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No GravatarNintendo released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This new trailer shows off more of the plot/characters and helps explain the mechanics for this game and how this will go down.

Take a look below.

Will you be buying this game? Let us know!

No GravatarNintendo held a Nintendo Direct today to discuss all things Fire Emblem and there was indeed a lot to discuss

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was announced for 3DS
  • Based on the 2nd game in the series, Fire Emblem Gaiden 
  • Every aspect of Gaiden’s presentation updated
    – Free roaming
    – Dungeons crawling with enemies
    – Flexible character progression
    – Classic Fire Emblem gameplay with a twist
  • amiibo coming based on the characters Alm and Celica
  •  New Fire Emblem Game announced for Switch for 2018
  • Fire Emblem Warriors trailer was shown, will be coming to both new 3DS and Switch
  • Fire Emblem Heroes was announced, F2P mobile game for Android and iOS


You can see trailers below


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No GravatarComing out of the Investors briefing, Nintendo is planning mobile games of Animal crossing and fire emblem. We will keep you updated with news


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No GravatarGameXplain has shared a 20 minute gameplay video of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE with English dialogue that they recorded at PAX East. Take a look below and let us know what you think. The Localization of the game is being handled by Atlus and not Nintendo.

Personally, I think the game looks fantastic and far from what some are saying about it falling short of the promised crossover, it looks to be a great new experience. I cannot wait to play this in June and I hope to have a review up shortly after it releases.



No GravatarThe good folks at Smosh games have put out an honest game trailer for the Fire Emblem series, take a look below and enjoy. Let us know in the comments if you liked it or if you feel their humor is not a good fit.





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No Gravatarbayo smash




Nintendo has announced that the final DLC for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS will come on Wednesday Feb 3.  The DLC includes the final 2 characters and the final mii costumes. Will you be buying them? Personally I want that Takamaru mii costume.


See the tweets below





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Fire Emblem Fates is coming to the North American 3DS systems on February 19, 2016. This time around, there will be three versions of Fire Emblem released: Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations. Revelations is not coming out right away though. There will be a collection that comes with all three (seen above) or you can buy them separately.

Some new footage of Fire Emblem Fates was recently released by press who got to try the game. You can check out the videos below:

Sources: Destructoid and Nintendo Everything

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No GravatarSadly the time has come. The Hype Train has reached the final stop. The final Super Smash Bros presentation has come and it brought with it some amazing surprises.

  • Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates has been announced as DLC, and He/She will arrive in February. Corrin is a sword user but also a unique character that involves shape shifting and elemental attacks that makes him/her unlike any other Fire Emblem character. This is one to keep your eyes on.  Corrin
  • Sakurai gave us a breakdown on Cloud, who is available now along with the Midgar stage. The material summons were detailed in their use and the various summons show amazing effects, thought the stage will probably be tournament banned. Cloud can charge up his limit break meter and plays like a hybrid of Shulk and Ike. He is offense heavy but does not have the best recovery. WiiU_CloudMidgar_screen_07
  • A chocobo hat is available as DLC for the Miis
  • A Geno Mii costume (Gunner) was announced for the Mii Gunner. This is a great way to acknowledge the character since Geno probably wont be a full character in a Smash game. The Costume and the Chocobo hat mentioned above are available now.
  • The final wave of Miis costumes were announced. tails and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog (Gunner and Brawler respectively), Takamaru from Nazo No Murasame Jo (Swordfighter), Ashley from Wario Ware (Swordfighter), Bionics costumes ( Brawler), Gil from The Tower of Druaga (swordfighter). Could the love shown for Takamaru in this game, and the recent international VC release of his Famicom game be hinting at something in his future? WiiU_Dec_DLC_screen_08
  • The Roy and Ryu amiibo will release on March 18 2016
  • The final announcement revealed that the Smash Bros Ballot winner was none other than Bayonetta. She is a combo heavy character like Ryu, with a move set based on her action games. She will be released in February. She was the top requested character in Europe and in the top 5 in North America.
  • Alongside Bayonetta, there will be a stage based on the clock tower level that opened the first Bayonetta game. Bayonetta
  • Amiibo of Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta have been confirmed

To all who play Smash, what do YOU think of today’s announcements?

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No GravatarIt’s been 3 weeks since the release of the Nintendo Gamecube, it’s one of those winter nights where you stay inside and decide to play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee by yourself, because face it; your social life has been corrupted by this game, and you finally have a legit excuse to stay inside.

You finish Classic mode for around the 20th time, and after the credits roll, you find yourself challenged by a new character, you become excited and want to find out what sort of famous Nintendo star you will square off against.


The match starts, and you find yourself fighting what seems to be a swordsman, you pause the game and stare at the screen puzzled, but you carry on. You defeat him, and you get that message: “Direct from Fire Emblem, it’s Marth, the swordsman supreme!”

You put the controller down and read the message a few times, trying to get what it all means, until you finally ask yourself.

“What the hell is a Fire Emblem?”

This question plagued more than a few gamers minds back in the day, some found the answer, some didn’t, and in fact, most didn’t know what Fire Emblem was… At least until 2003, when the first game (or so we were told) in the series was released.fire_emblem_gba_box_art

The game hit store shelves and received positive reviews, but it did not succeed in the sales department, still,  it did well enough, guarantying a sequel by the name of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (which sold quite a bit less I must say) a game in which we’ll focus today.

Sacred Stones

Released in 2005, this game wasn’t as highly praised as its first international outing, but it continued selling well enough, getting even more games out for the international market.


Without getting into any intricacies of the complicated plot, you control main character Eirika, a princess whose kingdom is suddenly attacked by a neighboring ally kingdom, after quickly running out of options, she flees her homeland along with a few of her knights, with the intent to seek help from their allies in the land of Frelia.


The game is an Strategy/RPG affair, you move characters on a grid based field, taking them closer to the enemy where you then can proceed to eliminate them using a variety of weapons such as swords, lances, axes, and even bows, there are a few extras such as healers, but normally, each item has a certain advantage over other weapons, adding more strategy to this already tense game.


Why tense you ask? Because you have to be careful and not rush in, or you are very likely to get yourself killed. This wouldn’t normally be a concern, but if Fire Emblem is notorious for something, that certain something can certainly be the infamous “permadeath” which basically means that if one of your characters dies in battle; they stay dead for the rest of the game. There is no revive items here for you to use.

This is both a good, and a bad point for the game, and the series in general.

Quite a few players enjoy the excitement that comes with risk, and of course the satisfaction of surviving with all of your troops, it gives you a sense of triumph. But it’s also a double-edged sword, as many will despise repeating a Chapter because they lost a member. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was only a random member, but the game makes it so that you care for them enough by giving them a personality and slight backstory, not to mention including a few of each class, making them nearly invaluable, so you more than likely feel bad when you lose a certain member of your army.

The game knows this well and it will use it against you, as you may just restart the whole battle just to finish it with your team complete. It can be rather intense affair if you don’t know what you are doing, and you will probably regret going on the offensive carelessly.

The game’s graphics aren’t’t expectacular by any means, the sprites outside main characters are all generic, looking the same for every member of the class (fighters all look the same) static character portraits are different though, at least giving them each some sort of difference of their own.

The areas where the battles happen have a look of an over the top view map, showing the different areas in the field such as grassy fields (which can give you advantages) it is laid out a lot like a more complicated chess game where you have to find the best spot to move to, which is basically what it is:

A huge game of chess, where strategy is needed to survive.


There isn’t much more to say about this game, and honestly, I can’t really recommend it to players nowadays, what with the superior Fire Emblem: Awakening being out for the 3DS (which has a difficulty mode for novices, so anyone can get into it). This game is worth a shot if you want to check out the Fire Emblem experience back then, but if you had to make the choice, the 3DS game is your best bet.

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Reggie Fils-Aime today was once again the host for today’s Nintendo Direct, he introduced all of Nintendo’s holiday goodies along with some teasers to early 2013. Nintendo along with many 3rd party publishers have a great deal of games to satisfy hardcore Nintendo games as well as casual gamers. I certainly was not left disappointed with the amount information gathered from today’s presentation.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is due to be released on November 11th in North America, and December 7th in Europe. Reggie explained over and over again that Nintendo will have the game available both in hard copy at the stores and digital copy via e-Shop. Nate Bildorf gave us a bit more details about the game as well. With Mario in this game there is no XP all you do is collect stickers to fight your opponents. Now remember once the sticker is use the sticker is gone. Coins and battles will be key to buy and win stickers. The battle spinner in battle will be key for winning battles.

Next, Reggie spoke about the Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask that comes out this Sunday. Reggie recommends anyone and everyone, even if you have played the game to give it a shot. The game comes with more puzzles than ever before. In addition to all the puzzles though story mode, the game adds 365 downloadable puzzles at no extra charge. One for everyday of the year.

DLC was released for New Super Mario Bros 2 today, 2 new course packs along with a leader board on the games official website. The Gold Mushroom pack is exactly as you read it, a level full of Golden mushrooms for you to collect. Challenge pack B, will challenge you to get a high score and share it with others.

Also talked about a few of the smaller games, one of those games was crosswords plus. The game has endless puzzles that come through SpotPass at no extra charge. Not much further info was reveled about the game. The next game is Art Academy Lessons for everyone. The game has a lot to offer for artist and beginning artist, the game is available now in the eshop and in stores, along with DLC coming soon. 2 packs are available now and 10 more lessons coming later. Finally Style Savvy Trendsetters was talked about for those who like to run a virtual store. There a Fashion Contest demo available now for download and another one Shopping Spree coming this December.

e-Shop starts to be the talk of the show with a few more adds to the library. Pushmo’s equal is talked about with Crashmo. The trick with this game is gravity with new gadgets such as floating blocks doors and move switches. This game will available November 2nd. Fluidity Spin Cycle is another game talked about that uses the full Nintendo 3DS as the controller. The game features an all story book setting and levels are designed for repetitive play. Some area require items to complete puzzles. The game will be available December 27nd.

New trilogy of games coming from Level-5 are also coming, Liberation Maiden from Suda-51. The game is available today. Also due this year the second 2 part trilogy. Aeroporter and Chrimson Shroud are coming soon.

From the creators of Cave Story, Nicalism, Night Sky and later this year Ikachan are coming to the 3DS as well.

If you love Mutant Mudds from Renegade Kid there is 20 new bonus levels also available today.

Reggie also revealed a new trailer for a game that was leaked accidentally by Reggie at E3, the only thing we know about this game so far is that it will include some DLC for new maps and story lines to along with it. Also Reggie Fils-Aime stated in the latest Nintendo Direct that the game will be coming to North America during the first half of 2013.

Now finally for one of my favorite games coming in early 2013 is Animal Crossing New Leaf. The game is now allowing you to choose your shops and hours. How and why? well because you are now the major. You now have the ability to design your outfits from head to toe, that includes socks as well. People will have the chance to share the creations and designs via QR code. As major you will also have control of what major land marks to place in your town, thus letting you mold your city to your desire.

I certainly have open arms for all the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games coming up Animal Crossing and Sitcker Star being my main choices. I have a very very busy schedule the next couple of months filled with video game playing!

Source: Nintedo Direct