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Due to the revealing nature of the video, Capcom may already be on this, as they where with the opening sequence of the game. This clip will probably be taken down, but until then enjoy.
There are no story mode movies or ending sequences revealed, but you do see the final boss fight and Galactus rage quiting after you defeat him. So there shouldn’t be a ban on this clip, considering these facts.

Shouts to Big Shel for dropping the news on the phantom twitter account that started this rumor, and to Kotaku and the staff for dropping this news. Galactus plays like Abyss (the MVC2 Final Boss) but instead in two stages. The end of all worlds will fight you and your team with 3 ghost characters before you face him head on. On a side note, it appears as though in the video the difficulty has been lowered to beat him. MVC3 looks to be more forgiving on lower settings for new players to get into the game, making it easier for them to learn how to play. This feature will probably be more evident in MVC3 than previous versions in the series to give it a more mass appeal.

Watch the video below and stay tuned to Real Otaku Gamer and Fighters Fury for more MVC3.