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Pokemon developer Game Freak is recruiting for a new game. The company has put out an official job listing for a programmer who will be involved with some sort of RPG on 3DS.

We have no  further details, and nothing more is included in the listing. Could this be a new Pokémon game? We know a new entry in the series is supposed to come to Switch, so could this be something new instead?

We will have to wait and see.




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Pokemon may see a new life on Switch if job postings are any indication.

Recruitment ads have revealed that Game Freak is recruiting for a new development project. They are looking for 3D CG designers with experience on Wii U and PS Vita level character models using animation and modeling software Maya.

In addition Game Freak is looking for someone who can consult with the programmers and work on assisting with data. There is alsos is a line that is included in the recruitment ad that stands out.

“Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!”

Another ad had the following mentioned on it.

We’ll have you work on the production an RPG game that is popular on a global scale.


Platform will be console.


It’s a title that just about anyone knows, a proposal that could be your future career.

This work will require using material to create cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models.  As will, it will also involve work on debugging, data work, and more. According to the contracts, these positions will be until May 2018.

That wording makes this sound like a Pokémon game for the Switch. A Pokemon game was rumored for Switch as Pokemon Stars, a third version of Sun and Moon. That said, this sounds more like a new experience built from the ground up natively, rather than just a 3rd version of an already existing game.

Hopefully we will get answers soon.


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The Pokemon Company revealed a Pokemon character today via the above trailer. The character is called Volcanion. Here is how the Pokemon is described (via Nintendo Everything):

” Unlike any Pokémon discovered before it, this Pokémon is both Fire and Water type. It uses fire and water to create steam within its body, expelling explosive shock waves and boiling steam from the arms on its back. The power is said to be great enough to blow away an entire mountain, gouging out the earth and changing the shape of the land. “

Its unknown how you’ll be able to get Volcanion. He “can’t be encountered through regular gameplay”. The trailer says “more details coming soon.”

What do you think of this Pokemon?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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No GravatarAll Pokemon gamesRed, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White.

Whenever a conversation is brought up about Game Freak, these colors are used in sentences to specifically talk about the games that they’ve worked on, those games being Pokemon specifically.

And that’s about it, at least from what most people know, as they are a group specifically known for Pokemon, and nothing more.

Pulse-DozerI mean, who remembers Pulseman for the Sega‘s Mega Drive? Or 2005’s Drill Dozer for the GBA? (admittedly, these games were released in dying consoles in their respective times, so it‘s fair to say those wouldn‘t be remembered much).

But after some welcome changes in Game Freak’s internal structuring, employees were allowed to create new titles (while still working on Pokemon, mind you, that’s never going to change). And just like that, development began on this new game (surprisingly, this game was the brainchild of James Turner, who was the guy who created both Golurk, who is now loved by fans, and well… Vanille… But that’s besides the point).


That game, is called HarmoKnight.

HarmoKnight Title screenUnlike anything previously created by the team, this title is a different breed altogether, not an RPG, not an action/adventure title, but instead; a rhythm/sort of platformer..

Story SceneThe story (yes, it has a story) put you in the control of Harmo, who after a meteor crashes on the planet, bringing along an evil entity known as Gargan that corrupts the planet, is send to deliver a note-shaped staff that has the ability to defeat this evil being to Symphony City, where someone who has the potential to become a HarmoKnight should be.

In all honesty thought, the story is forgettable, as are the characters, I applaud the effort to bring some sort of story telling, but it just falls flat and it just feels tacked on, then again, no one buys a rhythm game for the story.

GameplayThe gameplay is where is at. You control Tempo, using only the A and B buttons, gameplay sometimes gets switched around every few stages to keep the game fresh, you are in control of a mine cart, other times you control an archer and fire away at far off enemies, and other times you use a drummer and a monkey… Yeah, don’t take this game seriously.

BossThere are also boss stages sprinkled throughout the campaign, these stages are actually on the easy side, thanks to the fact that the game gives you the timing for each, another complain from these stages, is that you must always hit the last note, if you don’t, that means an automatic fail, which brought a frustrated grunt out of me more than once, since I had done it perfectly until then, fortunately, the stages aren’t overly long, so it’s not that much of a problem, although a skip for the first part of the track (EBA style) would have been nice.

Royal Note

(Don’t mind the German translation here)

The goal of each stage is to collect the most notes possible, this can be done by grabbing the notes floating around, hitting an enemy with the staff, as well as the instruments around the level, if enough are grabbed, a Royal Note that is needed to advance is received, this sounds easy enough, but this game is unforgiving in its rhythm and timing, if the hits are off by even a little bit, you will miss and will be damaged, or the target will bounce off completely missing the note, unlike past Nintendo rhythm games, this one can be a bit tough to master, even after I finished it, I still had trouble going through it.

EnemyHow does the game look? It looks great! The graphics sport a cartoonish style that fit the lighthearted atmosphere of the game, even the enemies look silly for the most part, the models are well done and visible enough when they appear on-screen, allowing you enough time to react in order to hit them in the face while following the rhythm.

In the sound area? Well…  The sound cues are great, but the music itself is not the most catchy music ever created, I would go as far as to say it’s forgettable, I honestly cannot remember any of the tracks outside the Pokemon bonus tracks (which are a welcome addition to the game) and the Final Stage, which is only possible due to my repeated failure.

HarmoKnight-PokemonAnother thing I noticed that other reviewers didn‘t address, was that the music in certain stages was recycled through each level, only being very minimally different, and the stages themselves being slightly altered, which is a lazy thing from the music department to do, seeing how the music was already forgettable enough, this is okay in games where platforming is key, but not in rhythm games, where music must definitely be good.

The game itself is also rather short, but for an eShop title, the length is to be expected, although the price tag of 15 bucks will surely put off some people.

But still, even with all of my complaints, I still can’t let this game go, using two buttons is simple enough, but mastering it has been a blast, I still think this franchise can do better, a sequel that deals with all of the issues this game has would be welcome, Game Freak, so when you are not working on Pokemon X and Y, that would be appreciated.

In conclusion, this is a game that I would only recommend to rhythm game fans, and for that matter, MAYBE Pokemon fans for the bonus tracks alone, although I don’t expect those guys to shell out 15 dollars for this game, it’s still a pretty solid entry that it wouldn’t hurt to have on your 3DS, but you really wouldn’t miss anything by waiting for the game to go on sale.

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No GravatarLast year’s Pokemon Black/White version were a step forward in the series, as the games added things to the franchise, but left people wanting more with its lackluster after game, thankfully, the sequel remedies those problems, but the series is in need for a serious innovation shot, as the core formula is obviously dated.

But for now, Pokemon Black 2/White 2, the first numbered sequels in the franchise, bring some changes that as small as these are, help the game from giving you a feeling of “been there, done that.”

The story begins with your main character, as always, you can choose from the guy, or a Princess Leia/Sailor Moon look-alike, as you begin your journey, in a city, which is one of the minor aesthetic changes the game is bringing, soon after your mom gets a call from Professor Juniper and basically FORCES you to take part on the journey, you go outside and meet Hugh, your friend/rival who then accompanies you to meet Bianca, who in turn gives you your first Pokemon as your first step to beginning your journey.

Many avid fans may have noticed the minor differences from other games in the series such as the lack of an actual professor or again, the fact that you begin the game on a city.

Both versions run on the same engine the predecessors did, with only minor graphical enhances, some may not notice them, but the changes are there, although, the Pokemon still being just sprites kind of takes you out of it, this problem will probably be resolved in the next generation, but going from a 3D environment to a 2D sprite, it just feels off switching between both styles, but that’s just me.

The music is your usual Pokemon road/city fare, as it fits with the area you are in, such as the music being “mystical“ in caves as well as sounding “adventurous” in the more open areas , the music in battle is certainly a better thing though, with remixed versions of the Gym themes, and Wild Battle themes, and quite a few surprise remixes for those who will keep playing after the story is long over, to the awesome new themes, such as your Rival’s, and this has got to be the best soundtrack in the series.

The core mechanics of the games are essentially the same, turn based combat with only the minor additions that the previous versions have brought, such as double battles, separating the type of moves into physical and special attacks etc.

You will have to battle gym leaders, a returning Team Plasma (shocker) and a new villain called Colress that is surrounded in mystery, as well as battling other trainers, but you won’t be alone, as there are more than 300 Pokemon for you to chosse, so if you are one of “them” you have some variety and can other creatures besides the ones the 5th Gen brought.

Even though the battles are the main focus, there is some addition that helps the game a bit, you can make movies (sort of) even if you are more of an actor, (apparently green screens effects are so advanced that even your outfit and pose changes) and it’s fun figuring out the puzzles that they give you to figure it out on the scripts, that become more complicated as you go on, and I have to say that’s the only good extra addition (I don’t consider much a “battle” more of a follow the scripted moves and others) and there is the other thing; the Pokemon musicals, and those are as underwhelming as before.

But wait, there are more additions, with the Global Link, and its Dream World, that allows you to use your computer to play with a Pokemon you send to sleep from your DS game, the only obvious disadvantage is that you have to have internet.

As I mentioned before, the game has some extra additions and minor details, such details are things like Max Repel running out and the game asking you if you want to use another one, which helps stops the game from breaking the pace, there are also other additions such as the hidden grottos that contain Pokemon with special abilities and other rare items, you can see flashbacks (if you connect any of the original versions with the game synch mode) as well as capturing N’s Pokemon he released in the previous games, that is a cool detail added to this game.

The game has tons of after game content, you can catch the legendaries that are all around Unova; fill your Pokedex, build your perfect team, and go to the Battle Subway, but the best addition is obviously the World Tournament, which allows you to battle Gym Leaders and Champions from past games, and even if this is just fan service, it’s REALLY good fan service.

When you finish the main quest, you unlock “keys” that you can transfer to a friend in order to unlock extra content, such as easy mode, or even better Challenge Mode, that gives you the ability to play the game with your enemies’ Pokemon having a higher level, or Gym Leaders having an extra Pokemon, other keys unlock different areas that you can change from the main menu, the only way to receive all the keys is if you have someone else with opposite version of the game, of course, you got to have friends, the same goes to trying to complete the monstrous amount of Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Some extra additions that come only with people who will play this on their 3DS, as they will have access to the Dream Radar (which will allow the ability to capture Pokemon to transfer to the games) and Pokedex 3D Pro (which will contain every Pokemon along with moves and other information) this being an incentive for every 3DS user.

In all honesty, this is one of the best games in the series with so much to do, and if your mind isn’t clouded with nostalgia, and even if you are drugged on it, the inclusion of past Pokemon will probably make you love it, but if you aren’t a Pokemon fan and you never liked the series to begin with, this isn’t a good addition, since the core of the franchise hasn’t really changed that much.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 because even with the extra content, is still an expansion (less than before of course), but Game Freak is moving in the right direction with this, and hopefully we will see some surprising changes for Generation 6.