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No Gravatarnintendo-release-wii-u-firmware-update-213   Wii U update 5.0.0U is finally among us and it is packed with features to make our Wii U experience more pleasurable. Mainly built around more gamepad functionality, Nintendo has been hard at work pumping out more ways for us to utilize this sometimes disliked & highly underused controller. I’ve created a short video below showing off what this new update will look like and some of the features that will be in store for you when you finally get up to date. Below is the a direct quote from Wii U system update page…   img-gamepad-quickstart

Some of the other new features:

  • An improved user settings and selection experience.
  • System updates can now be downloaded and installed when the Wii U console is in standby.
  • Full-screen alerts and notifications on your Wii U GamePad controller, even if the system is in standby. They’ll tell you about new updates, game releases, and promotions from Nintendo. You can adjust how you receive them.
  • Easier Nintendo Network ID setup for new users.


To update your Wii U system:

The system update will be downloaded automatically when you are connected to the Internet. Once the download has completed, a prompt to install the update will appear on-screen. System updates can also be performed manually if the console is connected to the Internet by starting System Settings from the Wii U Menu, and then selecting System Update. Note: If you have never performed a system update, connect your Wii U system to the Internet, and find the System Update option in System Settings.


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With the release of the Wii U last Sunday, Nintendo fans were treated to a new Super Mario Bros game. This is the thirteenth game in the Super Mario series. With the ability to play with up to 5 players, essentially this is the ideal game for both solo players and party players. The game took about 3 years to develop and was developed shorty after the release of  New Super Mario Bros Wii. This is the first time that we see Mario and company in HD and fans are excited to see it.

The game art on the box is nothing short of it’s predecessor. It almost looks the same expect the box is blue for the Wii U. The game disc are is very unique and looks great. The Disc has the rounded off sides as well. It looks as if all Nintendo Disc’s will be this way. I was a little excited at first because the book felt heavy and I was expecting to see a lot more info. But alas, the rest of the book was just the games 1st 3 pages in different languages.

So that plot is a bit different in this one, prepare to have your mind blown. Princess Peach is NOT kidnapped! I repeat NOT kidnapped. She is held hostage in her own castle…. what? I told you she wasn’t kidnapped. Finally Bowser changes the pace of things and switches up the routine. Bowser, along with the Koopalings, decide to invade the castle, using a giant mechanical arm to throw Mario, Luigi and the Toads far away from the castle. Mario and company must now travel across the land to and find their way back to the Castle and save Princess Peach from Bowser.

The game is almost identical to the same Gameplay as the Wii version with the exception of being able to play on the Gamepad. The goal to each stage is the same, reach the flag pole at the end of the level while avoiding death from all the hazards thought the stages. When playing with a group and one person on the Gamepad, the Gamepad player takes the roll of an assist. Essentially, the player of the Gamepad has the ability to create blocks for other players to land on stun enemies and other moving platforms.

Along with some returning items and abilities, such as the Fire Flower, Ice Flowers, Stars, Mini Mushrooms and Yoshis, the game also introduces a new power up item called the Super Acorn. When a player touches the Acorn, it grants the player a Flying Squirrel suit. The suit allows players to glide across long distances or slowly descend down vertical paths and cling to the side of the walls. Baby Yoshis were re introduced to the game. They haven’t been seen since Super Mario World. These Baby Yoshis can be carried around and each Baby Yoshi has a special ability based on its color, such as inflating in midair (Pink), blowing bubbles (Blue) to attack enemies and illuminating dark areas (Yellow). New Super Mario Bros. U features one large map containing all the game’s worlds and levels, similar to that of Super Mario World. Some levels have multiple exits that lead to the different areas on the map. So you defiantly get that nostalgia feeling when playing some of the levels since so many parts of the game give you that trip through memory lane.

The game bring two new modes of play to keep that replay value fresh and challenge the most seasoned and veteran players, Challenge Mode and Boost Rush. In Challenge mode there is a challenge where you have to get as many 1-Ups as possible without touching the ground and in Boost Rush takes you and others through an automatically scrolling level which increases in speed as players collect coins, with the goal to clear the stage as quickly as possible.

The game uses Miiverse as well, it allows players to post comments and frustrations from the game. Example, if you die so many times in one stage the game will ask you if you want to post up your frustration about the stage or if you beat a stage without getting hurt it will ask you to post up a warrior cry or something along those lines. The posts all go to the special thread made just for the game.

The game does a good job returning to the it’s roots, I felt many of the Super Mario games i grew up with mixed into this one.  Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 is a huge influence in the game. Fans of both Nintendo and the Super Mario series will not be disappointed. On a scale of 1 through 10 with 1 being the worst the game gets a 8/10 from me. I’m sure many fans would agree that most Mario games have a small room for improvement. But the game stays true to it’s roots and colors and will be enjoyed by all.

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It finally arrived on Sunday November 18th! The Nintendo Wii U is the next generation console from Nintendo since the Wii’s release back in November 19, 2006. Many hardcore Nintendo fans have been long awaiting this console. The Wii U attempts to one again revolutionize the gaming world by introducing the “Gamepad”. That doubles as a tablet and a controller. The whole thing is getting mixed reviews of both positive and negative. I will go over both in this review.

Let us begin once again with the unboxing (see video above). The Wii U is a very slick looking system, mind you that I purchased that Deluxe version. Now i know why Mr. Iwata wore gloves in his unboxing, my fingerprints instantly were fully visible on the console and Gamepad. One thing that did catch me off guard was the power brick that came along with it. I haven’t seen something of this size since the Xbox 360. Also the Gamepad does also come with it’s own small power adapter along with a charging cradle similar to that of the Nintendo 3DS. The Deluxe version also did come with a game, Nintendo Land.

After set up, I was waaaayyy excited to get to get my gaming on. The set up menu is what you are 1st presented with along with the set up of your Nintendo Network ID.  Then it starts, what I feared. The Updated. I read from other users as I waiting to pick up my Wii U that there was an update that took anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour. Sure enough mine took one hour. So after an hour I was presented with another update for the other games that I purchased (Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U) which I was able to download in the background as I played.

Let’s talk about the Gamepad. The Gamepad feels very comfortable. I was able to sync the Gamepad to my TV with ease and was able to change the input channel and control the volume without having to walk 5 feet to get the TV remote control. The other awesome thing I heard is that you can essentially transfer the game you’re playing on the TV to the Gamepad. I was able to go to the bathroom with it (You knew you were thinking of it the 1st time you heard about it) with no problems or interference. I made it to about 100 feet or so before the Gamepad told me to go back. One thing I did notice is the battery life. The Gamepad is light but you can tell it was at the sacrifice of battery life, which lasted me 3 hours of solid gameplay. Overall the ability to switch my gameplay from the TV to my Gamepad so that my wife can watch her House Wives show, then plug in my headphones so that I don’t bother her with my video games is a great feature.

One thing that I was able to do is transfer the information over from my Wii to my Wii U before I even started any games. The process was very simple. Insert an SD card into the Wii U and head over the Wii channel, from there select the Wii Transfer channel. The Wii U essentially walks you through the whole process. Once the SD card is prepared by the Wii U and inserted into the Wii, you must download the Transfer channel onto the Wii also. After following more instructions you will see Pikmin, yes Pikmin, carrying your information from the Wii to the Wii U! After that is complete insert the SD card to the Wii U and continue the instructions from the Wii U. Everything, including some Wii Shop Points I had left transferred over, with no problems.

Gameplay on the Wii U essentially is like playing the Nintendo DS but with more power. You’re using the TV as your top screen and the Gamepad as your bottom touch screen. Every game will use the screen differently. Nintendo Land take place almost entirely on the GamePad, as an example. Others are mirrored, so you’re seeing exactly the same thing on the TV and on the GamePad – it’s distracting to see things happening on both screens, and I wound up constantly shifting my gaze because I’d see some movement out of the corner of my eye, Example is New Super Mario Bros U.

The load times are a bit on the annoying side. It’s a bit for the console to power up and then it takes about 30 seconds for each game and menu item to load. Can’t really complain seeing as how other systems take a bit more time. You can transfer Mii’s over from your 3DS and Wii memory, given that you transferred everything from the Wii. Due to the lack of Network IDs registered so far, I yet to have tested out the Wii U video chat feature.

Now we move on to Miiverse. Nintendo’s first attempt at a social gaming. Miiverse is full of other players from around the world seeking help, venting overall sharing peoples thoughts and feelings of a game that they are playing. From the Miiverse menu you have the ability to view your registered activity via the Activity Feed option. From here I can see my friends asking for help and commenting on specific levels in the games they are playing. Next we have communities, here you can find people from around the world that may share the same interest in a game that you are currently playing. You may friend a player from here (up to 100) or follow someone in a twitter like format (1000 only). You can also share messages with specific people. So private messages are finally possible. Under notifications you can see what everyone is commenting on and playing, along with a Friend Request section where you can approve or decline friend requests.

The eShop was also launched live with the Wii U, after the update, unfortunately Nintendo TVii will not be available until sometime in December. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube are pre installed apps that game along with the game. The one that I would like to point out is Netflix. As one comment pointed out in the Miiverse community “It feels as if Netflix was made for the Wii U”. The port over to the Gamepad is great and sounds great. Double it with some good headphones and it’s even more incredible.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Wii U. The download times due tend to get annoying. Hopefully this is something that Nintendo does address in future with another system update. I’ve been reading around and the Wii U didn’t release with it’s small share of hiccups. Such as, a NeoGaf user accidentally accessing a mock debug mode and some users even reporting already having to send in their Wii U’s for repair. I haven’t experienced any problems so far and I hope I can keep it that way.

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No GravatarThe Wii U has finally hit stores…sort of. At GameStop’s across the country there are demo units of the system that showcase the new hardware. I was fortune enough to get some time with it and enjoy the Rayman Legends demo that comes with it.

Right off the back I didn’t think that it worked. Not in a technical standpoint but a physical one. The controller, which is im sure a huge gripe with tons of skeptical buyers, feels great. It’s natural to hold and actually makes sense. It made me excited to know that I wouldn’t be upset with the product whilst playing a new Mario title or Metroid or Zelda. Personally I want a completely new Star Fox title but that’s for another time. The controller is sprinkled with Nintendo magic that makes it unique but still sensible. Im very sure once you try it you’ll be sold on it.

On a technical level everything is gorgeous. The demo unit has a very clean menu system and the interface is very good. Obviously this isn’t how the final product will appear but I can’t complain with what I saw. Once I started playing the Rayman Legends demo (the only demo available by the way) I was hooked. Although I have seen this demo before, it being the same one displayed at E3, getting a hands on approach with it was great. I ended up playing the demo multiple times because it was that good.

There are two different game modes to experience during the demo. One is your standard platforming with a musical twist. It’s smooth and I can’t wait to play the future levels that will come in the full release. The other is a sort of single player co-op experience. You control your character until a certain point where you use only the touch screen. The character on the screen is controlled by the computer while you assist it by either attacking enemies or manipulating the environment. It was very enjoyable and thankfully you can play that section with another person.

The visual’s for the game are nothing short of stunning. Colors are vibrant and pop out. They engross you and you become enamored with the world around you. Character models feature a certain level of charm that only Ubisoft can bring and it certainly shows. Needless to say this game was like playing an HD 3DS game that is plugged into your television.

Basically, go to your local GameStop and give the Wii U a shot for yourself. From what I gathered it will definitely be worth the purchase. The question is whether or not you will shell out the cash day one or wait until the library grows. I personally expect great things to come from Nintendo due to their lineage and their big promises. Just be sure to go into the demo with an open mind and hope for the best in the near future. The Wii U will launch in North America on November 19, 2012.

Wii U Hands On Impressions via sfxxPLAY