 50% off. If you’re looking to treat yourself take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll have fun browsing through their selection of products and might even end up getting something you didn’t know you needed.

HobbyLink Japan

This is a great website for figure collectors and contains everything from anime figures, to military vehicle model kits, to action figures from tokusatsu shows. They’re having a Black Friday sale ending Monday at midnight on all their already discounted items, resulting in items with ridiculous discounts like 80% off. Their selection of items on sale is not very big, but with the prices they currently have it’s worth checking out.


Oh how can anybody forget Steam, but there are some people unaware of this wonderful company. Today is your lucky day if you didn’t know about them because it’s Autumn Sale 2013. Many games have been ridiculously discounted, some up to 80% off! This is the best sale on digital downloads going on, make sure to take advantage of it. Some discounted games include:

  • Far Cry 3
  • Portal 2
  • Bioshock Infinite

As well as many other big games and underrated indie titles.


So what will you buy with the insane savings you can get today?

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No GravatarTitans

Is the prototype RX-178 Mk-II worth your money?

Witness this shiney blue Gundam.

As a huge Gundam fan I’ve been building Gundam model kits for ages, it’s actually my favorite hobby. I discovered Bandai’s Real Grade line of modelkits during my stay in Tokyo, but didn’t really bother to pick one of the kits up. My mission was obtaining Master Grade and Perfect Grade modelkits that were absent in my collection. After two years I’ve decided to pick up a couple of RG’s and put them to the test. This is part 2 of my RG  line reviews and It’s focused on the RX-178 Mk-II Titans.

The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II is an upgrade of the famous RX-78-2 Gundam that served in the One Year War.

Building a Titan

As with the Zaku II, I had a great time building this model. The advanced ms frame looks even better and I really didn’t even want to add any external armor. The frame features all sorts of sliding and bending mechanisms that we all love so much and make the RG line a perfect choice for beginning modelers that need an affordable alternative to a Master Grade or Perfect Grade kit.

The next step is snapping on all the different armor parts that come with the RX-178. I chose to build my blue Titan as  Unit 3. What I really dislike about the RX-178’s armor  is the fact that it isn’t colored in so much different colors as the Zaku II is. Adding the markings and some black and/or gray panel lining while really bring out the details on this kit. Without the extra two steps  it looks a bit bland if you ask me.

The RX-178 Mk-II Titans version is armed with a Bazooka, Machine Gun retractable shield and two Beam Sabers. The shield is the most impressive. It just looks great in different poses and the gold foil stickers really bring out the details of the shield.


RG Gimmicks

I was really skeptic about this new grade of Bandai modelkits before building the RG Zaku II,

The RX-178 comes with a set of tubing to give your modelkit an authentic mechanized look. The RX-178 also has a cockpit hatch that can be openend and feautures a little pilot seat, a gimmick that is usually reserved for MG and PG kits. Unfortunately Real Grade kits do not include a seated pilot figere, even though it would be really easy to customize the standing pilot figure that comes with all RG kits. As with the Zaku II and RG kits in general, get ready for lots of decals. The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans version comes with a whopping 148 decals to add loads of detail to your already wonderful modelkit.

Thanks to the advanced ms frame, articulation is magnificent on the Real Grade models. Want your RX-178 to hold his bazooka over his shoulder? No problem!  The RX-178’s shield is articulated and can slide in and out to give it much more motion and pose ability. The shield can be pegged into either arm so that really increases the playability.

The one thing I don’t like about this kit are his vernier thrusters. They feel loose and at least one always falls of after the lightest touch. For some reason every RG model has a problem with a specific part that doesn’t always want to stay on. For the rest this kit is actually really sturdy and well designed.



I am slowly but surely falling in love with this line. The details, decals and colors are amazing on the Real Grade kits and I can’t wait to build more. If you like Zaku II’s you could also try out Char’s red version of the Zaku II. It has a couple of subtle differences and costs the same. Even though the RG models are a bit small compared to MG’s, they look great when you display them on a nice looking action base. What are you waiting for!? Go order one now and see for yourself.

Part 2 of my RG Excitement Embodied line reviews will focus on the Federation’s RX-178-2 Titans version, stay tuned!

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photo (3)
Max Factory’s Link and Samus Figmas are coming to the states.  They have officially opened up pre orders for the figures. Excitement is starting to build up for these figures.

photoBig Bad Toy Store the two figurines priced at $49.99. Pre-order the Link one here and Samus one here. There’s also the PVC statue of Samus in her Zero Suit for $100, located here.
photo (2)It’s also good to know that recently Gamestop is now taking pre orders as well. You can pre-order the Link figurine here, Samus figurine here, and Zero Suit Samus one here.
photo (1)
All three products will only be sold online. A tentative October 30 release date is listed.

Source: Big Bad Toy Store, Gamestop

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No GravatarHello all, it’s been a while and I assure you I probably won’t sum up all the awesomeness going on in the figure world right now until my studies are over so I shall present some lovely figures from MegaHouse’s GEM Series which probably have the most accurate portrayals of anime characters I’ve seen. I’ve praised them before for their godly feat of capturing the beauty of Lelouch Lamperouge so feast your eyes.

Tiger and Bunny: Kotetsu Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr.


Tiger and Bunny probably has one of the most unique character designs when it comes to their male leads and these figures capture their look quite perfectly. Kotestu’s figure has two faces, one with mask and another maskless. He also has his signature hate, which you can take on and off at your convenience.





Now I can’t deny, I have a soft spot for Barnaby and his facial expression in this figure is perfect. Not every figure should be all smiley and happy, and this one captures what I mean. He’s a solid one piece figure with cool glasses that fit him like a glove.




I forgot to mention, his boots are just the most awesome shoes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Rebuild of Evangelion: Nagisa Kaoru




No words needed, my work here is done…..

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Hideyoshi and avatar on chair

No GravatarFull Metal Panic! Another extra: Blaze Raven 2

This is a special figure, as it is just an extra to a limited edition book. My best estimate is it’s an art book or a colored manga, so if you like either it’s a good buy. I don’t know the robot’s height but it looks to be of a good quality. It’s a tad expensive like any import is, but if you happen to be a fan of FMP and are soon shopping online I’d recommend it.

 Blaze Raven

Maker: Fujimi Shobo  Average online price: $49.72 

One Piece World Collectible Film Z Volume 2

Have you ever wanted an entire set of figures that is nothing but pure Chopper goodness? Well my fellow lovers of this furry blue nosed creature can join me in celebration with this upcoming figure release endorsed with the new One Piece Film Z movie….. not coming to a theater near us anytime soon. Anyways back to the figure. They’re not blind boxes so be grateful they’re not trading figures that cost infinitely more money to collect a full set.


You have many of Chopper’s forms, which is splendid because I love his various transformations, and especially all these adorable costumes!

Maker: Banpresto  Average online price: $11.90

1/7th Scale Kinoshita Hideyoshi and Shokanju

This is my favorite Hideyoshi figure of all time, and I’ve never seen it in real life before; everything about it is perfection. His careless sideways glance, his opened shirt, his lifted legs…. My ero senses are on high alert. Before my mind goes off the rails the set comes with Hideyoshi, a chair, and his avatar. It’s just amazing how the avatar can life the chair. Keep up the sexy antics Hideyoshi.

 Hideyoshi and avatar on chairHideyoshi up close

The featured characters in action (fanservice warning)….

Maker: Griffon Enterprise  Average online price: $78.06

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No GravatarFirst off, I’ll start by saying I am not a fan of Hello Kitty. Yes it’s adorable and whatnot but I see really nothing in it so I don’t concern myself with their merchandise. However the project entitled in Japanese Hello Kitty to Issho! has gained my interest with the puzzle games coming out and the unique female characters in each, entitled “Kittylers.”

This figure is one of them, and her name is Kei. Kei had a previously made figure which sold very well and made Sanrio decide to make another one of her, hence the “Part 2” in the title.

The front of the box is quite awkward with the splatter wall and chain link fence while bejeweled music notes float in thin air. There’s a large opening to display the figure with its name displayed on the right and the project name at the bottom.

Empty Kei box

However you must prepare yourselves for the other sides!

The rest of the box is much more beautiful, with pretty illustrations of Kei, including the one the figure is based off.

box side rightbox side leftbox backcloseup of box back

 Now to assure you bought an authentic product make sure  there’s a Sanrio sticker put on all the Kei figures. The real thing also comes with an instructional guide (in Japanese of course) on how to affix the guitar case on the handle and keep the figure standing.

authentic stickerrei part 2 instruction sheet

And now for the actual product…….


Only she can make a Hello Kitty cap look that good.

sidefull side view


On the subject of putting the figure together it’s a bit odd. Making Kei stand requires some serious pushing, but once she’s broken in she’s easy to move and remove. Putting the guitar on the handle goes against every single  collector instinct I have. The  handle and guitar are made of hard unflexible plastic so I begin softly in fear I might break something only to hold my breath, recite a silent prayer to the figure Gods, and jam it in there. I’m just glad it popped in perfectly the first time I did that. I will never remove the guitar case as long as I have the figure. When it comes to positioning the guitar case you could have the case stand at an odd  angle and it won’t budge, also if you move it it smoothly glides. When it comes to the hand with the handle it’s pretty odd. When you look at it you can see it look square and the handle is just stuck in there. There’s also some of the skin’s paint on the handle, nothing really noticeable until you look. Despite it’s plainness the guitar case is quite beautiful, and looks very smooth and polished, I couldn’t think of a nicer one myself.

hand and guitar case detailThe most captivating part of this figure is all the detail that went into the simple clothes she’s wearing. Her beautiful red jacket is stunningly tinged perfectly with shades of dark red in all the right places, her blouse has folds that seem natural, and her layered skirt has dark shadows accentuating its texture. They also managed to do something I thought would never happen, put a bunch of tiny bows all over an outfit and made it look perfect.

clothing detail

The knee high socks have bows too perfectly placed and adorable to ignore. The five red stripe also fit in perfectly. They’re not painted perfectly, but impressively enough.

absolute zone

No comments on the “absolute zone.”

The shoes also match the outfit and, of course, have their own bow. The lace are red so the bow can be red, in Hello Kitty fashion. Sadly I had the misfortune to buy a figure with a manufacturing error that day and so I ended up having a shoe with a bow and another with a tiny empty square, didn’t let that ruin my appreciation for the figure though.


However, I can’t forget one of the key piece of the figure, the Hello Kitty hat. It is perfectly detailed, I find no fault with it. The color is rich and vibrant and really  makes the figure better.


Without her hat, she has a hair divide that is hidden with it on.

hair divide

Her hair is amazing when viewed from the side, it looks as if a breeze is lightly lifting it, like in a calm anime scene. When viewed from the beack it can be seen the ends are not  more sharp, and the paint has accumulated and dried out unevenly on some part, but it still maintains a beauty to it.

hair farhair closeThe most amazing part of everything though, is her face.  It looks like she’s calmly pondering something with her lips in a slight pout and her eyes upward. Her eyes only compliment everything else with their deep solid red, glints of light in it. Her hair style is also unique. Her rather short braid stands out from her long straight hair and bangs, and her humble necklace is the only piece of jewelry she needs to compliment her.

face closeup

Overall this figure is absolutely stunning. Any collector who has the chance to get her should, as she’s one of the best quality figures that doesn’t break the bank I’ve seen in a long time. To fans of Hello Kitty, get with the Hello Kitty to Issho game series, I think you’ll really like it and all the merchandise that comes out of it. I’ll leave you all with this.

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Lily overhead figure view

No GravatarWelcome to Go Figures Friday! It’s been a while, but time to get back up on that horse. On that note I begin with…

SCI-FI Revoltech Woody (Re-run) 

Yeah, I know, I don’t cover re-runs, but this one has to be announced. This figure has been high in demand, and so has been reissued. However, its popularity doesn’t have to do much with it being a very popular character, or a high quality figure which it is, but mostly because it has become one of the most hilarious Japanese memes ever created! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Hentai Woody.

Woody stealing panties or pantsu

Woody being pedo on Tsubasu

You can thank me for ruining your childhood later.

That is Woody’s second face, and if you’re wondering when the hell he ever made a face like that in Toy Story it’s apparently based off his laughing face. Although I think it might be from when Bo Peep gave him a kiss, and I don’t have the movie to verify it.

The face sold to the public, however, is the one below; which is a normal expression. The faces he has are quite interesting as the eyeballs can be positioned anywhere with adjustable knobs in the back of them.

Woody Revoltech figure

Woddy figure adjustable eyes

He also comes with 5 hands (although I’ll never know why Buzz Lightyear’s hand is one of them), goggles, a dart, a coin, and his laughing face.


Average online price: $37.29  Maker: Kaiyodo

Evangelion the Movie Trading Figures

Damn, my moon man’s not there, however these look like some pretty good trading figures amongst the million Evangelion figures sold everywhere; especially with their beautiful sculpting.


Sold in capsules, so you get a surprise with every one. Whether happy or unpleasant, can’t be guaranteed.

Average online price: $5.49  Maker: Kaiyodo

Figma Accel World: Kuroyukihime School Avatar Version

I love Figmas with every increasing day, and although I don’t know about this series, I’d still get her (if I wasn’t so poor and whatnot). The easily most capturing part of this figure are the large, simple wings. The anime hair fly away’s are very well done, and her outfit is perfectly recreated.

Accel figure with butterfly wings

She comes with three faces, a pig, umbrella, several hands, and a cane.

Average online price: $51.20  Maker: Max Factory

Lily from Anim.o.v.e

Lily is a Vocaloid, but not one of the famous ones. So it’s exciting she’ll be getting a new figure. This figure has been labeled as a premium figure. However, I find her not to be of extreme high quality, but I’d proudly display her. There is another figure made by the same company that’s more popular, so you have to carefully research this one to find out.

This is the figure the image is based from, which makes her even more exciting. Most fixed posed figures don’t have expressions like a wink, which makes her less generic than your average PVC figure, so get her before she runs out!

Lily figure illustration

My only regret is that she doesn’t look as bruised as she does in her illustration, and her wink lost its fierceness. I hope she could get a remake that makes her look exactly like she does in the image. This is probably the only time I’ll ever say Good Smile Company has disappointed me.

Lily overhead figure view

Average online price: $32.99  Maker: Good Smile Company

No GravatarIt’s the days after Christmas. You have gift cards abundant and games coming out for all girls and boys. But what can you get? With all the choices lying ahead?

Have no fear, with all the bundles abound, waiting to be found, I got the ones with the most “extra” kick aside from the gaming bit (Sorry for my cheesiness).


Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition 

Collector's edition view

First and foremost, I love Tomb Raider, so I had to list it first. It doesn’t have the best content, but I believe it has the most bang for your buck. It includes:

  • A realistically rendered Play Arts Kai Lara Croft figurine approximately 8 inches tall
  • Weapon pack DLC
  • 3 iron-on experience shield badges
  • Tomb Raider soundtrack with 10 songs
  • An Endurance survival tin made to look like it was recovered from the shipwreck
  • 5″ X 7″ Lithographic print
  • A double sided poster with an island map and the box art
  • Access to the Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt to participate in challenges for prizes and more

I simply love the Lara Croft figure, it’s so detailed and perfectly muddy not getting it would kill me. I hope the DLC weapons are exclusives to these game copies with the collector’s edition to get my money’s worth, and the CD is a nice touch (I legally download all my music).

Price: $99.99


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition

Starcraft 2 Collector's bundle

Starcraft is an MMO with its own fanbase, so I listed it mainly so Starcraft fans can assess if the collector’s edition is worth the extra money. All of the great additional merch that comes with the game seems reasonable to me, especially with the extras for other Blizzard MMOs you might play.

  • A behind the scenes DVD and Blu Ray 2 disc set
  • Heart of the Swarm Art Book
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack
  • Zerg Rush mouse pad
  • Exclusive in-game content

The in game content includes a Torrasque Ultradisk and portaits in Starcraft II, pet banneling in World of Warcraft, and blade wings and a banner sigil in Diablo III.

Price: $79.99


Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition

I don’t have much hope for this game except for the fact it’s made by Sega, but because this list is about the extra and not the game itself, it earns a spot. This game has some very good extra content.

  • Resin Powerloader figurine in a limited edition Xeno Hive box
  • USCM Dossier, iron-on badges, and graduation certificate
  • Recruitment card
  • LV-426 Recon photo
  • USS Sephora schematic
  • Mission brief

But this is just physical extras. The exclusive in-game content includes:

  • Four playable movie characters
  • Extra game level
  • Additional Marines character customization features
  • Exclusive multiplayer weapons
  • Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers
  • Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Ripley’s flamethrower
  • USCM Academy firing range

Price: $99.99


Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition

Bioshock Infinite Premium

This bundle definitely comes with awesome stuff.

  • Collectible mini edition of The Art of Bioshock Infinite
  • Exclusive digital soundtrack
  • Murder of Crow keychain
  • Handyman figurine
  • Lithographic print of propaganda

It also comes with a gear pack that gives three exclusive power ups in the game.

  • Bull rush: Sprints become melee strikes and can knock down enemies
  • Extra! Extra!: Audio logs give “Silver Eagles”
  • Betrayer: In the PC game causes possessed enemies to explode once you kill them. In the PS3 you get Bioshock Infinite themes. The XBox 360 players get Booker and Elizabeth avatar costumes.

There is a way more costly bundle that costs $70 more. What’s the difference? It comes with a Songbird statue. You must really really want that figure to spend so much money for the Ultimate Songbird Edition of the game.

Songbird figure

Price: $79.99


God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition

God of War Ascension Collector Edition

The God of War franchise has outdone itself with this beautiful pre-order which includes:

  • An exclusive 8 inch Kratos statue
  • Premium Steelbook case
  • Digital game soundtrack
  • Multiplayer Double XP unlock
  • PS3 Dynamic theme and PSN Avatar pack
  • A pass for all future DLC

The last perk seems very promising.  Especially since I don’t like always paying for future DLC.

Price: $79.99


This is the best of the best I’ve gathered so far. I hope as the year reveals more new games to try out, they come out with more tempting bundles like these.

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Fiona, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball figures

No GravatarI’ve showcased many, many anime figures, which is a good thing, but there are many other fandoms with some pretty awesome figures out there. With great pleasure I introduce to you….

Regular Show 2 Inch Action Figure Collector Pack 

Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable Regular Show has a thriving fan community and a name for themselves. So when I found out a six figure pack with all the main characters was coming out as a Toys”R”Us exclusive, it’s needless to say I was psyched.


Unfortunately, the one thing that’s disappointing is the paint job, and this is a picture from their official Facebook page. They also seem somewhat misshapen, but I guess I can only really judge once I see the real thing.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Online price: $22.50

Adventure Time Deluxe Packs

These sexy “deluxe” packs come with four 2 inch figures for your enjoyment. There are three I’ve found that I think are pretty cool.

Candy People,

Cany People line

Fiona and Cake,


Fiona, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball figures

and Undead people, that glow in the dark!

Zombie Adventure Time characters

Because you know, Adventure time has its macabre moments too.

Because they’re four figure packs, bundled together they cost less than the usual two figure packs, and how they each seem to have their own theme makes them perfect for display together.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Average online price: $21.73

Ultra Detail Legend of Zelda Figures

Had to post about some pretty awesome Legend of Zelda figures featuring link I saw scanning the Internet. You have your original Link and cartoon Link from “The Wind Waker” that will make great decorations for your video game shelf.

My favorite is the original Link, he really does have an amazing old fashioned vibe to him. They’re about 6 cm each and a tad expensive in my opinion, but a must have for any Legend of Zelda fan.

Maker: Medicom Toys  Average online price: $18.00

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Hideyoshi figure next to Miharu

No GravatarI shall be reviewing two new figures I ordered a few days ago. The site was having a decent sale and I wanted to buy myself some nice Baka to Test figures. So I ordered Hideyoshi Kinoshita (the trap) and Miharu Shimizu (the lesbian). I wasn’t aware, but they both were a Sega Prize figure. Sega Prize is a line of figures, plushies, and many other things produced by Sega for arcade game machines you can win prizes from.

Average Japanese arcade.

Sadly, I live in the states, and they’re not available, so the only way to access those awesome prizes is ordering them online. So I open the box, push the packing peanuts out of the way and they look pretty good, but I thought Miharu would’ve been bigger.

figures in boxHideyoshi figure next to MiharuMiharu running figure

Miharu’s is a Petite Nendoroid made between Sega and Good Smile Company, so she has amazing quality for her size. What I love the most is her hair, which, despite its cartooniness, achieves realism with subtle changes in the color so some areas will be darker or lighter than other. You can also see her canine tooth, which makes her so much cuter it’s almost criminal. However, the real problem with her was putting her together, her head stuck to her torso like it should but her upper body and legs didn’t stay on while I was trying to put her on her stand. And in Nendoroid fashion, her arms are movable, but they have fallen off a few times. However once you put her in her stand and all, the figure doesn’t cause any problems. There are many other Baka to Test Petite Nendoroids with other characters, I recommend those, especially because they’re much cheaper than regular Nendoroids. Also, got to love the instructions on the back.


So you’re telling me there’s a hole in the back where the stick goes into?

However, I was mostly excited about Hideyoshi, who is my favorite character from the show, and is now my tallest figure standing at about 18 1/2 cm sans stand. With Miharu about 6 1/2 cm at her base, I shot a picture for size comparison.

comparing sizes

Now let me tell you what I love about him. For a figure you get at an arcade he is very high quality. I found no fault with the painting, and his face is beautiful. He has neat lines where he’s supposed to blush much like in mangas, and his eyes are just the icing on the cake. Another thing I love is his hair, the sculptor did a really good job at making it look like it does in the anime. Not to mention, he has an especially lovely collar bone and upper back!

Hideyoshi sidewaysHideyoshi upclose

Hideyoshi's back

Hideyoshi’s got back!

Sadly, he sold out from the website just a few days after I had bought him