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We Otaku take Halloween very, VERY, seriously. At least a good portion of us do. To honor this obsession, I’m doing a countdown to Halloween, where once a week up until the big day, I suggest my must see movies, horror games, and other geeky stuff to help you celebrate the month correctly.
My Halloween would not be complete without some good, eerie and macabre music, which is why I adore Musique Macabre on live 365. It’s devoted to classic horror soundtracks and a myriad of other atmospheric stuff, mixed in with some rock and metal. For the connoisseur, Vinnie Rattolle’s blog has LP rips that are to die for.

Full Moon Entertainment happens to be my favorite production company for horror. Remember the Puppet Master or House series? They even had a videomag that appeared after the movie ( the good old days of VHS…sigh). I recommend going old school this first week of October, paying homage to some classics from the 80s and earlier. Why the hell not? Rent House II. Just do it.


To get festive, I love Repurposeful Punk. Her store has vintage and hand made seasonal outfits for men, women, and kids. All are handmade, and many are constructed from vintage sweaters. I collect her Halloween and Christmas sweater-dresses. They are pretty bad ass.  Since you are most probably just beginning to decorate,  I encourage you to take a look on etsy; supporting artisans beats buying from some super cheap, sweat shop-fueled mega-store. And many stores on there have sales and are very affordable.

This week, I am going to finally beat Parasite Eve, so I suggest you play it or replay it. A mixture of RPG and survival horror, this immersive game is a great way to start off the season of horror. You’ll never think of your mitochondria the same again…if you thought about it at all.

Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween Countdown!!