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No GravatarThere are two big deals I’ve found lurking around the interwebs I think would make gamers very upset if they found out about it after it has passed. So if you want to receive a very special free game or a mindbogglingly huge can’t miss cheap bundle read on!

Donkey Kong Free Game Giveaway 

It’s technically not a giveaway as you have to purchase another game in order to acquire the free Donkey Kong game. There are five specific games you can get in order to earn it: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Crosswords Plus, Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone, and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. As you can see, only two of the five games listed are ones you’d buy without any incentive so the game is like an added bonus

However the reason why I put it here is because it’s the original Donkey Kong that’s never been available for purchase in the United States and once this deal is gone, well it might not be available again. So get in on the action before January 6 of next year. Just make sure you’re a Club Nintendo Member and register your games after you buy them.

The Humble THQ Bundle

This deal is the motherload. You get 6 video games via Steam codes, Metro 2033, Darksiders, Red Faction, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor with a starting donation of $1 or above. As if it wasn’t enough you get the soundtracks for Saints Row The Third, the director’s cut of the Darksiders soundtrack, Red Faction, and Company of Heroes: All Heroes Rise and Company of Heroes: Songs from the Front all with an average of about twenty tracks.  If you pay over $5.72 (the average donation) you also get a copy of Saints Row The Third thrown in.

The best part of this bundle deal is you can donate all the money to charity if you desire. Profits given to charity go to Child’s Play Charity which brings joy to sick children in hospitals by giving them consoles and video games to enjoy (the tears in the corner of my eyes) and the American Red Cross. You can also give a portion of your money to THQ for being such generous folks and a “tip” to Humble Bundle for their good work.

The largest donation given so far has been a staggering $1,050 and over 1.7 million dollars has been collected so far and still rising as I am writing this. Watching the counter rise gives me a good feeling, because as a gamer it proves we have the ability to change the world through what we love doing.

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Wow! Has it been hot! Here in North Carolina it’s been 90 or better all week on the thermometer. If you’re like me and hiding from the heat, there’s no better way than chilling out indoors with some awesome games. This year there have been some awesome releases … Dead Space 2, L.A. Noire, just to name a couple and we’ve just now secured the long awaited Duke Nukem.


Decay Episode 4 by Shining Gate Studios

The indie developers have been busy too. Shining Gate Software released the final episode of Decay. This one really grabbed my attention. It’s so well done and you can see the progression of quality throughout the episodes. Some of the puzzles really exercise your brain and thought process.


Decimation X3 by Xona Games

My family started a Decimation X3 showdown for highest score. This fantastic game was actually a part of the Winter Uprising set in motion to draw attention to the amazing talent involved in indie games on Xbox Live. We’ve had some good laughs playing this one. It’s great to look at and the concept is a proven success with today’s spin, the perfect combination of retro meets new idea.


Inflamous by Milkstone Studios

I cannot thank Milkstone Studios enough for the pure develish laughs I indulged in while setting my colleagues on fire playing their game Inflamous. This is a timed game and the idea is simple, burn everyone in your office as fast as you can to move on to the next level. It was more therapy for a dollar than I could have gotten from any professional.


Lylian Paranoid Friendship by Pixel Pickle – Included in the Indie Summer Six Pack

I was really happy to find out today that there’s a chance coming up to catch some of the games I missed at a great price. The new bundle, The Indie Summer Six Pack, has been released and is on offer for $10.00 right now. If you share on facebook it’s only $5. This release price is going up on Monday, June 20. So, now is the time to grab it.

Pixelpickle Games along with Citeremis, Ovolo, Pieces Interactive, Ludosity and Different Pixel all have titles included. For your money you just can’t beat an indie bundle, especially if you’re willing to show the developers a little love and share on facebook. Here is the official press release.


Melbourne, Victoria, AU – June 11th 2011 – Independent studio Pixelpickle Games would like to bring your full attention to the Indie Games Summer Six Pack!

Head on over to to purchase the pack for $10. Or click the Facebook Share button to get it for $5, and help us spread the word.

The Product
Pixelpickle Games has teamed up with Citeremis, Ovolo, Pieces Interactive, Ludosity and Different Pixel. To create an incredible six-pack bundle of creatively inspired and fun indie-games for your PC! Whether immersing yourself in the lush world of the Aztec for a RPG adventure, building ecologically-sound ‘green’ cities, re-building your damaged spaceship, testing your puzzle strategy skills on islands and distant galaxies, flexing your ability to manipulate a magical, colorful cube, or going on a straight-jacket adventure through a creepy children’s hospital—this DRM-free Indie-Games Summer Six-Pack bundle offers fantastic value for your summer gaming interests (or something to cosy up to in the cold days ahead for some of us 😉 ).
The deal ends on June 20th 2011. So start digging around the back of your couch for the spare change!

About Pixelpickle Games
Pixelpickle Games is an independent company focused on creating small yet fun and unusual games initially for the PC with an outlook to develop for multiple platforms.
For more information, please visit .

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